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Indiana Attorney General to Join Lawsuit against Obamacare health care reform

Alright, go Greg Zoeller.  Indiana decided to join 13 other states (possibly more to come) in a lawsuit against the federal government challenging the national healthcare reform law. It’s cheaper by the dozen so this means that the cost to the State to pursue this suit will be split between the 13 others. Whatever money does get spent you can blame Pete Visclosky. He is the one who brought this monster to our doorstep. I doubt that any legal fees between 14 states will come close to the $11 million Pete Visclosky took from Indiana, right out of the gate for just one line item in the massive 3000 page healthcare law.

The time is now to remove these non-representatives. Help elect Rob Pastore in the May 4th primary.

What most people do not realize is that the Founding Fathers NEVER intended for the federal government to grow to have the powers it currently has given itself. The states were to have the power and the feds were to be a sidebar deal with little to no impact on what happens to the citizens of any state.

The federal government is mandating you to buy health insurance or else you will be fined . How’s the Hopey Changey thingie working for you now? Those 16, 500 additional IRS agents will be sure to pick your pocket in a nanosecond  What’s next? Use your imagination, the Feds are.

INDIANAPOLIS | Indiana will join a multistate lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the recently approved national health reform law.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller said Monday the state will sign on to a court case filed last week by 13 other states that claims Congress exceed its authority by creating an individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

“This is an insurance product that everybody, as a condition of being a citizen of the United States, will be required to purchase under the threat of penalties,” Zoeller said. “This is the first time the federal government has required people to purchase a commercial good.”

The Republican attorney general said it’s in the best interests of all Americans that the Supreme Court determine whether Congress has the power to impose such a mandate.

“This is such a large program that’s almost unprecedented that everyone’s going to need to know the answer whether this is constitutional or not,” Zoeller said.

With Zoeller now on board, 13 of the 14 state attorneys general suing to stop health care reform are Republicans. The new law was a legislative priority for President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and won congressional approval without a single Republican vote.

Zoeller said that while he believes the law was enacted through a fiercely political process, his motivation for acting has nothing to do with politics.

“I’ll stand by the proposition that when the sovereignty of our state government is in question, I think it’s really a responsibility to raise the challenge,” Zoeller said.

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said last week he encouraged Zoeller to join the lawsuit. The attorney general’s office also received some 7,000 e-mail messages, 100 phone calls and more than a dozen letters supporting a court challenge.

By joining with other states in the lawsuit, Indiana will be able to save money compared to the cost of filing its own challenge to the health reform law, Zoeller said.

He wouldn’t estimate how much Indiana might spend on the case, but said “I doubt you’ll see a large figure at the end of this.”

The health reform lawsuit was filed in federal court in Pensacola, Fla., seven minutes after Obama signed health reform into law. The lawsuit will be amended soon to include Indiana and its claims, Zoeller said.

A Letter to the People, Lake County Indiana, Corruption, Pay-to-Play, Pete Visclosky

Below is a letter written by Christopher Mullins which addresses the corrupt state of Lake County, Indiana.  Please link, copy, paste, send to friends, enemies or whatever.  We have very little time to get honest representatives elected in the May primary.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Christopher Mullins, and I have been active in conservative and pro-taxpayer causes, off and on, since 2000. Over the past ten years, I grew to admire the resiliency of the American public, their ability to stand up for what is right, to never countenance hatred against family values and our cultural heritage, and to glower over those politicians who hold little or no regard for ethical conduct.

I must then appeal to you, as a citizen who is greatly concerned with the direction our beloved country is going, to your belief in holding politicians liable for their machinations and their specious belief systems. As such, I must request you please take a deeper look at the unprecedented corruption, as well as the unsung political reform movement currently taking place here in Lake County, Indiana.

Much can be said of the staggering levels of corruption and graft, which has turned Lake County into a verifiable ‘Tammany Hall’ style syndicate, consequently enabling 80 years of Democratic rule in Indiana’s First Congressional District. For even the late Attorney General Robert Kennedy had remarked that Lake County was one of the nation’s most corrupt counties. U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-Merrillville), 26-year incumbent for Indiana-District 1, has the reprehensible distinction of being named one of the 15 most corrupt Congressmen, by the independent watchdog firm Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington (CREW). For example, Rep. Visclosky’s ties to the troubled, now-defunct lobbying firm PMA Group run deep, having secured more than $23 million in earmarks for PMA Group clients in 2008 (with $117 million total in earmarks for 67 projects), and another $10 million in 2009. Moreover, Visclosky has given other lobbying firms, such as K&L Gates, a similar “swift path to earmarks”. Given all of this, I weep for the people of Northwest Indiana; for Rep. Visclosky has only directed 3% of his earmarks to local businesses and nonprofit entities, depriving his own constituents of sorely needed financial resources.

