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Lake County Indiana Tea Party, Mark J. Leyva Homophobic?

To start this off, I participate in a variety of Tea Party events and have attended events where the Lake County Tea Party has been present.  I found the members friendly and enthusiastic in their promotion of the group motto, “Taking Action-Taking Responsibility-Taking Back America”.

From its inception by leader Mark J. Leyva, there has been suspicion that this Tea Party is exactly what the National Tea Party Patriots warned us about, the Republicans will attempt to take over the Tea Party for political gain.  The self-proclaimed Leader of this Tea Party, Mark J. Leyva is a perennial candidate for Congress, having run for that office hoping to unseat Pete Visclosky since 1998.  That is a long time and Mark is on his way into the Indiana Hall Of Fame as a perennial candidate, which by definition is a candidate who runs with little or no hope of winning. He just keeps running and running and when Mark Leyva wins the primary, it is a guaranteed win for Visclosky come November in the general election, as years of the Leyva vs Visclosky races have shown us. Pete Visclosky loves it and may even support Mark’s campaign from afar because if Mark wins, Pete wins.

The URL to Mark Leyva’s Tea Party site reads, “http://teamgopin.com/wordpress/”.  Read that again, it is “Team Grand Old Party (GOP) Indiana”.  He created his tea party site as an extension of the Republican Party. Those of us in NWI, knowing of Mark Leyva’s many political campaigns, smelled something foul when he claimed to be a Tea Party Leader.  His Lake County Tea Party has not yet captured much support in the area.  Lake County has a large population and with Mark in control of this Tea Party it has floundered in obscurity. To gather a 25 to 100 people at a rally = failure when you have population numbers that are greater than the next county over, Porter county, which has drawn 1000 people to its rallies. Quite a few Lake County people attend the Porter County rallies held by Faith Jones of the Northwest Indiana Patriots, (discussion board here.) Faith is a regular citizen who has no political aspirations, unlike Mark Leyva who jumped onto the Tea Party bandwagon to use it as a tool for his never-ending campaign for Congress. I might post more on another day, discussing the candidate forums where Mark Leyva talks about the Tea Party during campaign forums, speaking of his hopes the Tea Party will do what he has not been able to do in 12 years, and that being winning a general election. Unfortunately, the INTeaParty down in Indianapolis has fallen for the Leyva ruse and have been behind the scenes in assisting him. (Psst, Indy, S. Martin, we need to talk).

Wouldn’t it be fitting that the Democrats down south control the Tea Party of Lake County, purposely hindering the message of the Tea Party in Lake County so as to keep people uninformed and thereby secure another Democratic win in the primary and general elections? Hmm, we have the Indy Tea Party being duped by Mark and then we may have the Democratic Party from down south actually running the Lake County Tea Party. I say ‘may’ because the evidence is there, but I don’t have my hands on it, so I cannot make a claim aside from throwing in ‘maybe’s’.

Politics is a wicked game for Lake County which ranks as one of the most corrupt in Indiana, centering in East Chicago, Indiana.  (Do a little speculation as to what is going on behind the scenes and you will be on target at least once if not twice.)

Regarding the title of this post, I wrestled with what I would say.  I appreciate the Tea Party Movement for the massive informational conduit that the grassroots organization provides.  I hesitate to lay out any claims that may detract from the movement.  Yet, I cannot ignore the path that Mark Leyva has taken.  Most know that the Tea Party is under assault from the Democratic Left as being racist, homophobic, violent and anti-American along with a host of other insults. From what I have witnessed, the opposite is true of the Indiana Tea Parties in general with one exception in the homophobic category.  In the category of homophobic I believe that Mark Leyva promotes hate against homosexuals and he does this alone, no other Tea Party joins him in that crusade.

Yeah, I said it.  Mark Leyva has an irrational fear of homosexuals. I say this because this is not the first email where Mark J. Leyva has attacked a portion of the populace, used hate and fear-mongering to further his agenda. There are other emails as evidence.

Depending on his mood, Mark Leyva sends out what he calls, “Pass On Material” email blasts.

