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Must See Video – “Rise Up!”

Logistics Monster created a great video that is perfect for the November anthem. Take a look below and then pop over to the The Monster and bookmark the site.

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The Tea Party as a Third Party – What the National Tea Party Says

TPP Statement on Tea Party Political Party

Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

There is much talk of the formation of a third political party based on the tea party movement.   Additionally, in several states, including Michigan, unscrupulous individuals have formed third parties utilizing the tea party name in an attempt to play dirty politics and trick unsuspecting voters into voting for candidates who are being put on the ballot simply to split the vote.

Tea Party Patriots is issuing this statement in order to make it clear that we are not associated with any attempts to form a third party.  Additionally, we believe that such efforts, even those that might be well intentioned, are unproductive and unwise at this time.  The history of third party movements in this country is one of division and defeat.  We believe that it is instead time for all Americans to rise up and demand appropriate reform within their own existing parties.  The mechanisms exist for citizens to participate in their parties, and to drive their parties in the right direction.

The Tea Party Patriots encourage all citizens to get involved in the party process, and to reshape their parties into something in which they may once again believe.  This country does not belong to any one party, nor does it belong to the career politicians. And it certainly doesn’t belong to people who would like to trick you into voting for “tea party” candidates so you will waste your vote.  This country belongs to the citizens.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “We have given you a republic madam, if you can keep it.”  The founders knew that it would be our sacred obligation as citizens to get involved, and to work hard to hold on to this great nation.  We have much work to do, and future generations will look back in judgment.  We hope you will join us in preserving the republic.

You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the

causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us!

Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,
Debbie Dooley, Mike Gaske, Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, Sally Oljar, Diana Reimer, Rob Gaudet and Dawn Wildman

Jenny Beth Martin (jennybethm@gmail.com, 770-878-1550)
Dawn Wildman (dmwtpp11@yahoo.com)
Mark Meckler (mark.grassroots@gmail.com)

Tea Party Patriots, Inc. is a social welfare organization organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Tea Party Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.

Indiana – American Legion Post 502- South Haven steps up to the plate, will serve as the Honor Guard at April 14th Patriot event.

The South Haven American  Post 502 steps to the plate and will carry the colors for the people of Northwest Indiana at the April 14th Patriot Rally. The rally begins at 3pm at the Valparaiso Courthouse, 16 Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46385. The event held April 15th last year attracted approximately 1000 citizens.

In light of Cheryl Oprisko of the Portage High School Board making the participation of the JROTC a political issue, a group of fine veterans from the American Legion: South Haven Post 502 will serve as Honor Guard this Wednesday.  The Northwest Indiana Patriots who are hosting the rally in Valparaiso are very excited to have been contacted by Doug Patton who offered their honor guard services.

Douglas Patton contacted Commander Dick Motsinger of The American Legion: South Haven Post 502 with a request to post the colors for the April 14th event and permission was granted. The Honor Guard will assemble at the  post the colors and then leave. (See rehearsal photos below)

Included in this rally will be country singer-songwriter and recording artist John Berry who will lead the National Anthem and Emily Pastore, age 11, who will plays taps. Emily Pastore is the daughter of Rob Pastore, Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 1.

Doug Patton related his views on the issue and summed it up by saying “I am upset with involving kids in politics when all they were doing is posting colors and they do it very nicely.”

You can read the newspaper account here.

“Any time we can represent this country and the veterans, we are glad
to do it,” said Chrystal Brant of Portage, the post’s sergeant-at-arms
and auxiliary vice president.

Yesterday the American Legion Post 502 held a rehearsal. On Wednesday they will present in their Honor Guard uniforms. The team includes: Doug Patton, Rob Myers, Chrystal Brant, Greg Massom, Toby Parris and Frank Van Autreve.

I encourage everyone to attend the rally Wednesday and gives these fine veterans the thank you they deserve.

Below is a slide show of the great women and men who will carry the colors in honor of America. On a side note, you can see the Portage High School in the distance, across the field in a few shots.)

Cheryl Oprisko of the Portage Indiana High School Board declares that Northwest Indiana Patriots are Extremist. Declares Portage JROTC should be banned from carrying the Colors.

