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Yeah to Jihad near Ground Zero, they also approve of Clitorectomies

Males that think that muslim dudes are a-okay, because it is just another freedom of religion  thing are telling all women that they believe that the stoning and genital mutilation of females is okay, as along as the males who are doing the killing and mutilation claim that it is religious in nature.

Here is an example of what will happen when muslims have YOUR children under muslim rule.  Remember, muslims do not believe that you have the right  to live unless you convert to muslim.  Under muslim rule, female children have their clitoris chopped off, so that they have no feeling of a sexual nature.

Okay dudes who want Muslims to build near the towers,  those same guys who want America to allow Muslim traditions, okay, lets practice the muslim tradition on YOU.

To effect the same consequence upon males as muslims believe should be done to all females we will do this:

We will take your penis, against your will. We will hold you down or drug you and then find an instrument that we have handy. We will slice then end of your penis off with this blunt instrument, and your bleeding and death is not our concern. We will, while you are held down, we will saw though the tip of your penis.  We will leave you with a nob that you may, or may not be able to urinate through. If you live, you will never experience any pleasure, if you die, who cares.

When it is your dick being sawed off by Muslims will you then pretend to care about what a MUSLIM really is?  What does it take?  It is okay when it is just females, women and girls that are being mutilated and killed and it really doesn’t matter to you, because as a male, these muslim dudes act out what YOU want to do to women?

Again, dude, what is up with all of the woman hatred?  How can any guy want a muslim sect not only at ground zero, but to cover these sick muslim male asses by saying that they are cool and okay because these males act upon a religious mantra.

What the phuck is that all about?  Wake up dudes, this is not some juvenile game here, you are playing with women’s lives.

I don’t have to be a head shrinker to know that anyone who promotes muslim actions is a person who hates women.

Lets be pretty clear, here, muslims hate women. That muslims hate all things female is a given.  If you protect muslims and promote their jihad, want their celebration of American jihad//death to be near`ground zero, well, for all of phucks sake, you hate women and you are not a friend of America. You absolutely can NOT promote the jihad celebration in a building near the twin towers and with a straight mind not know that the muslim jihad is pissing on America with their positioning themselves so near the very sight where they murdered over 3000 people.

How about this, for the dudes that want muslims to be given a parade, given access to law making, given access to creating centers that glorify muslims as they relish the murders they have acted out upon America. Do you even know what a muslim is? What they think?

Needless to say, those males who think that muslims deserve a place next to 9-11, have never had their penis threatened by this muslim cult, so what do they care that muslims kill girls and women?

Your muslim dudes, the ones you want to honor, well, they chop off the genitalia of little girls, teenage women and women.  You see, according to those muslim dudes that you think are so cool, they hate all females. They hates females so much that they take a dull knife to their clit, saw it off, so that no female will ever experience any sensation except for pain when a person touches her vulva. Sex is painful for the rest of the muslim woman’s life.  So painful, some muslim women kill themselves, as they see their lives as meaning nothing under muslim male rule. Are you okay with muslims enough to know that they cut off the genitals of all muslim females?  That is okay with you?  If that doesn’t strike a chord, let’s say that you , as a guy, are held down, and a person takes a piece of glass and saws off the tip of your penis. Do I need to show you the faces of little three year old girls, screaming in pain, as their genitalia is sawn off with a broken piece of glass, all in the name of muslim?

Get it? This is what muslim is all about and if you cannot realize the barbaric nature of muslim then you should not speak of it unless you are asking questions. If you even for a moment promote muslim, you agree that you hate females, as muslim hates all females.

Tell me again why we should respect muslims.  You cannot have it all. Either you respect all humans equally and fight for equality, or you side with the muslims and their barbaric methods of controlling females.  Yeah, you want the woman at home, barefoot, raising the kid, how does that distinguish you from the muslims?  How do your woman hating views, slathered in ’she should stay home and lose her career, be dependent upon another person’ opinions, your thinking that women are baby machines, without feelings, only good for staying home to clean shit out of diapers, how is any of that different than your muslim pals’ views on women?  Where do males draw the lines in this game of power where you claim power over women?  Where are you different?

And you want these muslims dudes to control the world, to have place at the table, to govern the USA, to be respected?  You think it is okay that they laugh at those they have murdered, have a building a block away from the 3000 souls they murdered in 9/11/2001. that muslims maim all females within their reach.

 What is so good about muslim?  Tell me again.  You love your muslim brothers so much, you agree with their hatred`of all females so much that you allow this:

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