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Obama Appoints a Transgender to Commerce Department – Psst – The is no such thing as a ’sex’ change

This is troubling for all of America.

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

First off a person born male will be male all of his life.  No amount of surgery or pills will ever make them female.  We have the psychiatric industry to thank for this MTF, Transgender, gender identity problem. Persons who claim GID (Gender Identity Disorder) are people who say things like, “I was born in the wrong body”, “Even as a little boy, I always felt like a girl”.  It is all in their head and they have a mental illness. Their mental illness is so severe that they desire to maim and butcher their healthy bodies in order to resemble their targeted gender identity.

It is biologically impossible to create a female from a male.  This ’sex change’ jargon is impossible.  Males will forever be male.  Turning your penis into a cavity, surgically pinning the tip of your penis up inside of your body, to created a cavity, does not make you female.

The APA, American Psychological Association, has dropped the ball and has promoted this idea that males can become female. There is no scientist on this planet that has agreed.  Claiming that they have made a female out of a male through surgery is a claim that makes one wonder if the APA is sane.  Your DNA does not change if you have liposuction, a face lift or your penis inverted.

When you see the phrase ‘gender identity’ work against any issue they may have brought to legislation.  Transgendered persons need help, serious mental help and allowing them to claim a different sex is not good for them or America.

Already we have ‘gender identity’ laws where a male can walk into a female only space as long as he simply claims to ‘be a woman’.  He just has to mouth the words. That is gender identity at work.  Gender identity says that males can come into your little girls changing rooms at the pool, because they have a law that says that their gender identity of being a woman makes them a woman. All these males have to do, even while sporting their completed male genitalia, is to say, “I am a woman”. That is what this ‘gender identity’ stuff does.

Get real folks.  Transgender is not good news.  We should hold the APA’s feet to the fire and demand that they cease to promote genital mutilations as a remedy or salve to a severe mental illness. The APA should be investigated for their promotion of mutilating surgery on healthy bodies as a treatment for a mental illness.

GID/Transsexualism/Transgender is a mental illness where only the most severe of the mentally ill are offered surgery as a way to help them with their madness.  The only other similar operation performed on the mentally ill is the lobotomy.

Folks, do not ever believe a male can become a female, a woman.  That is a lie.

So, now we have a male, pretending to be a woman, appointed to a position in our government, and he wants many more just like him to be a part of running this country.

Yeah, go Obama.

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2 Responses to “Obama Appoints a Transgender to Commerce Department – Psst – The is no such thing as a ’sex’ change”

  1. Jason says:

    But by this logic, it could be argued that a woman is born with sexual anatomy that dictates she have sexual intercourse with a man, and vice versa. If you accept a inherent, biological reasoning for homosexuality then one can assume that G.I.D. is the same kind of hard wiring in the brain from birth. Also with the APA making this position legal, there is no ground on which to stand in opposition to this person, other than bias. One can’t hope for acceptance and deny that to others. Equal rights for all.

  2. One Nerve Left says:

    No Jason, you argument is that biology is destiny, which means that if you are born female you are destined to , as you say, bear children. Being born female says that you have the potential to bear children. If a female chooses not be have children, or is barren, that does not mean that she is not female. Same with a guy who shoots blanks and cannot reproduce, that does not erase the fact that he is male.

    My position is that you cannot change a person’s DNA, their biology through surgery.

    As far as the APA is concerned, they have a governing board like all associations and are constantly debating what to do with a pathology such as GID. It is not set in stone. Their bible, the DSM,Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, is updated to reflect current lines of thinking. They have advised surgery for the most mentally ill of their GID clients, to see if it helps. They are not stating or saying that a male can be turned into a female via cosmetic surgery.

    There is no evidence of any hard-wiring of biological males from birth that makes the voices in their head tell them they were born in the wrong body. To believe that such a thing exists in males is to promote the social gendering of females. That means that females are nothing more than tits and a vagina, make-up wearing, skirt wearing creatures and if you ‘pass’ as a woman you are then a ‘woman’. It reinforces the gender stereotypes promoted by the patriarchy.

    Go read over on some transgeneder sites and everyone one of them is related to and revolving around males trying to get chemicals that will grow breasts, or paying for breast implants, surgery to shave off their Adams apple, horrendous facial reconstruction surgeries and the woes of trying to find sexy high heels in a size 13.

    All of this points to their wanting to ‘pass’ as a woman and the definition of ‘passing’ is being seen as something they are not.

    So, yes the APA is reconsidering how to handle GID. The APA also has no authority to make any laws or make anything legal.

    There is no science on this planet that will turn a male into a female. If males do not want to be men then they can call themselves whatever they want, except for female or a woman. A woman is an adult female, and these adults males will never be women, whether they ‘pass’ or not.

    Transgenderism is a mental illness and I am certainly not pleased with how our medical community is treating these unfortunate persons, suggesting that they consume dangerous pills and chemicals and mutilate health body parts.

    As for any comparison of homosexuality with transgenderism, you cannot make the comparison because homosexuality is a sexual orientation and trans is an gender identity issue. The two do not relate to each other. I am well aware that the trans peeps have hitched their wagon to the LGB wagon and that they did this years ago, without any permissions. There is a movement afoot to get the ‘T’ off the GLB in many areas of the country. Their ‘T’ has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    If a MTF wants to have sex with a woman, that MTF cannot say that they are in a ‘lesbian’ relationship. A lesbian is a biological female who has a same sex attraction, to other biological females. Lesbian is not same ‘gender identity’ attraction. If a MTF hooks up with a woman they are in a hetero relationship, as the mtf is male, with a sexual attraction to a female. The mtf will always be male, no assumed ‘identity’ erases biological facts.

    Be careful subscribing to ‘identity politics’.