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Praise the Lard – Senator Evan Bayh Not Seeking Re-Election

Well, this was a surprise at least to me, but along with some upsides is a downside.

This means that Indiana is wide open for a liberty loving constitutional candidate.

On the downside, it means that Evan has free rein to vote willy nilly, vote for more spending, vote for Cap and Trade, vote for the governmental takeover of healthcare and a host of other bad ideas and he can do all this and not care about the people. I’m not saying that he cared about the people in Indiana in the first place, but now, without having  worry about campaigning for votes, he is a loose cannon. He can do some serious damage during his swan dive.

Read the news here.

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh will not seek re-election this year, an unexpected decision that comes on top of other high-profile Democratic retirements.

The two-term senator is known as a moderate Democrat. His retirement gives Republicans yet another opportunity to pick up a seat in a year when several incumbent Democrats are considered vulnerable and some have already decided to jump ship.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd and North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan both announced their retirements in January.  Democrats are trying to defend open seats in Delaware and Illinois as well.

Bayh’s staff said the latest polling showed Bayh ahead of Coats by 20 points.

Former GOP Sen. Dan Coats had been planning to challenge Bayh in November. But a senior Democratic source told Fox News that recent polling showed Bayh way ahead of Coats, and that the retirement must have been a personal decision.

I guess Obama will have to find another socialist stooge to run as a Dem in Indiana.

Bayh Obama

3 Strikes and You are OUT, or rather, 3 C’s and you are Put Away for good. Scott Brown WINS

Obama supporters ought to pay attention to the three strike rule.

He has failed in these three C’s:

Chicago Olympics
Copenhagen Climate Change
Coakely in Massachusetts

The Scott Heard Around the World

The Scott Heard Around the World

Democrats may want to take a look at these three C’s and realize that everything Obama touches turns to carp (that’s another C, if you are counting). Obama has now thrown Martha Coakley under the bus, saying she ran a crappy campaign.  Was that really the reason why, for the first time in 50 years, MA, a liberal, heavily Democratic state, elected a Republican?  Could Obama’s push for healthcare, the midnight votes behind close doors, the lack of transparency and the representatives (such as Pete Visclosky) openly stating that they do not listen to their constituents?  Could it be that the people are fed up with politicians not listening to the will of the people?
People are upset with the democ-rats position of party before people.  MA was a hotbed of political shell gaming and shyster rule changes.  Our own little pro-Dem newspaper, The Times reports:

This Boston Globe article
sums up what happened. After Ted Kennedy died, the state Senate rammed
through a bill to change the law so that the Democratic governor could
appoint an interim successor. This came a mere five years after
Democrats rejected the very same bill, which in this case would have
allowed then-Gov. Mitt Romney to appoint an interim successor in the
event that John Kerry won the presidency.

That’s the subtext of “the people’s seat” comments that you heard during Brown’s acceptance speech.

The Democrats just changes the rules at will in order to keep a democrat in the seat, then changes them back when they need to pull another dirty trick.

The tea party patriots,I believe, played a large role in assisting this upset. Patriots from around the globe sent donations to Brown, phone banked for him, flew and drove to MA to campaign, watch the polls. Patriots want change, want their country back and they flexed their muscle.  I would say that come this November,  Evan Bayh and Pete Visclosky may get a run for their money.

James Simpson over at American Thinker brings up some good points regarding the Democrats and their lose to Scott Brown:

The real problem is that Coakley’s campaign defines what the Democratic Party has become today: arrogant, boorish, incomprehensibly ignorant and downright thuggish. Former Vermont Governor and Presidential candidate Howard Dean, for example, reacted to Brown’s victory by saying that now Democrats have to get tough, and not “deal with Republicans anymore.” Stunning. So that’s what we’ve been witnessing all year, with Democrats violating Senate rules, holding closed-door meetings, locking Republicans out of discussions, rejecting outright any Republican proposals and violating their own promises of “transparency.” But they haven’t been tough enough. Simply amazing.