Northwest Indiana Patriots (NWIP) causing problems for the Portage JROTC or or does the real problem lie elsewhere? You decide.

Cheryl Oprisko, is a true American, backed by her husband Mark Oprisko. They are convinced that the Tea Party is a violent group of extremists and they must protect all children from exposure to a Tea Party event.  Never-mind that Tea Party events are a celebration of America where all events opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, a statement  honoring all veterans and the singing of the national anthem. Cheryl and Mark are upset that the Marine Junior ROTC from Portage High School in Indiana wants to carry the colors in the opening ceremony and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

(See the bottom of the article for the time and date of a meeting with the Portage school board to discuss Northwest Indiana Patriots and the JROTC). See UPDATE for location at bottom of article.
Is this a Northwest Indiana Tea Party Patriots tussle with the Portage ROTC? Some want to believe that this is a tussle, a fight. I think not. It is a discussion which will continue this Wednesday, Apr. 7th,  where those who may not know what a Tea Party is will have an opportunity to receive some firsthand information. I believe that some want it to be a ‘tussle’ as it suits their political agenda. They want to make it a fight between the Northwest Indiana patriots and the Portage High School.  It is just wrong headed of these pundits to create that atmosphere.  Talk about showing colors, we have seen some people who pretend to be with NWIP finally come out of the closet and acknowledge that they used NWIP to launch their political career and meanwhile they work behind the scenes to dismantle and slander that same organization. Creeps.

Is NWI Patriots causing problems with the Portage JROTC?  What is the problem? The Portage JROTC agreed to carry the colors and leave. The school board, accommodating the concerns of one person, Cheryl Oprisko, scheduled a meeting to further discuss the issue. Sounds pretty straightforward to me. It is a discussion, not a fight. The school board invited Northwest Indiana Patriots to this meeting, NWIP didn’t create this scenario, Cheryl Oprisko did. NWIP is responding to an invitation. I hear that one local candidate for office is going to grandstand the meeting in defense of the ROTC claiming that they will sully their reputation by associating with Tea Party event and NWIP. Hmm, when I checked his website, before and after he  came out as a politician, he had photos and videos of his very attendance at these tea party events. In fact, he managed to be a speaker at most of those same tea party events.  This should be fun to watch on Wednesday. He did a little dance on his website with a post to distance himself from NWIP. After using NWIP to advance his political agenda, he no longer needs them, saying that NWIP has ‘changed’. Nothing has changed with NWIP in 1 1/2 years, it is just politically expedient to bash NWIP.  He was for it before he was against it.

Oh horrors that our children desire to be patriots. The JROTC agreed to carry the colors, lead the Pledge of Allegiance and then leave.  Cheryl claims that the event is a poltical event.  I have attended these events and Cheryl has not, so I am trumping Cheryl and Mark Oprisko.  These events are an honoring of veterans and America. It is a gathering of people from all walks of life, your neighbors, your pastor, your friends, your countrymen who love America. I have witnessed 80 year old farmers attend alongside 20-somethings with their young families along with all the other groups represented in society as a whole. Yep, there are speeches regarding the current state of affairs, there are speeches on the Constitution and they do at times have a political bent. Our entire lives are affected by politics in some manner every waking moment of every day. You cannot escape it. The conversations and speeches at a Tea Party event are no different than what citizens may have around their coffee table any day of the year.  It just so happens that the people talking about America at a Tea Party have a microphone.  People who attend these events take what they want from what is said and leave the rest. On this particular day, the Portage JROTC is scheduled to open the event and then leave. They will not be exposed to any patriotism beyond that and this in itself should calm the worried and frightened.

Cheryl Oprisko was a bit rushed, imo, when she blurted to the Post-Tribune newspaper that Tea Party groups are extremist.  Poor choice of words, slanderous actually, when in this day and time, in the aftermath of 9-11, the word extremist easily equates with terrorist.  Cheryl did not do much thinking at all on this matter. My guess is that she reacted as a typical leftist reacts with name calling and trying to sway opinions through using emotionally charged words. Reality and truth have nothing to do when the Left has to protect children from groups openly showing patriotism. They will none of that.