The Mark Leyva Tea Party email blast dated April 19th, 2010 has a disturbing link on the bottom left corner.  The link is titled: Crown Point HS 19 10.doc (27k)”.

I honestly do not click on his links most of the time, but I clicked on this one. For those that do not live in this area, there is discussion regarding the National Day of Silence that was held on Friday, April 16th. The article has 335 comments so far and is not stopping.

The National Day of Silence is described on their website as this:

On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools.

I will note that studies have found that the teen population consisting of Lesbians and Gays has the higher suicidal thought plus attempted suicide rate, higher than any other group. Our children, regardless of their sexual orientation, are killing themselves because they cannot stand living in a world where they are bullied and hated not only by their peers, but by adults. Mark Leyva is Catholic, does his religion condone homosexual hate, or has he strayed?

With the knowledge that our children are vulnerable and in need of help, how can Mark Leyva promote the letter I am about to post here?  Mark J. Leyva, who dreams of being a Congressman for Indiana District 1, who wants people to believe that he cares about Northwest Indiana, promotes the degradation and isolation of a vulnerable portion of our society. If Mark J. Leyva cared about Northwest Indiana he would have NEVER included the hate filled letter against teens in his email blast, he would have stood up for that segment of the population. Mark J. Leyva proposes to represent a select demographic during a stint in Congress; he will represent some of the people, not all of the people. He not only included that letter, he promoted it, and that in itself says he agrees with this hate filled diatribe against the vulnerable teens who are gay. So yes, that makes Mark J. Leyva homophobic. No two ways about it. 

Keep in mind that the Lake County Tea Party email blast this letter came with is an email that Mark Leyva approves. It is not like a discussion board where anyone can sign up and you never know what they will say.  Mark has to specifically cut and paste links in order to compose his email. Everything in that email is on purpose, selected and promoted and represents Mark J. Leyva, a candidate for Congress, District 1.  There are no gnomes that sneak in weird articles in the middle of the night, adding links to his emails. All of that is done by Mark Leyva.

So here is a letter that Mark agrees with and chose to add to his email blast. The author is unknown. Read it for yourself and ask how he can promote this unbridled hate, by an adult, aimed at teens who may be different from you.   Is this really what we want as a U.S. House of Representatives candidate?  You decide. Will this push another child to leave us, choose suicide, because she or he cannot stand living in this world?

Here is Mark J. Leyva’s approved message to the people:

Ok I am pissed to put it mild

This morning I got a message that

Crown Point High School

In Crown Point , In was

having a

“Day of Silence ”

on Friday April 16, 2010

This is a day of promoting

the gay life to our kids

: Four Things You Should
Know about Student Rights and Day of Silence (2010)blog.dayofsilence.org

It makes me disgusted that they are using

our tax dollars for this

I called the high school and district office and

left them with a piece of me..

The secretaries were shocked as I was at the high school when the
announcement was read over the pa

The district office wasn’t even aware of it yet

Please call and tell them they have a lot of nerve using our tax
money to promote this crap

and If you have a child in the public school system or know of any,

check and make sure how they will be observing this Friday at

their school..this is nationwide

They are after the kids..i would keep mine home if i still
had any in school

Sent with love for our children and our country


Please pass this on

Crown Point High School  663-4885

district office  663-3371

Indiana Attorney General to Join Lawsuit against Obamacare health care reform

Alright, go Greg Zoeller.  Indiana decided to join 13 other states (possibly more to come) in a lawsuit against the federal government challenging the national healthcare reform law. It’s cheaper by the dozen so this means that the cost to the State to pursue this suit will be split between the 13 others. Whatever money does get spent you can blame Pete Visclosky. He is the one who brought this monster to our doorstep. I doubt that any legal fees between 14 states will come close to the $11 million Pete Visclosky took from Indiana, right out of the gate for just one line item in the massive 3000 page healthcare law.

The time is now to remove these non-representatives. Help elect Rob Pastore in the May 4th primary.

What most people do not realize is that the Founding Fathers NEVER intended for the federal government to grow to have the powers it currently has given itself. The states were to have the power and the feds were to be a sidebar deal with little to no impact on what happens to the citizens of any state.