But it was even more than that. People have had enough. We have had enough of bald-faced lies from Democrats. We have had enough of big spending bills being disingenuously presented as “deficit reducers.” We have had enough of massive government programs guaranteed to cripple the economy and lose jobs. We have had enough of ever more intrusive government attempting to take over every aspect of our daily lives. We have had enough of blatant corruption and coddling of terrorists. We have had enough of radicals attempting to ram their virulently anti-American agenda down our throats and calling us “domestic terrorists” for objecting.
This election is a game changer. Make no mistake about it. Not only is the U.S. Senate in play for Republicans in November, but so is the House of Representatives, state legislatures and governor’s mansions. Last night, Sarah Palin said to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News ”We just witnessed a wicked political pivot… This is a tidal wave sweeping the country…” She is right.

I ask that those beholding to the Republican Party do not see this as people swaying to their side of the aisle. People are tired of politicians that covet their  Party over the People and that holds true for the Dems and the GOP.

The Tea Party is made up of people from all political stripes and the common thread between everyone is that they love this country.  Massachusetts should serve as a wake up call to all politicians.

Senator Evan Bayh in Trouble in Indiana – Fundraisers Try to Save His Seat

While reading over at Hillbuzz I came across this article which tells of their associations in Chicago and the word is that the Dems are doing some serious fundraising knowing that Evan Bayh’s numbers in the polls have tanked. Evan Bayh is in some deep trouble in Indiana and the Dems are worried he may lose his seat.  You see, Chicago plays a role in Indiana politics, especially northwest Indiana, Lake County in particular with that deep money pit of a city called Gary being the recipient of a lot of Chicago/Democratic payola.

Mind you that Evan Bayh represents the entire state of Indiana, but the Chicago connection seeps into Indiana from the northern border. So for the thugs in Chicago to be campaigning and fundraising for an Indiana Senator is no big news.

According to Hillbuzz:

More on this later when we have time to tell you the whole story, but here in Chicago there’s a push going out from big donors we know from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Evan Bayh seems to be in a lot of trouble in Indiana.

All it took was one Democrat — JUST ONE — to tell Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the White House that more time was needed for the public, let alone the Senators voting, to understand what was really in the Healthcare Rationing Bill before voting on it.

Evan Bayh had the chance to stand up, courageously, and tell Democrats they were operating in the dead of night, in secret, contrary to all their promises they would handle healthcare in the open following  the wishes of the people.

Bayh could have ground everything to a halt and FORCED Democrats to behave responsibly, sensibly, and in the manner they promised in 2008.

He didn’t.

That was his choice.

Though it pains us to side against Evan Bayh, we feel Evan Bayh sided against us in the Nightmare Before Christmas.

How much trouble do you think he’s really in in Indiana?  The talk we hear is that, as of the latest internal polls this week, he’s going to lose his seat.

Read the entire article here.

Indiana Attorney General to review Constitutionality of Federal Health Care Overhaul Senate Bill

Finally, someone in Indiana is starting to act like a representative of the people and ask that the Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller take a look into the constitutionality of the healthcare bill. The GOPs are doing what they were hired to do and that is to protect the people of Indiana. Interesting that not a single democrat has stood up and demanded accountability from the federal government, demanding that all legislation, especially this push by the feds to control the entire population through this power grab called healthcare reform, be held up to the light and read for its constitutionality.

Every person elected to office has to swear on oath to uphold the constitution. No politician should have any problem with a review of any legislation to make sure that the federal government is not overstepping the limited powers granted to them by the people.

Pete Visclosky and Evan Bayh each voted FOR this federal takeover with Bayh voting ‘yes’ twice. Their pal Ben Nelson, the guy who got Nevada a sweet payoff deal in exchange for his yes vote on healthcare reform asked all of the AG’s to ‘call off the dogs

Meanwhile, you can add the Indiana’ s AG to the list that Ben Nelson originally complained about. You have the republican party to thank for growing a set and demanding that the federal government and the dems currently in control of America be held accountable for their proposed takeover of 1/6th of our economy via this healthcare legislation.

The entire article can be found here.

A snip is posted below.

WASHINGTON — At the request of some Indiana Republicans, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is reviewing the constitutionality of the health-care overhaul bill passed by the Senate last month.

