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Update: Victory against Big Labor: Home health providers reject SEIU, AFSCME power grab

Michelle Malkin provides an update covering SEIU’s power-grab for Unionized control of the persons who provide home health care for disabled persons.

The health care providers flushed SEIU and AFSCME down the tubes with the following breakdown of votes:

SEIU – 293 votes
AFSCME – 220 votes
NO UNION – 1018 votes

Folks, we must stay on top of ACORN/SEIU/AFL-CIO in Indiana and nationally.  Please help research where our State funds are going.  Every time you read an article regarding a ‘community’ program, be that for loan applications, housing, voter registration, child care, health care, employment training, school coalitions, home weatherization, teacher associations, labor, political action committees (PACS) and the list goes on, look into the associations of the organizations behind those programs. If you dig just a little you will find that the majority of those organizations have association with ACORN/SEIU and it’s money handler Citizens Services Inc.

Mitch Daniels says and seems to think that he is not doing business with ACORN and that they are top of the voter registration fraud perpetrated in Indiana via ACORN. I find it hard to believe that Indiana is not funding ACORN. Remember, ACORN has over 300 shadow corporations & organizations. That is why you have to do the research on the name of the community service and track it back to ACORN.

ACORN comes into an area with such righteous sounding names which serve to cover up the ACORN/SEIU organization. These groups then proceed to get grants and funding, using these benign names and continue to rip off the State of Indiana and the Feds for billions of dollars.

Look under the cap of the acorn and dig into the nut and you will find a rotten core.

If Mitch Daniels and his hired crew cannot see how they are funding ACORN then it is up to us to bring this to their attention and to demand that they stop handing our Indiana tax dollars, OUR money over to any group that is associated with ACORN/SEIU.

You can read the full article here: http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/19/victory-against-big-labor-home-health-providers-reject-seiu-afscme-power-grab/