Municipal governments in the region have also been subjected to such incredible graft. Robert Pastrick, the former mayor of East Chicago for 33 years, along with six shell corporations and two of his allies, was ordered to repay the city $108 million in their 1999 “sidewalks for votes” scheme. In rendering this verdict, District Judge James Moody declared Pastrick-run East Chicago a “corrupt enterprise”, which was the first time any federal judge has used such terminology to describe a city government. Furthermore, Pastrick’s successor, George Pabey, was indicted last month on embezzling city funds for remodeling one of his residences. Last but not least, 38 of 53 officials in East Chicago had been convicted of vote fraud in the 2003 mayoral Primary. Unfortunately, similar occurrences of gross corruption have also occurred in Hammond, Gary and Merrillville.

But what is not usually known, is the extent to which such large-scale corruption had permeated into the Lake County Republican Party. The Lake County Democratic Central Committee (LCDCC) had conducted a progressively ruinous campaign to ensure political control of the region, by paying off a handful of Republican officials, and/or respective relatives and business associates. The LCDCC seemed to conduct these efforts simply to sabotage honest, genuinely conservative Republican candidates. In other words, this small yet highly influential (i.e., LCDCC-connected) cadre of Republicans would routinely favor “patsy” candidates in a given Primary election, so that the Democrats could cruise to easy victories in the General election. A pointed example of this is former East Chicago Republican chair Bob Cantrell, who was sentenced to 78 months of jail in 2008, for 11 counts of ‘defrauding the public of honest services while working for a public entity’, “insurance fraud using the U.S. Mail”, and filing false tax returns. Cantrell has long been noted as a Democratic plant, claiming ties to the GOP while pulling the rug out from under honest Republican candidates in their Primary elections. What is unfortunate, though, is that strains of this puppetry still rear their ugly head in 2010, with multiple “planted” candidates (i.e., those that have not made any effort of campaigning, who cannot articulate their platform) trying to siphon votes off of candidates of honorable repute.

In general, things are rapidly changing for the better, however, as the extent of the corruption in Lake County has reached critical mass. Over the past twenty years, a highly spirited group of reformers have worked diligently to clean up the corruptors and infiltrators that had turned the Lake County GOP into a token opposition. St. John GOP Chairman Joe Hero and Hammond GOP Chairman Rob Pastore have spent their entire public lives working to make local Primary elections free and fair, without the pernicious tentacles of the corrupt LCDCC getting in the way. Highland GOP Chairman Mario Martini and former Highland Chairman Cy Huerter also strived to support and mentor honest, genuinely conservative candidates, in spite of apparent risks to their reputations. And former U.S. Attorney Joseph VanBokkelen strove to pursue corrupt politicians in every nook and cranny of the region, conducting unprecedented investigations and prosecuting several landmark corruption cases.

Citizens should be able to seek redress from their representatives, without “pay for play”. Yet this is how “politics as usual” has always been in Lake County. I have written several Letters to the Editor and Guest Commentaries, as well as a few dossiers chronicling ethics violations and general corruption, and I try to keep up the faith that things might change here. Though I know that more and more work needs to be done, in order to get the public to realize that graft and avarice from their elected officials is not acceptable, it is becoming more difficult by the day.

Please, I beg of you; there are several pro-reform, pro-taxpayer, genuinely conservative candidates running for local offices in 2010, who desperately need your moral and financial support. In my best estimate, these fine folks have allied themselves with all that is ethical and just, and have never been associated with “pay for play” and other such nefarious schemes. Rob Pastore is an example of such a candidate, in that while he has never run for political office, he has served the people of Hammond and Northwest Indiana without resorting to corrupt practices and ethical lapses. Yet in spite of the lack of mainstream media coverage, Pastore’s (and others like them) consistent message of eliminating the “politics as usual” is starting to gain traction with hard-working people all across Northwest Indiana. For it is this new breed of Republicans, both having an unmitigated commitment to fiscal and social conservatism, and lacking the devilish taint of corruption that had served to poison their efforts here in the past, which will help turn this long-suffering region around.