The federal government is mandating you to buy health insurance or else you will be fined . How’s the Hopey Changey thingie working for you now? Those 16, 500 additional IRS agents will be sure to pick your pocket in a nanosecond  What’s next? Use your imagination, the Feds are.

INDIANAPOLIS | Indiana will join a multistate lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the recently approved national health reform law.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller said Monday the state will sign on to a court case filed last week by 13 other states that claims Congress exceed its authority by creating an individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

“This is an insurance product that everybody, as a condition of being a citizen of the United States, will be required to purchase under the threat of penalties,” Zoeller said. “This is the first time the federal government has required people to purchase a commercial good.”

The Republican attorney general said it’s in the best interests of all Americans that the Supreme Court determine whether Congress has the power to impose such a mandate.

“This is such a large program that’s almost unprecedented that everyone’s going to need to know the answer whether this is constitutional or not,” Zoeller said.

With Zoeller now on board, 13 of the 14 state attorneys general suing to stop health care reform are Republicans. The new law was a legislative priority for President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and won congressional approval without a single Republican vote.

Zoeller said that while he believes the law was enacted through a fiercely political process, his motivation for acting has nothing to do with politics.

“I’ll stand by the proposition that when the sovereignty of our state government is in question, I think it’s really a responsibility to raise the challenge,” Zoeller said.

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said last week he encouraged Zoeller to join the lawsuit. The attorney general’s office also received some 7,000 e-mail messages, 100 phone calls and more than a dozen letters supporting a court challenge.

By joining with other states in the lawsuit, Indiana will be able to save money compared to the cost of filing its own challenge to the health reform law, Zoeller said.

He wouldn’t estimate how much Indiana might spend on the case, but said “I doubt you’ll see a large figure at the end of this.”

The health reform lawsuit was filed in federal court in Pensacola, Fla., seven minutes after Obama signed health reform into law. The lawsuit will be amended soon to include Indiana and its claims, Zoeller said.

Pete Visclosky Costs the People of Indiana $400 Million Dollars by Voting YES to Obamacare.

For all that voted YES This Ones For You

Pete Visclosky removed $25 million dollars from the State’s budget right out of the gate with the new Obamacare law and this is just the first of many costs and losses of revenue (which translates into higher taxes) associated with this disastrous, unconstitutional law.  The money Pete is taking from the State of Indiana will grow in one decade to $400 million dollars. When asked if the healthcare reform bill was constitutional he said that he thought it was and that his wife is a lawyer.  What Mrs. Pete does for a living has no bearing here, but he thought it led credence to his voting in favor of this socialist takeover of 1/6th of our national economy.    He said that if we do not think it is constitutional we always have redress.  That right there folks is Pete Visclosky giving Indiana the finger, doing what he wants to do for his political career and saying, “So sue me.”.

In all of Pete’s January town halls he claimed that Indiana needed this legislation and that it would be very good for us.  When asked about the cost he said it was paid for. When it was pointed out the over $250 billion dollar cost for The Doctor Fix was not reflected in the bill he moved right along, never addressing the fact that this legislation would cost America over a trillion dollars. They fudged the numbers, left out The Doctor cost and made sure to sell it as being under a trillion.  This was before anyone knew that the federal government was also including the takeover of education in the form of Pell Grants and student loans. That gem was slipped in at the last minute. Who knew? The money they make from that takeover helps to offset the cost of this program.  Another jewel which he failed to mention is that the Medicaid prescription drug rebates, which Indiana fought hard for as revenue for the State’s programs will now be the property of the federal government. Indiana haveth, Pete Visclosky and the Feds taketh.

And if you as a citizen do not pay up for a health insurance policy, Pete has agreed to the hiring of an additional 16,000 IRS agents who will make sure the feds get their pound of flesh.  Thanks Pete.

Pete never uttered a peep when there was an issue with the abortion language.  He was voting YES regardless of what was in the bill, and no one knew what was in the bill.

