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Secret Service Investigating Obama Effigy – Where were they when Sarah Palin was hanged?

Oh wait, the hanging of Sarah Palin in effigy was committed by two gay males.  Of course that was no big deal, gay males are known to hate women, right?.  So it was of no huge importance when gay men attack women. It was no big deal when gay men hung a woman, Sarah Palin, from a noose.  It just guys being guys.

It is really serious though, when men attack men.  Some dude (we know it was a dude, women don’t pull this particular kind of stunt), hung a black doll, placed the name Obama on it’s neck and made reference to Carter.

Yeah, bring out the goon squads. Go after the person who hung a doll in effigy of grand poo-pah Obama.  It is of national concern.

Hmm, and what did the gay men get as punishment for hanging Sarah Palin?  I think it was a bid on Ebay, that is what they got. They placed their hatred of women on Ebay, for profit.  The goon squads did not have a problem when it was a woman being hung. It’s a man’s world after all.

Funny how that works out.  Straight males protecting the gay men, even though they can’t stand gay men.  But, when it comes to women, the straight dudes welcome gay men if the gay guys are harassing and placing women in hanging nooses.

Listen gay guys, either you are for the equality of all, or you are not.   If you are, then you must acknowledge the discrimination and harm done to your sisters.

You cannot have it all guys.  Women are looking and listening, and being the majority of the population, we are watching what you do.  Deal with it.

The article is here.

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