Thank you for reading this letter, and may God bless you and your families. These candidates, such as Rob Pastore and Cy Huerter, need your support: If you have anything to give, please open your hearts and contribute all that you are able. The time is now; for if we cannot manage to elect such honest, fundamentally good people in the Primary on May 4th, and subsequently in the General election, we may not have another opportunity to shatter the circle of corruption here for another 20-30 years.


Christopher Mullins

Some Informative Contacts:

Northwest Indiana Patriots (Local Tea Party Group) – http://www.nwipatriots.com

CREW articles on Rep. Visclosky: http://www.citizensforethics.org/node/39810


Rob Pastore, Candidate for District 1-IN, U.S. House: http://www.robpastore4congress.com

Cy Huerter, Candidate for State House District 11: http://www.citizens4cy.com

Pete Visclosky Costs the People of Indiana $400 Million Dollars by Voting YES to Obamacare.

For all that voted YES This Ones For You

Pete Visclosky removed $25 million dollars from the State’s budget right out of the gate with the new Obamacare law and this is just the first of many costs and losses of revenue (which translates into higher taxes) associated with this disastrous, unconstitutional law.  The money Pete is taking from the State of Indiana will grow in one decade to $400 million dollars. When asked if the healthcare reform bill was constitutional he said that he thought it was and that his wife is a lawyer.  What Mrs. Pete does for a living has no bearing here, but he thought it led credence to his voting in favor of this socialist takeover of 1/6th of our national economy.    He said that if we do not think it is constitutional we always have redress.  That right there folks is Pete Visclosky giving Indiana the finger, doing what he wants to do for his political career and saying, “So sue me.”.

In all of Pete’s January town halls he claimed that Indiana needed this legislation and that it would be very good for us.  When asked about the cost he said it was paid for. When it was pointed out the over $250 billion dollar cost for The Doctor Fix was not reflected in the bill he moved right along, never addressing the fact that this legislation would cost America over a trillion dollars. They fudged the numbers, left out The Doctor cost and made sure to sell it as being under a trillion.  This was before anyone knew that the federal government was also including the takeover of education in the form of Pell Grants and student loans. That gem was slipped in at the last minute. Who knew? The money they make from that takeover helps to offset the cost of this program.  Another jewel which he failed to mention is that the Medicaid prescription drug rebates, which Indiana fought hard for as revenue for the State’s programs will now be the property of the federal government. Indiana haveth, Pete Visclosky and the Feds taketh.

And if you as a citizen do not pay up for a health insurance policy, Pete has agreed to the hiring of an additional 16,000 IRS agents who will make sure the feds get their pound of flesh.  Thanks Pete.

Pete never uttered a peep when there was an issue with the abortion language.  He was voting YES regardless of what was in the bill, and no one knew what was in the bill.

Remember Obama and all of the Dems, including Pete Visclosky, saying that one thing that would happen immediately is that children with pre-existing conditions will get healthcare?  THAT LANGUAGE WAS NOT EVEN IN THE BILL.  They had to go back, after the bill was signed by Obama and add it in.  How is that for honesty and being true to America?  The only real accomplishment of this bill is that it creates a framework for the federal government taking over every aspect of your life.

You can read the article here:

New drug rules to cost state $25 million in 2011” (Bold and italics below are mine)

INDIANAPOLIS | While the most costly provisions of federal health reform won’t take effect until 2014, state officials determined Indiana’s budget will pay a price starting this summer.That’s because the new health law takes money from prescription drug rebates currently paid to state Medicaid programs and redirects those funds to the federal government.As a result, Indiana will lose $25 million during the 2011 budget year, which begins in July, and as much as $400 million during the next decade, said Anne W. Murphy, secretary of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

Kitchell forwarded Murphy’s letter to lawmakers on the StateBudget Committee, including state Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Ogden Dunes, warning committee members there will more bad budget news to

“There is still a lot of work to do to evaluate the extra costs imposed on Indiana taxpayers, which will eventually be in the billions of dollars,” Kitchell said.

According to Murphy, Indiana has done better than most states in negotiating favorable rebates from drug companies. This has “enabled Indiana to capture rebates well beyond the minimums established by the federal government,” she said.

But now that the federal government will receive the rebates instead of states, Indiana will lose more money than other states, Murphy said.