Several Republican senators say the bill’s requirement that most people buy insurance or face a penalty violates the Constitution’s ban on taking private property for public purposes without just compensation.

Republicans also say a provision that could treat some insurance companies in Nebraska and Michigan differently violates the 14th Amendment’s equal-protection clause.

Republicans used those arguments to back procedural challenges to the Senate’s bill but were defeated in party-line votes before the Senate approved the bill on another party-line vote.

In a letter to Zoeller on Tuesday, Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., wrote that because votes on procedural challenges took place only five days after the bill’s final language was made public, there was not enough time to study the constitutional issues.

Indiana law allows the attorney general to make “any reasonable or appropriate investigation or study” of federal legislation when asked to do so by a member of the state’s congressional delegation.

“This little-known provision in state law was intended for a circumstance such as this, where proposed federal legislation could have a sweeping impact on state government,” Zoeller said.

Zoeller said he will look at other issues not specifically requested in Lugar’s letter, including a provision added by Democrats to gain the support of Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson. The federal government would pick up all of Nebraska’s share of the cost of a proposed expansion of Medicaid but pay only for most of the expansion in other states.

In that same article it says,

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, a self-described progressive legal association, has written a brief arguing that the bill’s insurance mandate is constitutional because Congress has the authority to regulate commerce and set taxes.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that he doesn’t think “that anybody has legitimate constitutional concerns about the legislation.”

When you read the word ‘progressive’ read ’socialist’. The socialist party took on the mantra of ‘progressive’ because it was a politically sexy word that hid who they are and covers up what they really want to do.

I say that there is no way the feds can hide behind the commerce clause in that this healthcare legislation demands and requires the people to purchase something, and that is it’s own right is unconstitutional. What is next? The feds own GM, and GM’s profits are falling, so the feds say ” From now until the end of 2011, the only cars available for your purchase will be GM cars.” ?

Bayh gives Indiana a Lump Of Christmas Coal – Votes Yes for Government Healthcare

Hey Evan Bayh, I hope you are not dreaming of a political victory in 2010 and thinking that the people of Indiana will forget what you did to us when you voted YES, twice, to proceed with the federal government taking over 1/6th of our economy which translates into your desire that we do not lead free lives according to the Constitution, that we instead lead lives that are under federal control. Even the average American now knows that you want a socialistic government.

Your comment here, Evan, says it all. You told the NY Times:

Lawmakers who attended a private meeting between Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats at the White House on Tuesday pointed to remarks there by Senator Evan Bayh, Democrat of Indiana, as providing some new inspiration.

Mr. Bayh said that the health care measure was the kind of public policy he had come to Washington to work on, according to officials who attended the session, and that he did not want to see the satisfied looks on the faces of Republican leaders if they succeeded in blocking the measure.

You lied to us Evan Bayh. You lied to us when you took the oath of office to uphold the constitution. When asked why you are doing this to the people of Indiana, voting to enslave us to federal regulation, voting to add federal expenses to the entire state of Indiana, knowing that the people will be punished via higher taxes to pay for your decisions, you claim to be doing what you always wanted to do, expand ‘public policy’ which is a code word for socialism. We are awake now Evan and we now know what you mean when you said that all along you wanted to expand government control over the people, that you desire the people to be powerless and the the feds have ultimate control over every aspect of our lives.
You did not want to see Republicans have a say in this healthcare legislation, let alone see them have any measure of success?  YOU Evan Bayh are playing partisan politics of the worst kind and you are not fit to represent the people of Indiana.  We did NOT elect the Democratic Party, Evan, we elected a PERSON who would represent us.  You vote according to your democratic party and tell the people to screw off. What kind of representative of the people does that?
Evan, the people of Indiana told you to vote NO on healthcare reform.  The country told you to vote NO on healthcare reform and you threw us the finger and voted according to your Party affiliation, completely ignoring the people you swore to represent.  You no longer represent the people of Indiana Evan Bayh, you have always represented you party over the people and in this critical time in US history, you voted to enslave us to the ‘public policy’.  We see who you are now and there is no amount of dancing that you can do between now and 2010 that will erase what we know you to be.

