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Hello Indiana Republican Party. What About Visclosky? Murray Clark, do you know who and what Pete Visclosky is?

I received an email from the Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party in which he lists people to call regarding this socialist takeover of health-care. Actually, Murray Clark did not call the representatives socialists, I do, and they are. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, yet am on their email lists, so this is why I received this note from Murray Clark. If push comes to shove I would have to register as an Independent.

Murray says that we have to go after Rep. Brad Ellsworth, Rep. Baron Hill and Rep. Joe Donnelly.

Why did Murray Clark purposely leave out Rep. Pete Visclosky?   Murray, if you read this, what’s up?  Are you in bed with Pete and have left him off your list so as to not impugn your Republican relationship with a corrupt Democrat?  Do you want Pete to control Northwest Indiana, does he gives the GOP a payback? What’s up Murray?

Northwest Indiana District 01, Pete Visclosky’s territory is topped off with corruption and some of that centers in the Republican Party. (Think East Chicago, Indiana).   Why would Murray Clark leave out Pete Visclosky as a top contender in the list of people to go after  for corruption  and for voting YES on this disastrous Obamacare bill. ( Petey Vosclosky is currently under investigation for Pay to Play, it’s a big deal, currently under investigation by the FEDERAL Judiciary.  Pete Visclosky has risen to the top of corrupt investigations. You cannot go any higher than the Federal Judiciary. If Pete Visclosky got to that level of investigation, it is not because he pinched a piece of gum from Sally’s Corner Store.)

So hello Murray Clark, why do you leave out Pete Visclosky in your push to Action against Democrats that do not have America’s best interest in mind.  Does he scare you, is there a deal in northwest Indiana between the Republicans and the Democrats that says Republicans will leave Pete Visclosky alone, as long as  Pete cuts the deals that benefit you.

Here is a reminder, deals cut between political parties never benefit the people.

Why did Murray Clark leave out Visclosky?  Is there a hug fest between the republican dudes and Pete Visclosky?  Pete Visclosky has voted YES to the federal government takeover of 1/6 of our economy.  That 1/6th combined with other federal takeovers represent a huge federal control over our lives.  The Constitution says, in it’s most basic terms, that the Federal government has no power outside of what We The People give it.

What is Murray Clark saying when he purposely removes Pete Visclosky from his target list?  Are the republicans in Indiana helping the Dems, such as Pete, Visclosky, because it suits their purpose?

It is very troubling, as Indiana stands to suffer tremendously under Obamacare, that the leader of the Indiana Republican Party, Murray Clark,  blatantly refuses to go after Pete Visclosky.  It rings of collusion.  Collusion is of no benefit to any person outside of the group that stands to benefit from secretly siding with another group. Hello Murray? Northwest Indiana is suffering under the Pete Visclosky rule, Pete  Visclosky is up there with the most corrupt politicians, up there with funky earmarks in a pay to play and you , Murray Clark, LEAVE HIM OUT on your list ?  What is really going on Murray?  We The People are awake now, Murray, the people are watching.

Here is Murray Clark’s email: ( I am pretty sure he had a minion write this for him.)

Friends and Fellow Republicans,

There has been a lot of talk this week about
Washington Democrats passing the Senate’s healthcare reform bill
WITHOUT an actual vote in the House. The obscure procedure they would
use to accomplish this is known as “deem-and-pass” or the Slaughter
Solution. Because it is a complicated, confusing and possibly
unconstitutional legislative maneuver, I wanted to make sure you
understood just what exactly is going on.

1. The House must pass the Senate bill before the Senate can use Reconciliation.
Reconciliation, another tactic being discussed frequently, allows the
Senate to make changes to existing law without the threat of a
filibuster. But there has to be a law first, so the House must pass the
Senate bill before the Senate can act.

2. “Deem-and-pass” is exactly what
it sounds like: The House Rules Committee will “deem” the Senate bill
to have passed without actually taking a vote for its passage.

This would completely circumvent the normal procedures and the intent
of the Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution. Democrats
know their bill is unpopular and want to protect people like Brad
Ellsworth and Baron Hill from having to vote for it again.

3. There will still be a vote on Sunday.
What we don’t know at this point is whether there will be an up-or-down
vote on the Senate bill, or if the House will vote on the Senate’s
Reconciliation language. Senate Democrats have provided House Democrats
with Reconciliation language to help speed up the process, and we
expect the House will at least vote on that language this weekend.

4. Even if the House passes
Reconciliation language, the Senate isn’t bound to use that
language-and we’re still stuck with healthcare reform law.

Remember: the Senate passed an entirely different healthcare bill than
the House.  That’s a huge leap of faith for House Democrats to take
because as soon as they pass the Senate bill, by any means, the bill
will become law. If the Senate doesn’t make the fixes they promised to
make, we’ll be stuck with a worse law.

5. There is a lot of uncertainty about what
“deem-and-pass” actually means. There is also a lot of uncertainty
about whether or not the Senate will pass the same Reconciliation
language that the House passes (remember: they passed an entirely
different healthcare bill!). The only thing we know for
certain is that if Democrats use “deem-and-pass” method this weekend,
the healthcare reform bill WILL become law.

I hope this helps clears up the underhanded tactics Democrats are using to force an unpopular bill onto an unwilling public. Democrats like Reps. Brad Ellsworth, Baron Hill and Joe Donnelly continue to remain silent on the issue
and even voted against requiring an up-or-down vote on the Senate bill
yesterday. By casting those votes, they voted in favor of letting
Democrat leaders continue their path to pass a bill without taking a
vote on it. Below, you’ll find their contact information. I hope you’ll
forward it on and urge everyone you know to ask them to vote against this bill.

Murray Clark
Indiana Republican Party

Rep. Brad Ellsworth

Rep. Baron Hill

Rep. Joe Donnelly

(He lists their contact numbers which is a moot point for this article)