Thanks Pete Visclosky. You voted YES to this law because you think that the crooks and cronies in Northwest Indiana have the November General Election sewn up in a bag for you. You voted YES to this legislation that is not only damaging immediately to the State of Indiana, but is the gift that keeps on giving.  Indiana will suffer for decades and longer unless we vote you out of office and hire a true representative come November.

The reality is that you harm Northwest Indiana way more than you ever helped. When you repeated over and over during your January town halls that you were in favor of this federal takeover of 1/6th of the economy, when you repeated how great this will be for Indiana, you failed to explain that the only true benefactors will be the Federal Government.  I am sure you will write some political speech to explain away the consequence you thrust upon the people of Indiana and I am sure you are hoping that the people in Indiana District 1 forget about the financial pain you personally inflicted not only on your constituents, the State of Indiana, but the rest of the nation.

We will not forget what you did Pete and we will fight the corruption that put you in office and keeps you in office.  The people are awake now Pete and things will never be the same for you and your ilk.

The $400 million dollar loss in rebate revenues for the State of Indiana is just the tip of the iceberg.  More pain is coming and you can thank Pete Visclosky.  As of the signing of this unconstitutional healthcare ‘reform’ bill, the people of Indiana, according to Pete, do not deserve to retain the State’s savings from the prescription drug rebates, Pete believes the federal government deserves Indiana’s money.

Mind you that come November, Pete Visclosky will trot out a figure representing the amount of earmarks has has pushed through.  He hopes that no one asks him where that money went.  He hopes everyone thinks that money went to Northwest Indiana.  What he does NOT want you to know is that he gets 97% of his campaign donations from outside of the state of Indiana and that his earmarks are divided up between those contributors who are not companies headquartered in NW Indiana. While meandering through our wallets he holds up a happy face sign and claims that he has brought ‘all of this money back to Indiana.  Do not be fooled by his campaign rhetoric, dig down and find the truth. Find out where that money really went.

The majority  of the earmarks he claimed to have brought ‘home’ really never made it to Northwest Indiana, but Pete loves to claim otherwise. He guided millions of dollars of our money to companies out of his district. Sadly, prior to 2007, Congresscritters did not have to sign their name to earmarks. We will never know how many billions of dollars of earmarks were used to secure campaign contributions over a 26 year career in congress. As soon as they showed some light on earmarks back in 2007 they had a Who’s Who of Porking America, and Pete Visclosky was shown as being # 6 out of 435 representatives.  That is some accomplishment and that was back in 2007.  Since being under investigation for Pay to Play, Pete has drastically reduced his earmark requests, plus there is an election coming in November and he once again, will try to cover the truth with spewing out some ‘evidence’ that he is a good guy, serving Northwest Indiana. Yeah, right.

There is no mistake that something was and is dirty in DC with Pete Visclosky being investigated by the Department of Justice. Stroll through Taxpayers for Commonsense and see what is up with your representative

Bring your friends and vote in May for the primary election and vote for Rob Pastore.  He is the person who will be a true and ethical representative for US Congress in Indiana District 1.

Rob Pastore Meet & Greet, Question and Answer, March 27th., Valparaiso, Indiana.

Indiana, on May 4th, will choose a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 1.  This person will be the one to take Pete Visclosky out and to bring true representation to the people in Northwest Indiana.  We must rally on this day and take action.  You are invited to ask Rob Pastore questions and determine if he will be your representative. Visit with him March 27th.

Cross posted from NWIP Meetup site:

“Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” -Ronald Reagan

Hello Patriots,

1st District Candidate Robert (Rob) Pastore: Question & Answer / Meet & Greet Announcement

Congressional Candidate Rob Pastore welcomes the opportunity to meet with constituents to discuss your concerns as patriots. Rob is running in the U.S. House of Representatives, District 01, in the May 4th primary on the Republican ballot and then will face Pete Visclosky in the November general elections.

Leave your index cards at home.

This will be an open forum; allowing the individuals who attend this gathering the opportunity to present their concerns and be part of the discussion. Rob looks forward to this gathering and interaction with constituents on the issues facing the 1st Congressional District and the direction of our country.

Congressional Candidate Rob Pastore website:


Meeting date: Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Time: 1:30pm to +/- 3:00pm
Location: Valparaiso Library
103 Jefferson Street
Valparaiso, Indiana

Map: Here

Parking is available on the street and in gated lots to the West and North of the library building. The library lots are small. Look to park on the street or in a parking lot nearby. Many of the nearby lots have free 2 hour parking.

Be an active participant in our republic and learn about the leaders who will represent you in Washington.

See you there!