You no longer represent Indiana Evan Bayh. We know now that you have and will continue to vote along your Democratic Party lines, totally ignoring the will of the people.

Yeah, Nancy Pelosi said that they will now have some legislation come through so that you can pretend to vote according to the benefit of Indiana.  You hope that we forget what you did today, selling the freedoms of the people of Indiana down the river because you never had any intention of representing us, especially when it would take a man to stand up to your Party, when it takes a moral representative to listen to the people.

Come 2010 Evan Bayh, I will do something I have never done before. I will walk out my front door and work for a candidate that will represent the people. I will do everything in my power to get you fired.  You are a disgrace to Indiana and there is no amount of kickbacks, earmarks or sugar coated Senate votes that will change my mind. There is no amount of pork (Pork = stealing from us then giving us a dime back on our dollar and then expecting us to say ‘Thank You’) dressed as ‘gifts’ to Indiana that you can trot out that will ever erase what you did today.  Never will we forget what you not only did to the people of Indiana, but to the entire United States of America.

Here is my gift to you Evan, for your enjoyment over the holidays: 

Senator Evan Bayh, Socialist, voted YES to Federal Control of The People via Healthcare Reform

Senator Bayh of Indiana is voting ‘yes’ to the federal government takeover of 1/6 of our lives.  Evan Bayh thinks that we, as citizens of Indiana, have no real say in what happens with our lives.  Evan Bayh votes according to what his political party deems is the correct vote. His vote does not reflect the  people of Indiana and he does not care if we are pissed. He no longer represents the people of Indiana.

What this says is that Evan Bayh is no longer a representative of Indiana, his allegiances are with his political party. He became elected by the people of Indiana and then shoved the people that elected him aside because DC politics were more important. He lives for his party, the Democratic Party, because they will now keep him alive, give him money for reelection, but only if he votes according to their rules. He has to abandon the people of Indiana and vote for Democratic Party Rules in order to keep his job (so he thinks).  So, he places votes that say YES to federal government control over the lives of the citizens of Indiana.  And he has no reservations regarding his decisions, because his Party has told him they will now spend money for his election in 2010.

Where is the honor when a person runs for office upon the principle of honesty and a commitment to honor the people’s wishes and then that same person says, “Fooled Ya!”, I am voting according to how Pelosi tells me to vote, the people of Indiana be damned?

I thought that the constitution allowed for the people to vote for representatives that would defend the people against a singular political party ruling the entire United States of America.  WE vote for representatives (Bayh) who we thought would stand up for us and defend us against a monocular political party. When we elected Bayh he was to deliver the demands and wishes of the people of Indiana to the highest office granted by the constitution.

Bayh abandoned us in favor of his Democratic Party.  He maybe never actually served us, but merely placated certain concerns so as to build a resume for reelection. We see now what his real  alliances lay with his Democratic Party and that the people of Indiana have no real say in his actions. He believes that in a few short months, in Nov. of 2010, most of Indiana will have forgotten his betrayal.

Now we learn that our elected officials are NOT governing for the people, they are making decisions based upon some political party.

This just sucks and we need to get Bayh out of office and make sure that we ask the questions of any potential elected official that makes us know that she or he will actually work on behalf of the people of the state of Indiana. Bayh lied to us and is now showing us he doesn’t give a flip what we think.  He thinks that come late 2010 we will have forgotten what he did to us today.
Principle over party is my mantra. I refuse to vote for a person just because of their political party. I will vote for principles.

Party over principle means that a dude like Bayh says whatever he needs to say to get elected, but that he is already in the mainline of party politics. The political party gives him money to fund a campaign, he in turn has to vote as they need him to vote, or else they withhold his reelection support.

My principles, knowing that Evan Bayh is a snake of a politician, will say whatever he thinks he needs to say, says to me ,that Bayh is NOT a good representative of Indiana come 2010.

So, when it comes to his voting for socialism, voting YES on socialistic health care, he does not care that people call him , ask him to consider that Indiana does NOT want this health care bill, he only cares about gaining favor with his POLITICAL PARTY. So he votes according to what the democrats want him to vote and he IGNORES what the people of Indiana are saying.

