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Upset over Federal Spending? You have not seen the half of it.

Logistics Monster has a must read article over here.

The title: Tea Party Patriots Vs. The Master Class

Still have that sinking feeling in your midsection every time you think about the District of Criminals, The Fed, Bernanke, etc.?  Are you still not sleeping well at night because you know something is “so wrong” but the scope of the problem is just getting larger each day?

Remember when we spoke about giving up every last penny of our wealth to get rid of the bloodsucking elites that are killing our childrens’ futures?

After reading this commentary, you will have the concise MATH, (there’s that word again), and course of the nation that  explains why you feel like a hamster on crack, and can’t sleep at night.  The numbers do not lie.

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Take a little trip and visit the Monster. While you are there, drop a dollar in the piggy bank to show appreciation for all of the research that they do.  When you have finished the article that tells you just how much debt the Feds have really piled up, take a look at the research piece on the top menu titled “The Pilgrim Society

You need to know who is really running America and the world. I first read the article on the Pilgrim Society last year, when it came out in installments.  Bookmark the site because you are not likely to get through the entire piece in one sitting.