Remember Obama and all of the Dems, including Pete Visclosky, saying that one thing that would happen immediately is that children with pre-existing conditions will get healthcare?  THAT LANGUAGE WAS NOT EVEN IN THE BILL.  They had to go back, after the bill was signed by Obama and add it in.  How is that for honesty and being true to America?  The only real accomplishment of this bill is that it creates a framework for the federal government taking over every aspect of your life.

You can read the article here:

New drug rules to cost state $25 million in 2011” (Bold and italics below are mine)

INDIANAPOLIS | While the most costly provisions of federal health reform won’t take effect until 2014, state officials determined Indiana’s budget will pay a price starting this summer.That’s because the new health law takes money from prescription drug rebates currently paid to state Medicaid programs and redirects those funds to the federal government.As a result, Indiana will lose $25 million during the 2011 budget year, which begins in July, and as much as $400 million during the next decade, said Anne W. Murphy, secretary of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

Kitchell forwarded Murphy’s letter to lawmakers on the StateBudget Committee, including state Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Ogden Dunes, warning committee members there will more bad budget news to

“There is still a lot of work to do to evaluate the extra costs imposed on Indiana taxpayers, which will eventually be in the billions of dollars,” Kitchell said.

According to Murphy, Indiana has done better than most states in negotiating favorable rebates from drug companies. This has “enabled Indiana to capture rebates well beyond the minimums established by the federal government,” she said.

But now that the federal government will receive the rebates instead of states, Indiana will lose more money than other states, Murphy said.

Thanks Pete Visclosky. You voted YES to this law because you think that the crooks and cronies in Northwest Indiana have the November General Election sewn up in a bag for you. You voted YES to this legislation that is not only damaging immediately to the State of Indiana, but is the gift that keeps on giving.  Indiana will suffer for decades and longer unless we vote you out of office and hire a true representative come November.

The reality is that you harm Northwest Indiana way more than you ever helped. When you repeated over and over during your January town halls that you were in favor of this federal takeover of 1/6th of the economy, when you repeated how great this will be for Indiana, you failed to explain that the only true benefactors will be the Federal Government.  I am sure you will write some political speech to explain away the consequence you thrust upon the people of Indiana and I am sure you are hoping that the people in Indiana District 1 forget about the financial pain you personally inflicted not only on your constituents, the State of Indiana, but the rest of the nation.

We will not forget what you did Pete and we will fight the corruption that put you in office and keeps you in office.  The people are awake now Pete and things will never be the same for you and your ilk.

The $400 million dollar loss in rebate revenues for the State of Indiana is just the tip of the iceberg.  More pain is coming and you can thank Pete Visclosky.  As of the signing of this unconstitutional healthcare ‘reform’ bill, the people of Indiana, according to Pete, do not deserve to retain the State’s savings from the prescription drug rebates, Pete believes the federal government deserves Indiana’s money.

Mind you that come November, Pete Visclosky will trot out a figure representing the amount of earmarks has has pushed through.  He hopes that no one asks him where that money went.  He hopes everyone thinks that money went to Northwest Indiana.  What he does NOT want you to know is that he gets 97% of his campaign donations from outside of the state of Indiana and that his earmarks are divided up between those contributors who are not companies headquartered in NW Indiana. While meandering through our wallets he holds up a happy face sign and claims that he has brought ‘all of this money back to Indiana.  Do not be fooled by his campaign rhetoric, dig down and find the truth. Find out where that money really went.

The majority  of the earmarks he claimed to have brought ‘home’ really never made it to Northwest Indiana, but Pete loves to claim otherwise. He guided millions of dollars of our money to companies out of his district. Sadly, prior to 2007, Congresscritters did not have to sign their name to earmarks. We will never know how many billions of dollars of earmarks were used to secure campaign contributions over a 26 year career in congress. As soon as they showed some light on earmarks back in 2007 they had a Who’s Who of Porking America, and Pete Visclosky was shown as being # 6 out of 435 representatives.  That is some accomplishment and that was back in 2007.  Since being under investigation for Pay to Play, Pete has drastically reduced his earmark requests, plus there is an election coming in November and he once again, will try to cover the truth with spewing out some ‘evidence’ that he is a good guy, serving Northwest Indiana. Yeah, right.