Northwest Indiana Patriots (NWIP) is a legal, 501(c)3 non-profit educational charity. They cannot hold political events siding with one party or candidate over any other. In fact, I know it to be true that members of NWIP include Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Greens, You-Name-It.

So what is Cheryl really trying to protect children from when she says that the Portage Marine Junior ROTC should not carry the colors?

Me thinks she may watch too much Keith Olbermann, lame stream media and leftist talk radio or might have taken Nancy Pelosi’s seriously in her efforts to paint any Tea Party event as dangerous and filled to the brim with extremist and terrorist. If that was indeed the case, why did Nancy Pelosi and crew walk through the middle of hundreds of thousands of these violent extremists carrying a huge gavel to signal the passage of Obamacare?

This is on top of over 1 Million Tea Party extremist/terrorists bringing their violent tea party movement to the Capitol steps on Sept. 12th, 2009 where the largest known march on DC took place and there was not one arrest.

See all those little dots that looks like a field of flowers, that is the extremists crowd that took their concerns to DC on Sept. 12th., 2009. No arrests, no scuffles, no problems with over 1 million people in one place. Now THAT’s ‘extreme’.

See clipped article below.  Visit the link to read it in it’s entirety.

PORTAGE — The Portage Township School Board might have to move a special meeting scheduled for next Wednesday to decide whether to allow the high school Marine Junior ROTC unit to participate at a Northwest Indiana Patriots rally in Valparaiso on April 14. [Meeting is at 3pm, Portage HS Admin Bldg. , 3pm, Wed., April 7th]

At this week’s regular board meeting, member Cheryl Oprisko strongly objected to the cadets posting the American flag and leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the courthouse…which was announced on the group’s Web site www.nwipatriots.com .

“Parents brought this to me. I couldn’t believe it. I think this is an extremist group, and I don’t think our students should be affiliated with any political organization,” she said, telling the rest of the board about what she found on the site.

“I did get a phone call from a parent who was also concerned,” board member Deb Ekdahl said.

Oprisko’s motion to deny the permission for the appearance received no response.

Board member Bill Fekete said he recalled high school football players appearing at polling places for Democratic Party candidates.

“As a taxpayer in Portage, I have a real issue with sending students to an event like this,” said Mark Oprisko, Cheryl’s husband.

Board president Terry Hufford suggested the special meeting, to take place before April 14.

Portage Township Schools Supt. Michael Berta said senior Marine instructor Maj. John Johnston and Principal Caren Swickard will be at the special meeting and defended the cadets’ appearance.

“Our students have been asked to participate in the posting of the colors of our country, and that’s what they responded to. This is not an affiliation,” Berta said.

[Faith Jones, Founder of NWIP] noted that when the Valparaiso Board of Works granted a permit for the rally, city attorney David Hollenbeck said their previous meetings have been orderly and nonviolent.

Johnston said he took the request from Jones to Swickard, who approved it. Swickard also was contacted and said the involvement was “strictly nonpolitical” and the cadets would leave after performing their duties.

Meeting Information here.  (“The meeting has been moved to the West Cafeteria of the High School.
You will enter the building through Door F and turn right at the first
hallway. The cafeteria is the first door. There should be some signage.”)

Robert (Rob) Pastore, US House, District 1 Indiana, Meet & Greet Feb. 26th

Well, the time is nearing for candidates to ramp up their campaigns in anticipation of securing a win in the Indiana primaries held on May 5th, 2010.

Pete Visclosky (D) currently warms the seat as a U.S. Congressman in the House of Representatives, Indiana District 01. District 01 covers Lake, Porter, Newton, Jasper and Benton counties. Come May there will one democrat challenger to  Pete and 8 Republican challengers. You can go here and read the entire list (pdf) of candidates across the entire State of Indiana.

I have talked with two of the challenger for District 01 and I’ll let it be known that Rob Pastore is the guy I will be helping to win in the primaries and then helping toward a win in November.

Rob is holding a Meet & Greet this Friday, February 26th at 6:30 pm in Merrillville, IN

Go here and read the details.  This will be a good opportunity to talk with Rob. Leave your index cards at home, unlike Visclosky, he will not cherry pick questions.