You want Evan Bayh Again?  Or do you want a person who will do what they were elected to do and that is to follow the will of the people? Evan Bayh no longer follows the will of the people.

Did you vote for a Political Party, or did you vote for a person that would represent you?

Well, in regards to Evan Bayh, with his socialist views, he does not care what you think, what the people of Indiana think, he is going to vote for the socialists democratic bills such as Healthcare Reform and he does not care what you think.

The people of Indiana do not float his boat. He is in congress now and his political Party floats his boat.

Time to vote his boat OUT.

Time to find a honest politician.

Call Bayh now, tell him what you think. Leave a message on his answering machine at:

Tell him NO on this Healthcare Reform bill.

We deserve better.

His numbers to call are:

DC: 202- 224-5623

or his Indiana office : 219-852-2763

Lugar, Donnelly, Visclosky vote in favor of Socialized Medicine against the People’s Wishes

The American people did not want the Health Care reform bill weeks ago when it was being voted on in Pelosi’s House and they did not want it in Reid’s Senate but the rat basturds voted it through regardless of the people’s wishes.

What does this say for our non-representatives? It says that special interest groups, lobbyists, big business have more clout than the people the representatives are supposed to serve.

Oh You Democrats, Don't Be an Ass

Oh You Democrats, Don't Be an Ass

Pete Visclosky and Joe Donnelly voted yes in the House, Bayh voted yes in the Senate. When Lugar’s office was asked, directly, in person if the NO stack was larger than the YES stack, according to the letters, calls and emails that he received, his minion refused to answer. They do not want us to know that more people in Indiana told him to vote NO and that the majority of people were against this healthcare boondoggle. He has and had no intentions of voting according to the wishes of the people he serves. His vote, along with Vislocky and Donnnelly were based upon calculations of how to swing votes for re-election. They need the unions, ACORN and SEIU, the AFL-CIO to pull votes for them, so it doesn’t matter what the people of Indiana want.

Here are the polls indicating, for all intents and purposes, the way they should have voted and that vote should have been a big fat NO.

Poll: Support for health care plan plummets, Senate Democrats push ahead

A day after the Senate begins debate on health care legislation a new survey from Rasmussen Reports shows the highest level of opposition yet recorded. In a staggering reversal from last week the poll suggests just 38% of American voters now favor the Democratic health care plan against 56% who are opposed. The previous poll taken on November 13-14 showed support had grown to its highest level since mid-September with 47% of voters in favor against 49% in opposition. (Read the rest of the article here.)

Got that? 49% of the people told them to vote NO. Only 47% wanted them to vote yes, as of Nov. 14th.
As of Nov. 22 56% told them to vote NO and only 38% wanted them to vote yes.

Read the Rasmussen Reports here and see for yourself that the American people do not want this push by Obama to control 1/6 of our economy and bring a government employee into our doctor’s office and our homes. There is something very wrong with what they are trying to do in Congress and people are beginning to wake up. Something is very wrong when so many people are telling our hired help (Lugar, Donnelly and Visclosky) to shove this thing where the sun don’t shine and they adopt a cavalier, pompous and condescending attitude and vote Yes anyway. Plus there is something wrong with a Louisiana Senator being paid off to the tune of 300 million dollars to place a ‘yes’ vote for this legislation. What other kind of deals were cut? How much did Lugar, Donnelly, Visclosky and Bayh get to vote yes?

How many more examples does a person require before they realize that politics, as we have it toady, is dirty and that our non-representatives do NOT act upon the best interests of the people, but act upon their own best interest.

Vote them OUT. Contact a Tea Party, a Patriot group, ANY group that places principle before party. We must act in whatever way we can be that calling, writing, emailing, visiting their local offices, protesting,  whatever we are able to do in order to get them to pay attention and let them know that we are watching them, we are taking notes and come 2010 they will face an election period like none other.

Do not expect the Republicans to help you as they are not much different than the Democrats in placing Party before Principle. Find a candidate that resonates with your goals and desires, find a person who place Principle before Party and believes in the Constitution.