There is no mistake that something was and is dirty in DC with Pete Visclosky being investigated by the Department of Justice. Stroll through Taxpayers for Commonsense and see what is up with your representative

Bring your friends and vote in May for the primary election and vote for Rob Pastore.  He is the person who will be a true and ethical representative for US Congress in Indiana District 1.

Praise the Lard – Senator Evan Bayh Not Seeking Re-Election

Well, this was a surprise at least to me, but along with some upsides is a downside.

This means that Indiana is wide open for a liberty loving constitutional candidate.

On the downside, it means that Evan has free rein to vote willy nilly, vote for more spending, vote for Cap and Trade, vote for the governmental takeover of healthcare and a host of other bad ideas and he can do all this and not care about the people. I’m not saying that he cared about the people in Indiana in the first place, but now, without having  worry about campaigning for votes, he is a loose cannon. He can do some serious damage during his swan dive.

Read the news here.

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh will not seek re-election this year, an unexpected decision that comes on top of other high-profile Democratic retirements.

The two-term senator is known as a moderate Democrat. His retirement gives Republicans yet another opportunity to pick up a seat in a year when several incumbent Democrats are considered vulnerable and some have already decided to jump ship.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd and North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan both announced their retirements in January.  Democrats are trying to defend open seats in Delaware and Illinois as well.

Bayh’s staff said the latest polling showed Bayh ahead of Coats by 20 points.

Former GOP Sen. Dan Coats had been planning to challenge Bayh in November. But a senior Democratic source told Fox News that recent polling showed Bayh way ahead of Coats, and that the retirement must have been a personal decision.

I guess Obama will have to find another socialist stooge to run as a Dem in Indiana.

Bayh Obama

Pete Visclosky under Ethics Probe – Trading Campaign Money for Earmark Favors

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, Pete Visclosky is under investigation and it has reached a new level.

The Times is known to be a democratic paper, swaying their reporting to reflect a socialist agenda, but they do at times, when the story is too large to ignore, make mention of democratic corruption.

Anyone who went to a Town Hall this month ( I went to three, it sucked, was torture, but I forced myself in the name of accurate reporting).

So here is Pete Visclosky finally being investigated.  Mind you, congress critters are not poked and prodded for wrongdoing at this level every day.  Pete is right up there with John Murtha , Charlie Rangle and some others on the ranking of the top corrupt officials.  You only needed to look into his eyes at a meeting and you could see he was lying.

It is time folks to elect a person who will honestly take charge of your interests, and represent YOU.  No more Petey.   He can take a hike along with his bag boy Mark.

Here is The Times article, written by : Christine Kraly

The U.S. House ethics committee announced for the first time Friday that it has been probing since early last month whether U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky traded campaign cash for multimillion-dollar federal earmarks.

The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct confirmed it is extending its review of the Merrillville Democrat, whose ties to a powerful lobbying firm are under federal criminal investigation.

The ethics committee will announce its “course of action” on or before March 2, the panel said.

In a statement Friday, Visclosky said he “intends to cooperate fully and believes the committee will conclude that he engaged in no wrongdoing whatsoever.”

He said he “looks forward to getting this matter behind him and continuing to work hard to serve all of his constituents in the First Congressional District.”

The announcement reveals what some congressional experts say can be a confusing check on some of Washington’s balances.

The panel began its look into Visclosky’s ties with PMA Group on Dec. 2 based on a recommendation from the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The OCE is a nonpartisan, independent body created in 2008 to review allegations of ethics abuse from the public. Prior to the group, only the House ethics committee could initiate such a probe, said Melanie Sloan, executive director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

If an allegation makes it to the second stage of the OCE’s two-prong investigation, it means there is “probable cause to believe a violation has occurred,” according to the OCE.

After the second phase, it must recommend either dismissal of the probe to the ethics committee or an extended review, as it did for Visclosky.

Sloan called the OCE recommendation likely “the least of (Visclosky’s) problems.”