Rob Pastore for Congress, Indiana, District 1 released this statement after the House voted in favor of the healthcare legislation.  Visit his website and add your donation to his campaign.  The time is now for a representative of and for the people of Northwest Indiana.


HAMMOND, IN – Congressional candidate and political activist Rob Pastore has released a statement on Pete Visclosky’s votes for the nationalizing of 1/6th of the US economy yesterday, Sunday, May 21, 2010. Mr. Pastore stated,

“Pete Visclosky didn’t listen to the voices of the American people and to the voices of the people of the First Congressional District of Indiana. Mr. Visclosky’s yes votes on the job-killing Obama/Pelosi healthcare bill are the most egregiously irresponsible actions ever taken by the First Congressional District’s US Rep. This bill will not reduce the deficit. It will steal half a trillion dollars from cash-strapped Medicare. Our senior citizens and aging baby-boomers who deserve better, will end up with inferior quality healthcare. They will be denied medical treatments and access to medical care which they have paid into for their entire working lives”

Pastore further stated,

” Pete Visclosky has ignored senior citizens, union workers, the Tea Party, NWI Patriots, and other conservative groups who have protested at his Merrillville office for months. These freedom loving Americans should not be brushed aside. ”

“Pete Visclosky didn’t listen to the union workers who will be taxed on their good health plans to pay for this bill. “.

“This Obamacare bill will force insurance companies to raise rates the same way credit card companies were forced to raise interest rates several months ago. ”

Pastore believes there is a triangle of corruption surrounding Visclosky. “The three sides of the corruption triangle are made up of: 1). Federal earmarks created by Visclosky and paid for by taxpayers; 2).Campaign contributions from the earmark recipient companies; and 3). Federal, mainly defense department and energy contracts for these same companies, most of which are from outside of Indiana. This triangle of corruption has quietly funded Visclosky’s 12 re-election bids. ”

“Pete Voted in January to raise deficit spending by $1.9 trillion. We are never going to experience job growth if more and more taxes will be placed on small businesses and consumers to pay for the out of control spending of this Congress.”

Mr. Pastore concluded, “Pete’s triangle of corruption, his ignoring of the patriotic protesters, his support for deficit spending, and his not listening to union members, senior citizens, baby boomers, and working Hoosiers has made him an ineffective voice for the good people of the First Congressional District. We need sensible healthcare reform that includes tort reform, preserves medicare, protects social security, maintains the high quality of healthcare that our retired workers deserve, and protects union workers who enjoy good health plans that aren’t taxed now. Isn’t it time for a congressman who will listen to the people?”

The Second American Revolution

Get off your couch and do something.

Exact List of who Voted YES for the Healthcare Bill by State, Who voted for Socilized Medicine.

Okay folks, time to check your State and vote out each and every representative that voted YES to one of the most damaging pieces of legislation to ever pass through The House of Representatives.  The fight is not over.  We have witnessed an administration that could care less about the people. We are seeing just how Congress operates, ignoring the will of their constituents and voting according to party lines, voting and passing legislation by hook and crook, paying off congress members for votes and cutting backroom deals.  55% of the citizens in the USA did NOT want this healthcare legislation passed yet the Democratic Party, which has been takeover by ‘Progressive Liberal’ (aka Socialists) have rammed this legislation through, not because it will benefit America, but because it benefits their agenda for a larger Federal government and eventual control of all the people. Their goal is to destroy capitalism and to replace it with a fascist society and they are well on their way with the federal government in the banking business, owning auto manufacturing and slipping in the takeover of education into this healthcare legislation.

We have no time to waste.  Look at your State from the link above and see who voted yes and then VOTE them OUT.

For the Indiana folks, Visclosky, Peter voted YES along with Donnelly, Joseph Simon, Carson, Andre D., Ellsworth, John Bradley, Hill, Baron P..

Now it is time to work for a candidate that will win in the primary and then take it to them in November.  Get involved.  Look at who votes YES in your area and join a campaign to throw them out. Volunteer for a candidate that will replace these dogs. I am doing just that for Rob Pastore who will replace Pete Visclosky in Indiana District 1.

Hello Indiana Republican Party. What About Visclosky? Murray Clark, do you know who and what Pete Visclosky is?

I received an email from the Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party in which he lists people to call regarding this socialist takeover of health-care. Actually, Murray Clark did not call the representatives socialists, I do, and they are. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, yet am on their email lists, so this is why I received this note from Murray Clark. If push comes to shove I would have to register as an Independent.

