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Thank you to all of our Troops – Memorial Day

I do a lot of volunteer work throughout the year, every year, and some of that involves assisting troops. I ask that everyone do something, not just on the days designated to honoring our troops, I ask that you in some way give back,  an hour or a dollar and help our troops and veterans throughout the year. Locate a charity that serves the military, find a military family in your area and see if they would like some help. Mow the lawn, clean their gutters, buy a week’s grocery and say , Thank You’.  I am especially fond of Therapeutic Horse Riding programs run by NARHA. Find a program in your area, donate your time and money and help them build a program , “Horses for Heroes”.

Do something.

Our troops and Vets are doing and have done something for you every single day of their service.

I say Thank You to you to all of the women and men who have served and are currently serving.  Thank you so very much.

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