For nearly a year, the U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating Visclosky’s ties to PMA, a now-defunct lobbying firm suspected of making “straw” donations to lawmakers, concealing the true source of the money.

PMA had for years been Visclosky’s top fundraising source, sending millions to the congressman, who helped award PMA clients with federal earmarks. Visclosky’s congressional office, campaign committees and some employees, including former Chief of Staff Chuck Brimmer, were subpoenaed in May.

Come on District 1, don’t let Gary, Indiana,  send this POS back to DC again.  Step up and stand up.

Senator Evan Bayh in Trouble in Indiana – Fundraisers Try to Save His Seat

While reading over at Hillbuzz I came across this article which tells of their associations in Chicago and the word is that the Dems are doing some serious fundraising knowing that Evan Bayh’s numbers in the polls have tanked. Evan Bayh is in some deep trouble in Indiana and the Dems are worried he may lose his seat.  You see, Chicago plays a role in Indiana politics, especially northwest Indiana, Lake County in particular with that deep money pit of a city called Gary being the recipient of a lot of Chicago/Democratic payola.

Mind you that Evan Bayh represents the entire state of Indiana, but the Chicago connection seeps into Indiana from the northern border. So for the thugs in Chicago to be campaigning and fundraising for an Indiana Senator is no big news.

According to Hillbuzz:

More on this later when we have time to tell you the whole story, but here in Chicago there’s a push going out from big donors we know from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Evan Bayh seems to be in a lot of trouble in Indiana.

All it took was one Democrat — JUST ONE — to tell Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the White House that more time was needed for the public, let alone the Senators voting, to understand what was really in the Healthcare Rationing Bill before voting on it.

Evan Bayh had the chance to stand up, courageously, and tell Democrats they were operating in the dead of night, in secret, contrary to all their promises they would handle healthcare in the open following  the wishes of the people.

Bayh could have ground everything to a halt and FORCED Democrats to behave responsibly, sensibly, and in the manner they promised in 2008.

He didn’t.

That was his choice.

Though it pains us to side against Evan Bayh, we feel Evan Bayh sided against us in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

How much trouble do you think he’s really in in Indiana?  The talk we hear is that, as of the latest internal polls this week, he’s going to lose his seat.

Read the entire article here.

In Memoriam – Bonnie Kuzminski 1949 – 2009 A loving wife, mother and patriot.

(This post will be pinned at the top for a while. Please scroll down for recent posts)

It is with great sadness that I send this message. A dear friend and fellow Northwest Indiana Patriot has passed away. Bonnie Kuzminski was a dedicated mother, wife and patriot who was tireless in her pursuit of freedoms for all of America. She would spend days and nights researching bills, writing news briefs, traveling to protest locations days before an event so as to give the best directions for the rest of us, she donated her time, her resources so that as many people as possible could stay informed on the issues affecting our lives. Although she worked from the background, she was the driving force moving all things forward.

Bonnie was a brilliant writer with a quiet nature combined with a dry sense of humor. Much of this wonderful woman could be seen just below the surface.

Bonnie, my dear friend, we will miss you so very much. I know you are never far, for your new position will guide us from above.

In Memoriam

(From the NWIP website:  http://nwipatriots.com/blog/2009/12/27/in-memoriam/)

The Northwest Indiana Patriots have lost a loved and valuable member of our family.

Bonnie Kuzminski

Read more…

Continental Congress 2009 – Stop the violations of The Consitution

Not long ago a call was sent out for nominations for representatives from all 50 States to convene for the 2009 Continental Congress. The nominees, two from each State are in Illinois as we speak for approximately two weeks.

As We The People are gathering at town halls, on the streets, in front of the offices of our non-representatives in the House and Senate, as we write, call, fax and build coalitions, as we do all of that and more we still have much work to do. Many times I have heard people talk about how the Constitution is being destroyed. Congress has over-stepped it’s limits many times and in the wake of their actions we have legislation, limits and laws in place that only serve to give more power and control into the hands of the Feds while ignoring the original premise of The Constitution.  The Constitution was written so that the Federal Government has LESS power than the States, LESS power than The People and now we have the States begging for ‘grant’ money, federal funds and in turn operating the State under a weighty burden of Federal mandates.