If you live in any of the five counties listed above, contact Rob on his website and arrange a meeting.  I suggest gathering friends, patriots, tea party persons, and anyone you know and invite Rob to your home, business or wherever and have a meet & greet. See the form on his website under the ‘Volunteers’ label for a checklist of ways you can help and also to arrange a meet & greet.  While you are there, feel free to drop a little in the Contribute bucket. Every dollar helps.

Robert (Rob) Pastore for Congress U.S. Congress – District 01

3 Strikes and You are OUT, or rather, 3 C’s and you are Put Away for good. Scott Brown WINS

Obama supporters ought to pay attention to the three strike rule.

He has failed in these three C’s:

Chicago Olympics
Copenhagen Climate Change
Coakely in Massachusetts

The Scott Heard Around the World

The Scott Heard Around the World

Democrats may want to take a look at these three C’s and realize that everything Obama touches turns to carp (that’s another C, if you are counting). Obama has now thrown Martha Coakley under the bus, saying she ran a crappy campaign.  Was that really the reason why, for the first time in 50 years, MA, a liberal, heavily Democratic state, elected a Republican?  Could Obama’s push for healthcare, the midnight votes behind close doors, the lack of transparency and the representatives (such as Pete Visclosky) openly stating that they do not listen to their constituents?  Could it be that the people are fed up with politicians not listening to the will of the people?
People are upset with the democ-rats position of party before people.  MA was a hotbed of political shell gaming and shyster rule changes.  Our own little pro-Dem newspaper, The Times reports:

This Boston Globe article
sums up what happened. After Ted Kennedy died, the state Senate rammed
through a bill to change the law so that the Democratic governor could
appoint an interim successor. This came a mere five years after
Democrats rejected the very same bill, which in this case would have
allowed then-Gov. Mitt Romney to appoint an interim successor in the
event that John Kerry won the presidency.

That’s the subtext of “the people’s seat” comments that you heard during Brown’s acceptance speech.

The Democrats just changes the rules at will in order to keep a democrat in the seat, then changes them back when they need to pull another dirty trick.

The tea party patriots,I believe, played a large role in assisting this upset. Patriots from around the globe sent donations to Brown, phone banked for him, flew and drove to MA to campaign, watch the polls. Patriots want change, want their country back and they flexed their muscle.  I would say that come this November,  Evan Bayh and Pete Visclosky may get a run for their money.

James Simpson over at American Thinker brings up some good points regarding the Democrats and their lose to Scott Brown:

The real problem is that Coakley’s campaign defines what the Democratic Party has become today: arrogant, boorish, incomprehensibly ignorant and downright thuggish. Former Vermont Governor and Presidential candidate Howard Dean, for example, reacted to Brown’s victory by saying that now Democrats have to get tough, and not “deal with Republicans anymore.” Stunning. So that’s what we’ve been witnessing all year, with Democrats violating Senate rules, holding closed-door meetings, locking Republicans out of discussions, rejecting outright any Republican proposals and violating their own promises of “transparency.” But they haven’t been tough enough. Simply amazing.

But it was even more than that. People have had enough. We have had enough of bald-faced lies from Democrats. We have had enough of big spending bills being disingenuously presented as “deficit reducers.” We have had enough of massive government programs guaranteed to cripple the economy and lose jobs. We have had enough of ever more intrusive government attempting to take over every aspect of our daily lives. We have had enough of blatant corruption and coddling of terrorists. We have had enough of radicals attempting to ram their virulently anti-American agenda down our throats and calling us “domestic terrorists” for objecting.
This election is a game changer. Make no mistake about it. Not only is the U.S. Senate in play for Republicans in November, but so is the House of Representatives, state legislatures and governor’s mansions. Last night, Sarah Palin said to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News ”We just witnessed a wicked political pivot… This is a tidal wave sweeping the country…” She is right.

I ask that those beholding to the Republican Party do not see this as people swaying to their side of the aisle. People are tired of politicians that covet their  Party over the People and that holds true for the Dems and the GOP.

The Tea Party is made up of people from all political stripes and the common thread between everyone is that they love this country.  Massachusetts should serve as a wake up call to all politicians.