Murray says that we have to go after Rep. Brad Ellsworth, Rep. Baron Hill and Rep. Joe Donnelly.

Why did Murray Clark purposely leave out Rep. Pete Visclosky?   Murray, if you read this, what’s up?  Are you in bed with Pete and have left him off your list so as to not impugn your Republican relationship with a corrupt Democrat?  Do you want Pete to control Northwest Indiana, does he gives the GOP a payback? What’s up Murray?

Northwest Indiana District 01, Pete Visclosky’s territory is topped off with corruption and some of that centers in the Republican Party. (Think East Chicago, Indiana).   Why would Murray Clark leave out Pete Visclosky as a top contender in the list of people to go after  for corruption  and for voting YES on this disastrous Obamacare bill. ( Petey Vosclosky is currently under investigation for Pay to Play, it’s a big deal, currently under investigation by the FEDERAL Judiciary.  Pete Visclosky has risen to the top of corrupt investigations. You cannot go any higher than the Federal Judiciary. If Pete Visclosky got to that level of investigation, it is not because he pinched a piece of gum from Sally’s Corner Store.)

So hello Murray Clark, why do you leave out Pete Visclosky in your push to Action against Democrats that do not have America’s best interest in mind.  Does he scare you, is there a deal in northwest Indiana between the Republicans and the Democrats that says Republicans will leave Pete Visclosky alone, as long as  Pete cuts the deals that benefit you.

Here is a reminder, deals cut between political parties never benefit the people.

Why did Murray Clark leave out Visclosky?  Is there a hug fest between the republican dudes and Pete Visclosky?  Pete Visclosky has voted YES to the federal government takeover of 1/6 of our economy.  That 1/6th combined with other federal takeovers represent a huge federal control over our lives.  The Constitution says, in it’s most basic terms, that the Federal government has no power outside of what We The People give it.

What is Murray Clark saying when he purposely removes Pete Visclosky from his target list?  Are the republicans in Indiana helping the Dems, such as Pete, Visclosky, because it suits their purpose?

It is very troubling, as Indiana stands to suffer tremendously under Obamacare, that the leader of the Indiana Republican Party, Murray Clark,  blatantly refuses to go after Pete Visclosky.  It rings of collusion.  Collusion is of no benefit to any person outside of the group that stands to benefit from secretly siding with another group. Hello Murray? Northwest Indiana is suffering under the Pete Visclosky rule, Pete  Visclosky is up there with the most corrupt politicians, up there with funky earmarks in a pay to play and you , Murray Clark, LEAVE HIM OUT on your list ?  What is really going on Murray?  We The People are awake now, Murray, the people are watching.

Here is Murray Clark’s email: ( I am pretty sure he had a minion write this for him.)

Friends and Fellow Republicans,

There has been a lot of talk this week about
Washington Democrats passing the Senate’s healthcare reform bill
WITHOUT an actual vote in the House. The obscure procedure they would
use to accomplish this is known as “deem-and-pass” or the Slaughter
Solution. Because it is a complicated, confusing and possibly
unconstitutional legislative maneuver, I wanted to make sure you
understood just what exactly is going on.

1. The House must pass the Senate bill before the Senate can use Reconciliation.
Reconciliation, another tactic being discussed frequently, allows the
Senate to make changes to existing law without the threat of a
filibuster. But there has to be a law first, so the House must pass the
Senate bill before the Senate can act.

2. “Deem-and-pass” is exactly what
it sounds like: The House Rules Committee will “deem” the Senate bill
to have passed without actually taking a vote for its passage.

This would completely circumvent the normal procedures and the intent
of the Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution. Democrats
know their bill is unpopular and want to protect people like Brad
Ellsworth and Baron Hill from having to vote for it again.

3. There will still be a vote on Sunday.
What we don’t know at this point is whether there will be an up-or-down
vote on the Senate bill, or if the House will vote on the Senate’s
Reconciliation language. Senate Democrats have provided House Democrats
with Reconciliation language to help speed up the process, and we
expect the House will at least vote on that language this weekend.

4. Even if the House passes
Reconciliation language, the Senate isn’t bound to use that
language-and we’re still stuck with healthcare reform law.

Remember: the Senate passed an entirely different healthcare bill than
the House.  That’s a huge leap of faith for House Democrats to take
because as soon as they pass the Senate bill, by any means, the bill
will become law. If the Senate doesn’t make the fixes they promised to
make, we’ll be stuck with a worse law.