It is all upside-down. The People have the most power, then the State and last is the Federal government. Look around you and who has the power now? Are you afraid of the Federal government? The IRS? If the Federal Government send out a mandate, say for how to school your children, does your State tell them to buzz off of do you receive a notice that your taxes are increasing because there is an added cost to comply with the Federal mandate? Why is you State NOT telling the Feds to buzz off? The States, according to the Constitution have MORE power than the Feds? When did all of this get reversed and The People ended up with the least power? How did that happen?  How do we fix that?

So, the Continental Congress has this purpose, as stated on their website:


The purpose of Continental Congress 2009 is to determine a legal and peaceful means to stop the violations of The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore Constitutional governance.

Visit the sites below, Dr. Kate, The Dame Truth and get the lowdown from folks just like me and you. They are there and are writing about the CC2009 as it happens. We need and rely on people such as those that are taking two weeks out of their lives to work toward righting America.

Dr. Kate is a representative attending the convention and she is writing about it here.
Visit her site and scroll down to read the entries covering the events. The Dame Truth is another great blogger who is a representative and she blogs here.
She also has a radio program and is a great resource for information.

The convention is being streamed over the Internet at This Link. Take a listen and watch the Continental Congress 2009 in action. You can also click on the map shown on that link and see who is representing your state. While you are there drop a dollar in the donation bucket. These are real people, not a corporation, lobbying firm or a political party. They need your help.

Tea Parties: Misunderstood and Vastly Underrated by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Over at American Thinker a post caught my eye because the author captures my experiences with the Tea Party people.

In Northwest Indiana we have patriots that gather around two tea party groups. One group is lead by a woman and the other by a man. This is not a woman vs man thing, but merely a way of distinguishing the two groups. The woman began her group from her living room and it is the largest in the area. She has never ran for office and has no plans to run for office. Her events draw large crowds. The man’s group is run by a politician who has run for Congress many times and jumped onto the Tea Party bandwagon as a Republican candidate for Congress.

His focus at protests has not been the protest itself but in sending out minions to gather names, addresses and telephone numbers. We know why politicians do that sort of thing. This guy does this under the guise of being a Tea Party leader who needs all of that personal information so that he can keep you informed. Yeah, right, you need our street addresses and telephone numbers? Mark my words, Tea Party people will begin to see his campaign propaganda show up in their mailboxes, at their front door and be phoned during dinner come campaign time. And some Tea Party people may wonder how this politician got their personal info. It is an underhanded and classless move by this guy.

He takes no initiative to pursue freedoms for the people as much as he takes his lead from the Indiana State tea party group. They are the self appointed leaders for the State of Indiana and reside in the Indianapolis area. He has pursued good relations with the State group as a method of eventually using them to promote his run for Congress. They don’t believe he is anything but a great tea party guy and the people in Northwest Indiana who actually live here and know about this guy have been trying to wake up State for a long time. The Indiana State Tea Party is being used by this guy and it makes a person wonder just what is going on in Indy when they have allowed a politician to take over a tea party.

People are murmuring that the Tea Party people should vote and campaign for this guy because he is a Tea Partier. They could not be further from the truth and this becomes a dangerous position for the Tea Patry. Just because a person, a politician has aligned himself with the Tea Party movement, he or she should NOT be given a pass and be viewed as the best candidate. People must investigate each and every candidate as an individual and ignore any R, D, I, G or whatever after their name. Republicans ARE trying to use the Tea Party for their political gain. We saw and continue to see that with The Tea Patry Express. We have a very clear example here in NWI with they guy who runs a tea party here, a Republican who saw this as a political vehicle from day one.

Listen, politicians such as the one I am referring to are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They take no action, join no group unless they see a way to use that group for their personal gain, for votes while stepping on the back’s of the unsuspecting Tea Party people to attain a self-centered, narcissistic goal of winning a political office.

