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Exact List of who Voted YES for the Healthcare Bill by State, Who voted for Socilized Medicine.

Okay folks, time to check your State and vote out each and every representative that voted YES to one of the most damaging pieces of legislation to ever pass through The House of Representatives.  The fight is not over.  We have witnessed an administration that could care less about the people. We are seeing just how Congress operates, ignoring the will of their constituents and voting according to party lines, voting and passing legislation by hook and crook, paying off congress members for votes and cutting backroom deals.  55% of the citizens in the USA did NOT want this healthcare legislation passed yet the Democratic Party, which has been takeover by ‘Progressive Liberal’ (aka Socialists) have rammed this legislation through, not because it will benefit America, but because it benefits their agenda for a larger Federal government and eventual control of all the people. Their goal is to destroy capitalism and to replace it with a fascist society and they are well on their way with the federal government in the banking business, owning auto manufacturing and slipping in the takeover of education into this healthcare legislation.

We have no time to waste.  Look at your State from the link above and see who voted yes and then VOTE them OUT.

For the Indiana folks, Visclosky, Peter voted YES along with Donnelly, Joseph Simon, Carson, Andre D., Ellsworth, John Bradley, Hill, Baron P..

Now it is time to work for a candidate that will win in the primary and then take it to them in November.  Get involved.  Look at who votes YES in your area and join a campaign to throw them out. Volunteer for a candidate that will replace these dogs. I am doing just that for Rob Pastore who will replace Pete Visclosky in Indiana District 1.

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One Response to “Exact List of who Voted YES for the Healthcare Bill by State, Who voted for Socilized Medicine.”

  1. David says:

    C’MON ALL THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS OUT THERE, LET’Z TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY! I want everybody to go to your local Board of elections & registration and find out who is going to be on the ballot and then do your research on how they voted,PLUS,pass this message along everytime you can,share this message. BE INFORMED IN NOVEMBER, WE CANNOT RISK LOSING THIS, THIS IS AMERICA!!