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Hoosiers Making a Difference in 2010 – Countdown to Judgement Day Rally, Warsaw, Indiana, Nov. 21st, 2009

Judgment DayHoosiers Making a Difference in 2010.

From 12PM until 3PM, November 21st at Lakeview Middle School Gymnasium, 848 E. Smith Street, Warsaw, Indiana.

Groups from throughout the state, including those in Indianapolis, Valparaiso, South Bend, and Fort Wayne are gathering together to make a visual statement that patriotism is not dead, that most Americans care deeply about our Constitution.

If there ever was a time to stand together, it is now!  And this is the event, “Countdown to Judgment Day” with thousands of Hoosiers coming together – salt-of-the-earth Americans, sons and daughters of liberty uniting to show Washington  we are determined to take our country back.  We will not accept bailouts, cap and trade, out of control spending, government run health-care, higher taxes, and most of all, politicians who ignore our sacred Constitution.  2010 could well be our country’s Armageddon.  With the very survival of our Republic in the balance, our involvement and commitment during the next twelve months is critical.

If you have voiced your concern, then now is the time to rally.  Hear contemporary firebrands who will challenge you to make a difference; participate in a cutting-edge, candid discussion of the issues with our Senatorial candidates; learn practical, savvy strategies to insure success on election-day.

Capacity of the gym, while large at 3600+, is limited. Over 15 like-minded groups from all around the entire state are co-sponsoring this opportunity for Hoosiers to speak to all our political leaders, in office now, and running for office, in ONE VOICE. The spirit of this makes me feel as I, and as millions others felt, about the DC rally on 9/12. Tickets are $5.00 each. If you were at the DC rally get that feeling again; if you were not, here is your chance to experience what we did, right here in Indiana!!

Nationally known guest speakers have been invited, and will be there: Reverend C.L. Bryant who was a major speaker at the DC 9/12 rally and brought down the house; Thomas Taaback, author, who has addressed thousands with his inspirational message so well, many in our state and around the country; Peter Heck, TV personality and motivational speaker, will bring his conservative message; and Emory Mclendon a civic organizer and an electric, stimulating speaker, will round out the gifted group addressing us on many topics including “what you can do to win in 2010″. Their facts, and educational, spiritual, motivational messages will resonate to the 2010 elections and beyond. Additionally a panel forum that includes the 3 Republican U.S. Senatorial candidates for the seat now occupied by Senator Evan Bayh, will answer questions that concern the very essence of the republic. PLEASE join with fellow Hoosiers for this once in a lifetime event.

Tickets can be pre-ordered from a variety of groups. The various tea party and 9-12 groups have a number of tickets slotted for their group, such as 150, or 500, etc.  It will not hurt to email a group and buy a ticket through any of them and have it mailed to you. Or, you can take a shot at buying a ticket at the door.

WHAT TO BRING:  This is an INDOOR event, held in a middle school gymnasium.
On the Bus:
(if you hitch a ride with someone) Neck pillow; something to read; cell phone; medications; IPOD, etc., Tote bag
For the event: Seat cushion (optional); money (you will have the opportunity to purchase items at booths.)

Here are a few links that have tickets:

Hoosier Patriots
Order your tickets today by contacting your local patriot organization or Susan Martin, State Chairperson at 219-241-1294, dmartin89@comcast.net.
For more information:  Susan Martin, State Chairperson, 219-241-1294, dmartin89@comcast.net .

The Michiana 9-12 Project

INTeaParty (They have a bus leaving the Indy area)
Diane Hubbard, Trip Czar  tdh8830@aol.com