Hoosiers Making a Difference in 2010 – Countdown to Judgement Day Rally, Warsaw, Indiana, Nov. 21st, 2009

Judgment DayHoosiers Making a Difference in 2010.

From 12PM until 3PM, November 21st at Lakeview Middle School Gymnasium, 848 E. Smith Street, Warsaw, Indiana.

Groups from throughout the state, including those in Indianapolis, Valparaiso, South Bend, and Fort Wayne are gathering together to make a visual statement that patriotism is not dead, that most Americans care deeply about our Constitution.

If there ever was a time to stand together, it is now!  And this is the event, “Countdown to Judgment Day” with thousands of Hoosiers coming together – salt-of-the-earth Americans, sons and daughters of liberty uniting to show Washington  we are determined to take our country back.  We will not accept bailouts, cap and trade, out of control spending, government run health-care, higher taxes, and most of all, politicians who ignore our sacred Constitution.  2010 could well be our country’s Armageddon.  With the very survival of our Republic in the balance, our involvement and commitment during the next twelve months is critical.

If you have voiced your concern, then now is the time to rally.  Hear contemporary firebrands who will challenge you to make a difference; participate in a cutting-edge, candid discussion of the issues with our Senatorial candidates; learn practical, savvy strategies to insure success on election-day.

Capacity of the gym, while large at 3600+, is limited. Over 15 like-minded groups from all around the entire state are co-sponsoring this opportunity for Hoosiers to speak to all our political leaders, in office now, and running for office, in ONE VOICE. The spirit of this makes me feel as I, and as millions others felt, about the DC rally on 9/12. Tickets are $5.00 each. If you were at the DC rally get that feeling again; if you were not, here is your chance to experience what we did, right here in Indiana!!

Nationally known guest speakers have been invited, and will be there: Reverend C.L. Bryant who was a major speaker at the DC 9/12 rally and brought down the house; Thomas Taaback, author, who has addressed thousands with his inspirational message so well, many in our state and around the country; Peter Heck, TV personality and motivational speaker, will bring his conservative message; and Emory Mclendon a civic organizer and an electric, stimulating speaker, will round out the gifted group addressing us on many topics including “what you can do to win in 2010″. Their facts, and educational, spiritual, motivational messages will resonate to the 2010 elections and beyond. Additionally a panel forum that includes the 3 Republican U.S. Senatorial candidates for the seat now occupied by Senator Evan Bayh, will answer questions that concern the very essence of the republic. PLEASE join with fellow Hoosiers for this once in a lifetime event.

Tickets can be pre-ordered from a variety of groups. The various tea party and 9-12 groups have a number of tickets slotted for their group, such as 150, or 500, etc.  It will not hurt to email a group and buy a ticket through any of them and have it mailed to you. Or, you can take a shot at buying a ticket at the door.

WHAT TO BRING:  This is an INDOOR event, held in a middle school gymnasium.
On the Bus:
(if you hitch a ride with someone) Neck pillow; something to read; cell phone; medications; IPOD, etc., Tote bag
For the event: Seat cushion (optional); money (you will have the opportunity to purchase items at booths.)

Here are a few links that have tickets:

Hoosier Patriots
Order your tickets today by contacting your local patriot organization or Susan Martin, State Chairperson at 219-241-1294, dmartin89@comcast.net.
For more information:  Susan Martin, State Chairperson, 219-241-1294, dmartin89@comcast.net .

The Michiana 9-12 Project

INTeaParty (They have a bus leaving the Indy area)
Diane Hubbard, Trip Czar  tdh8830@aol.com

Tea Parties: Misunderstood and Vastly Underrated by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Over at American Thinker a post caught my eye because the author captures my experiences with the Tea Party people.

In Northwest Indiana we have patriots that gather around two tea party groups. One group is lead by a woman and the other by a man. This is not a woman vs man thing, but merely a way of distinguishing the two groups. The woman began her group from her living room and it is the largest in the area. She has never ran for office and has no plans to run for office. Her events draw large crowds. The man’s group is run by a politician who has run for Congress many times and jumped onto the Tea Party bandwagon as a Republican candidate for Congress.