This ties into what Kyle-Anne states as her experience below in that the tea party people smell something funky when it comes to politicians using the Tea Party Movement. Funky is not the word for the Patriots in Northwest Indiana. It outright stinks up in here.

Sure, politicians may have an opinion that is shared or resembles what the Tea Party Movement stands for, but to be a politician and run a tea party, to actively run for Congress and run a tea party, to pull some stunts at tea parties that shows people that you are a politician first and an American second, to write website posts that push your political agenda while pretending that no-one notices that you are a politician using the Tea party movement, well, those things do  not pass the smell test and yes, We The People notice.

Kyle-Anne Shiver writes: (Excerpts posted below. Bolding mine. Read the entire article HERE.)

Since last April, I’ve written a few columns on the Tea Parties, but I had never actually
attended one in person. I harbored a few misconceptions, formed at a
distance through the media’s drive-by lens. Being a woman who tends to
cower in crowds and who loves the security and solitude of my little
office-cloister, I had been content to write based on the observations
of others. But an Alabama homemaker-turned-activist, Suzanne Green of
Birmingham, pulled me into the bosom of the Tea Party movement along
with the
Rainy Day Patriots.

So what’s a Tea Party?

a nutshell, the Tea Parties are a visible expression of the widespread
rekindling of the love of liberty. This rekindling of freedom’s fires
seems to be occurring among diverse individuals independently, and then
they seek out fired-up others with whom to connect. Among Tea Party
participants, there is a demonstrated willingness to actually do
something tangible in order to claim those unalienable rights of which
our Founders wrote, and for which so many have given their lives in

may be the movement Americans truly have been waiting for. It’s the
real deal, the genuine article. It comes from the groundswell of the
people, not from the power-broker elites in political, corporate, or
religious America.
It’s middle-class, thoroughly unpretentious, with a
good sense of humor and a keen disdain for things like faux Greek
columns, tacky props, and professionally written hyperbole. At a Tea
Party, you won’t find puffed-up hubris or even a tad of the liberally
popular it’s-all-about-me syndrome.  

Party operatives? Not
welcome. Political candidates?  Keep your mouths shut and your ears
open. Prefer a D or an R after your name? Not here, not on our time, or
on our dime.

The clear message: This is the people’s movement. Outsiders, opportunists, and party pols are vehemently not invited.
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Update: Victory against Big Labor: Home health providers reject SEIU, AFSCME power grab

Michelle Malkin provides an update covering SEIU’s power-grab for Unionized control of the persons who provide home health care for disabled persons.

The health care providers flushed SEIU and AFSCME down the tubes with the following breakdown of votes:

SEIU – 293 votes
AFSCME – 220 votes
NO UNION – 1018 votes

Folks, we must stay on top of ACORN/SEIU/AFL-CIO in Indiana and nationally.  Please help research where our State funds are going.  Every time you read an article regarding a ‘community’ program, be that for loan applications, housing, voter registration, child care, health care, employment training, school coalitions, home weatherization, teacher associations, labor, political action committees (PACS) and the list goes on, look into the associations of the organizations behind those programs. If you dig just a little you will find that the majority of those organizations have association with ACORN/SEIU and it’s money handler Citizens Services Inc.

Mitch Daniels says and seems to think that he is not doing business with ACORN and that they are top of the voter registration fraud perpetrated in Indiana via ACORN. I find it hard to believe that Indiana is not funding ACORN. Remember, ACORN has over 300 shadow corporations & organizations. That is why you have to do the research on the name of the community service and track it back to ACORN.

ACORN comes into an area with such righteous sounding names which serve to cover up the ACORN/SEIU organization. These groups then proceed to get grants and funding, using these benign names and continue to rip off the State of Indiana and the Feds for billions of dollars.

Look under the cap of the acorn and dig into the nut and you will find a rotten core.

If Mitch Daniels and his hired crew cannot see how they are funding ACORN then it is up to us to bring this to their attention and to demand that they stop handing our Indiana tax dollars, OUR money over to any group that is associated with ACORN/SEIU.

You can read the full article here: http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/19/victory-against-big-labor-home-health-providers-reject-seiu-afscme-power-grab/