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Upset over Federal Spending? You have not seen the half of it.

Logistics Monster has a must read article over here.

The title: Tea Party Patriots Vs. The Master Class

Still have that sinking feeling in your midsection every time you think about the District of Criminals, The Fed, Bernanke, etc.?  Are you still not sleeping well at night because you know something is “so wrong” but the scope of the problem is just getting larger each day?

Remember when we spoke about giving up every last penny of our wealth to get rid of the bloodsucking elites that are killing our childrens’ futures?

After reading this commentary, you will have the concise MATH, (there’s that word again), and course of the nation that  explains why you feel like a hamster on crack, and can’t sleep at night.  The numbers do not lie.

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Take a little trip and visit the Monster. While you are there, drop a dollar in the piggy bank to show appreciation for all of the research that they do.  When you have finished the article that tells you just how much debt the Feds have really piled up, take a look at the research piece on the top menu titled “The Pilgrim Society

You need to know who is really running America and the world. I first read the article on the Pilgrim Society last year, when it came out in installments.  Bookmark the site because you are not likely to get through the entire piece in one sitting.

This is Amusing, yet disturing – Bearack Obearma – waiting for Handouts

Tammy Bruce has a post with an amusing twist on what we have witnessed over decades which is people wanting handouts. The Democrats are viewed as the people who provide the handouts. The Republicans are seen as the nasty, evil elite who want to take the free housing, free food, free childcare, free food for the children. Free food for kids in school, by the way, double dips into the free food program in that the parents already get free food from the Feds.  It is a duplicity in the program, costing billions. Food Stamps, now known as ‘Snap’ had a name change because “Food Stamps” carried a negative connotation.  Yeah, change the name, not the program, and sail right on though with making Americans dependent upon the Federal Government. I say rename ‘Snap/Food Stamps’ to “LOSER MOOCHER Program for Failed HUMANS”.  If you do not have a problem taking handouts forever, you should care less about what it is called.

There are certainly times when people need help. The community should step up and help its own. THAT is America.  As I have said, we do charity work in many forms all year long. You should also. It is the American way.

The Feds went so far as to initiated an outreach program telling college kids that they could get food stamps, saying that this free food was there and they deserved to get the free food and that the Democrats are going to make sure they got what they are ‘entitled’ to.

Once you show up, you sign in on a computer, answer a few questions and then they tell you if you qualify. It’s pretty simple.

Massachusetts has several state-wide nonprofits that specifically help college students get food stamps. The Web site details the caveats associated with eligibility:

What does this mean when college kids are on Food Stamps, using you and me for their steak and burgers, instead of depending upon themselves to provide for their needs?  It means that we are incubating an entire generation of ‘ME’ people, give ME something, give ME food without ‘ME’ having to work to take care of myself.  Those same “ME” kids will breed and make more ‘ME’ kids.  See where we are going with this?  The social service programs run by the Feds are a multi-trillion dollar drain on America.  Would you not think that it would be better to raise children to be self-reliant or to think that the Feds will provide?

I am not bitter that at age 18 I left home.  I thought that that is what all kids who are 18 do.  I left home and had some sobering experience regarding money, housing and the purchase of ‘things’ over necessities.  Yeah, go me.  I survived and everyone else I know that left at age 18 survived also.

The Democrats are raising socially dependent children, raising YOUR children to be forever dependent upon the federal government for survival, for basic needs and developing a culture that will make them beholding to the Democrats for that handout.

Excuse me? We have wimps for parents when they harbor these adult children/moochers in their house for going on 30 plus years? The ‘kids’ never move out unless it is convenient, then we have the Feds telling college kids to get free food from the Feds, on your and my dime and now we have the Feds saying that these worthless spawns will get free health care until they are 26 (then they have to get off the parent’s health care  teat and get free health care from the Feds).

AYFKM?  When you reach the age of 18 you are an adult and your one responsibility is to yourself and to GET OUT of Mom and Dad’s HOUSE. If you cannot spread your wings by 18 and fly alone, you are a failed human being. Deal with it.  For cripes sake, even beaver clans have something over these lazy children and over indulgent parents.  When a beaver kit or pup reaches the age of two, it must leave the nest and make it on its own.  If it refuses to leave, the beaver parents kill it. (That is the part that the link left out).  Leave it to Beaver to get it right. “You are raised, now GIT!”

All parents must stop creating and contributing to the segment of society that feeds off the rest of us. Kick them out, let them learn to survive on their own and never encourage them to go ‘apply’ for some State or Federal handout. Teach them to stand on their own. By age eighteen, your adult children should get out.  If after 18 years of parenting, if your spawn cannot flap a wing and fly to their own nest, then you have FAILED as a parent unless you have a special needs child.

Tammy Bruces article:

The Shocking Story of Bearack Obearma

by Tammy on June 8, 2010 · 9 comments

Everybody should heed the warning to not feed wildlife because they become dependent and cannot forage for themselves anymore. This is such a tragedy to see what they have done to our country’s beautiful animals! The photo below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect US wildlife.

Animals that were formerly self-sufficient are now showing signs of belonging to the Democrat Party, as they have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance. This photo is just one example of a Democrat bear in Montana who actually changed his name to honor his hero: Bearack Obearma

The Tea Party as a Third Party – What the National Tea Party Says

TPP Statement on Tea Party Political Party

Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

There is much talk of the formation of a third political party based on the tea party movement.   Additionally, in several states, including Michigan, unscrupulous individuals have formed third parties utilizing the tea party name in an attempt to play dirty politics and trick unsuspecting voters into voting for candidates who are being put on the ballot simply to split the vote.

Tea Party Patriots is issuing this statement in order to make it clear that we are not associated with any attempts to form a third party.  Additionally, we believe that such efforts, even those that might be well intentioned, are unproductive and unwise at this time.  The history of third party movements in this country is one of division and defeat.  We believe that it is instead time for all Americans to rise up and demand appropriate reform within their own existing parties.  The mechanisms exist for citizens to participate in their parties, and to drive their parties in the right direction.

The Tea Party Patriots encourage all citizens to get involved in the party process, and to reshape their parties into something in which they may once again believe.  This country does not belong to any one party, nor does it belong to the career politicians. And it certainly doesn’t belong to people who would like to trick you into voting for “tea party” candidates so you will waste your vote.  This country belongs to the citizens.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “We have given you a republic madam, if you can keep it.”  The founders knew that it would be our sacred obligation as citizens to get involved, and to work hard to hold on to this great nation.  We have much work to do, and future generations will look back in judgment.  We hope you will join us in preserving the republic.

You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the

causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us!

Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,
Debbie Dooley, Mike Gaske, Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, Sally Oljar, Diana Reimer, Rob Gaudet and Dawn Wildman

Jenny Beth Martin (jennybethm@gmail.com, 770-878-1550)
Dawn Wildman (dmwtpp11@yahoo.com)
Mark Meckler (mark.grassroots@gmail.com)

Tea Party Patriots, Inc. is a social welfare organization organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Tea Party Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.

I found the note shown below amusing. I am guessing that a Patriot has had enough of a neighborhood punk that is messing with people’s property. I wonder if the jerk who broke into the car has re-visited that house and read the note?

Dear Jackass, Stop Messing With our Stuff

The handwritten sign taped to the window reads:

Dear long bearded jackass that lives two houses away,

If you break into our cars again,

We will jack your ass up.


Mrs. Smith

and Mrs. Wesson