His focus at protests has not been the protest itself but in sending out minions to gather names, addresses and telephone numbers. We know why politicians do that sort of thing. This guy does this under the guise of being a Tea Party leader who needs all of that personal information so that he can keep you informed. Yeah, right, you need our street addresses and telephone numbers? Mark my words, Tea Party people will begin to see his campaign propaganda show up in their mailboxes, at their front door and be phoned during dinner come campaign time. And some Tea Party people may wonder how this politician got their personal info. It is an underhanded and classless move by this guy.

He takes no initiative to pursue freedoms for the people as much as he takes his lead from the Indiana State tea party group. They are the self appointed leaders for the State of Indiana and reside in the Indianapolis area. He has pursued good relations with the State group as a method of eventually using them to promote his run for Congress. They don’t believe he is anything but a great tea party guy and the people in Northwest Indiana who actually live here and know about this guy have been trying to wake up State for a long time. The Indiana State Tea Party is being used by this guy and it makes a person wonder just what is going on in Indy when they have allowed a politician to take over a tea party.

People are murmuring that the Tea Party people should vote and campaign for this guy because he is a Tea Partier. They could not be further from the truth and this becomes a dangerous position for the Tea Patry. Just because a person, a politician has aligned himself with the Tea Party movement, he or she should NOT be given a pass and be viewed as the best candidate. People must investigate each and every candidate as an individual and ignore any R, D, I, G or whatever after their name. Republicans ARE trying to use the Tea Party for their political gain. We saw and continue to see that with The Tea Patry Express. We have a very clear example here in NWI with they guy who runs a tea party here, a Republican who saw this as a political vehicle from day one.

Listen, politicians such as the one I am referring to are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They take no action, join no group unless they see a way to use that group for their personal gain, for votes while stepping on the back’s of the unsuspecting Tea Party people to attain a self-centered, narcissistic goal of winning a political office.

This ties into what Kyle-Anne states as her experience below in that the tea party people smell something funky when it comes to politicians using the Tea Party Movement. Funky is not the word for the Patriots in Northwest Indiana. It outright stinks up in here.

Sure, politicians may have an opinion that is shared or resembles what the Tea Party Movement stands for, but to be a politician and run a tea party, to actively run for Congress and run a tea party, to pull some stunts at tea parties that shows people that you are a politician first and an American second, to write website posts that push your political agenda while pretending that no-one notices that you are a politician using the Tea party movement, well, those things do  not pass the smell test and yes, We The People notice.

Kyle-Anne Shiver writes: (Excerpts posted below. Bolding mine. Read the entire article HERE.)

Since last April, I’ve written a few columns on the Tea Parties, but I had never actually
attended one in person. I harbored a few misconceptions, formed at a
distance through the media’s drive-by lens. Being a woman who tends to
cower in crowds and who loves the security and solitude of my little
office-cloister, I had been content to write based on the observations
of others. But an Alabama homemaker-turned-activist, Suzanne Green of
Birmingham, pulled me into the bosom of the Tea Party movement along
with the
Rainy Day Patriots.

So what’s a Tea Party?

a nutshell, the Tea Parties are a visible expression of the widespread
rekindling of the love of liberty. This rekindling of freedom’s fires
seems to be occurring among diverse individuals independently, and then
they seek out fired-up others with whom to connect. Among Tea Party
participants, there is a demonstrated willingness to actually do
something tangible in order to claim those unalienable rights of which
our Founders wrote, and for which so many have given their lives in

may be the movement Americans truly have been waiting for. It’s the
real deal, the genuine article. It comes from the groundswell of the
people, not from the power-broker elites in political, corporate, or
religious America.
It’s middle-class, thoroughly unpretentious, with a
good sense of humor and a keen disdain for things like faux Greek
columns, tacky props, and professionally written hyperbole. At a Tea
Party, you won’t find puffed-up hubris or even a tad of the liberally
popular it’s-all-about-me syndrome.  

Party operatives? Not
welcome. Political candidates?  Keep your mouths shut and your ears
open. Prefer a D or an R after your name? Not here, not on our time, or
on our dime.

The clear message: This is the people’s movement. Outsiders, opportunists, and party pols are vehemently not invited.
Read more…