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Patriots across the nation – Help Scott Brown – he can help defeat Obamamcare

Oh My, Texas Darling has posted, after an absence.

She posts here, a reveling article regarding what is happening in Massachusetts, and how the entire nation can help.

Stop ObamaScare, Join the Scott Brown Brigade.

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Martha Coakley is for ObamaScare.

Scott Brown is against ObamaScare.

In 3 weeks, the smart citizens of Massachusetts will elect one of them to the U.S. Senate.

After a 5-month hiatus, I have temporarily re-activated the blog for one reason: to be part of the nationwide grassroots revolution to elect Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate on Jan. 19. His win would end the 60-seat fillibuster-proof majority currently being abused by Democrats. His vote could kill ObamaScare.

Love this ad:

He’s right, you know. My Democratic party used to stand for responsible government. Why do you suppose nearly one-third of registered voters are now Independent?

Martha big-d Coakley acts as if she’s a shoo-in, but don’t count out Mr. Brown. If there’s one crucial  political lesson from 2009, it’s that Democrats should fear the beast they have awakened. The people are fighting back.

No matter where you live, you can be part of this historic movement. Get involved, and take back your Congress.

Meet Lt. Col. Scott Brown, Republican:

The Scott Brown Money Bomb is here.

Join Scott’s network as a phone volunteer, from any state, here.

Check out Scott’s YT channel here

Scott Brown could be the first Republican Senator from Massachusetts in nearly 40 years. He could stop ObamaScare. Think about that.

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