5. There is a lot of uncertainty about what
“deem-and-pass” actually means. There is also a lot of uncertainty
about whether or not the Senate will pass the same Reconciliation
language that the House passes (remember: they passed an entirely
different healthcare bill!). The only thing we know for
certain is that if Democrats use “deem-and-pass” method this weekend,
the healthcare reform bill WILL become law.

I hope this helps clears up the underhanded tactics Democrats are using to force an unpopular bill onto an unwilling public. Democrats like Reps. Brad Ellsworth, Baron Hill and Joe Donnelly continue to remain silent on the issue
and even voted against requiring an up-or-down vote on the Senate bill
yesterday. By casting those votes, they voted in favor of letting
Democrat leaders continue their path to pass a bill without taking a
vote on it. Below, you’ll find their contact information. I hope you’ll
forward it on and urge everyone you know to ask them to vote against this bill.

Murray Clark
Indiana Republican Party

Rep. Brad Ellsworth

Rep. Baron Hill

Rep. Joe Donnelly

(He lists their contact numbers which is a moot point for this article)


No One has Read or Seen the Healthcare Reform Bill Yet, But Pete Visclosky says he is voting YES.

Do not let Pete fool you if he says he is ‘undecided’ regarding how he will vote on the proposed Healthcare Reform bill.  All throughout January in each of his town halls he began by saying he is in favor of the healthcare reform bill. He has not  replied to any correspondence nor been reported saying that he would vote NO on Obamacare.

Not one person, as I write this, knows what is in the bill and even Obama, as of last night said that he doesn’t know what is in it.  Yet, Pete Visclosky and his Democrat clan are voting YES?

Pete Visclosky voted with his party 97.5%.  His job must be pretty easy, just vote whichever way Nancy Pelosi tells him to vote, regardless of what his constituents in Indiana District 01 desire of their representative.

Pete Visclosky has played a major role in growing the federal government and reducing the liberties of Americans, creating the welfare state.  Pete was asked if he thought the healthcare takeover was constitutional and he said that he ‘thought’ it is, and mentioned that his wife is a lawyer.  What his wife has to do with it I don’t know.  As far as I know, she lives in California with their children and Pete just stops in to visit Indiana so as to keep his residency, but what do I know.  He gets 97% of his campaign donations from out of State, so he might as well not live herehardly anyone supports his campaigns.

Pete basically said that the people always have ‘redress’ as an option if we don’t like the Obamacare bill.   In basic language, he is saying, “I don’t care if it is constitutional, I am going to vote for it and if you don’t like it, sue me (the Federal government).”

Isn’t that nice?  When we hired him to represent us he swore on a bible to uphold the constitution and now he says that he really doesn’t care if any bill is constitutional, he is going to vote according to what suits his political career. That is really not a news flash to anyone who has paid attention for a nano-second as to what Pete does in DC.

Do you really want a man like that in office?  Come May 4th, vote for Rob Pastore and you will see a difference for Indiana District 01.  Step up to the plate and make a difference. Contact his website and volunteer.

If you think that Pete Visclosky is undecided regarding a government takeover of 1/6th of our economy, read this letter received yesterday:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding healthcare legislation.  I appreciate hearing from you.

On November 7, 2009, I supported and the House approved its version of healthcare legislation, H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, by a vote of 220 to 215.  I supported H.R. 3962 for a number of reasons, primarily because I believe that it will make our healthcare system better.  There is a cost of doing nothing to reform healthcare, and while the bill may not be perfect, it will improve our current situation.  Given the complexity of the situation and the magnitude of the healthcare problems that we face, I believe H.R. 3962 is a good bill that will help the citizens of Northwest Indiana.

For too long, our healthcare system has allowed millions of Americans to go uninsured, tolerated egregious and abusive business practices by big insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and ignored skyrocketing costs.  It has diminished our nation’s collective health and drained our economy.  H.R. 3962 represents a significant effort to address the iniquities of our current healthcare system.

Specifically, H.R. 3962 strengthens the healthcare market for all Americans.  For those with insurance, the measure would establish benefits to be included in all health insurance options, including preventative care, mental health services, and dental and vision services for children.  Additionally, the measure would establish annual and lifetime out-of-pocket spending caps to ensure that no family faces bankruptcy due to medical expenses.  Further, H.R. 3962 would eliminate the decades-long exemption of health insurance companies from federal               anti-trust laws, enabling the regulation of abusive business practices.

For those without insurance, H.R. 3962 would establish a public health insurance option to compete with – not replace – private insurance plans.  The public health insurance option would aim to provide more Americans with healthcare coverage and would be financed through its premiums.  The measure would allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate physician and hospital rates for the public option and would prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition.

Importantly, the measure would repeal the prohibition on negotiating with pharmaceutical companies and would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate the prices of prescription medications for Medicare beneficiaries.  It is my sincere hope that these negotiations will ameliorate the high out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications faced by our seniors.  Additionally, H.R. 3962 would provide savings to the Medicare programs by improving payment accuracy to Medicare Advantage.

With regard to businesses, I believe that under our current system, employers that   provide health insurance for their employees are faced with an unfair disadvantage because           they are forced to subsidize the costs for employers who do not provide care.  I am pleased that           H.R. 3962 would establish a Health Insurance Exchange where businesses will benefit from large group rates and a greater choice of insurance options for their employees.  I believe that the Health Insurance Exchange will equalize costs to employers and ensure that small businesses remain America’s economic engine.  Further, the measure would provide tax credits to eligible small businesses for assistance with the costs of providing health insurance to their employees.

Finally, H.R. 3962 is not only fully paid for, but according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office it would reduce the deficit by $104 billion over the next ten years and would continue to reduce the deficit in the following decade.

While both the House and Senate have passed comprehensive healthcare legislation, there continues to be a broad ranging debate, both within Congress and across the United States, regarding the approach to finalize this legislation into law.  As this process continues, I will continue to work to ensure that the final version of this legislation is paid for, allows healthcare coverage choices for all Americans, and provides fair compensation for all healthcare providers.

Thank you again for contacting me.  Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Peter J. Visclosky
Member of Congress

The Census Form. What Do I Legally Have to Answer?

Michael Badnarik, the Step-Father to the constitution, discusses the Census Form and we are on the same page.  The only answer coming from this address is to the question of “How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?”

Michael says:

My census form arrived today in an envelope emblazoned with a bold warning: YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW I seriously doubt that it is. Article I, Section 2, clause 3 states, “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” The federal census is mandated by the Constitution so the number of House representatives and direct taxes for each state can be mathematically calculated. There is no Constitutional requirement for people to respond to the census questionnaire. If there are statutes that mandate a response, I would argue that free and independent people cannot be compelled to participate against their will – especially when the government making those demands is egregiously guilty of violating their Constitutional restrictions.

One of the things I noticed about my census form was a light blue box in the top of the left column. The box includes several short paragraphs of instruction, and the first census question. How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010? The answer box instructs you to enter the “number of people”. All of the other questions are outside this blue area. I suspect that this is somehow connected to the fact that this is the only question the government is allowed to ask in order to fulfill its Constitutional mandate.

The second question is downright insulting. Were there any additional people staying here April 1, 2010 that you did not include in Question 1. Is it just me, or is our government accusing us of lying, or being stupid, or both? The remaining questions appear to be rather innocuous, asking for phone number, name, age, and ethnic origins. These questions are so simple that even a caveman could fill it out. (Do I apologize to Geico or cavemen?) Many people will undoubtedly argue, “I have nothing to hide, so why shouldn’t I provide these answers” The question remains – why does the government feel it needs this information? I’ve learned to be very suspicious of anything the government does to “help me”, so I plan to answer only Question 1.

However, the best reason I can think of for limiting your response to the number of people living with you is to demonstrate our willingness to resist our government’s abuse of power. Very few people are willing to take up arms against the government at this time (although that number is certainly growing). Only a few more are willing to tear up their IRS 1040 form without sending it in, and the number of demonstrators at protest rallies is still an insignificant percentage of the population. But this! This is a form of protest that almost everyone can (and should) participate in. This is peaceful, passive resistance in it’s purest form – not to mention that it caters to our tendency to procrastinate. Keeping in mind that except for one notable exception, none of our members of Congress truly represent us anymore anyway, so there really isn’t much justification for wasting the time to fill out this population survey.

If you’re still not disgusted enough to join this protest on principle, perhaps the instructions on the back page will push you over the edge. The government offers a toll-free number “If you need help completing this form”. I got your form! Right here!

You can read the article here.  His site, Constitution Preservation, lists the constitution classes he will be conducting throughout America.  His class is also on DVD if you cannot attend in person and can be purchased on his site.