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Senator Evan Bayh, Socialist, voted YES to Federal Control of The People via Healthcare Reform

Senator Bayh of Indiana is voting ‘yes’ to the federal government takeover of 1/6 of our lives.  Evan Bayh thinks that we, as citizens of Indiana, have no real say in what happens with our lives.  Evan Bayh votes according to what his political party deems is the correct vote. His vote does not reflect the  people of Indiana and he does not care if we are pissed. He no longer represents the people of Indiana.

What this says is that Evan Bayh is no longer a representative of Indiana, his allegiances are with his political party. He became elected by the people of Indiana and then shoved the people that elected him aside because DC politics were more important. He lives for his party, the Democratic Party, because they will now keep him alive, give him money for reelection, but only if he votes according to their rules. He has to abandon the people of Indiana and vote for Democratic Party Rules in order to keep his job (so he thinks).  So, he places votes that say YES to federal government control over the lives of the citizens of Indiana.  And he has no reservations regarding his decisions, because his Party has told him they will now spend money for his election in 2010.

Where is the honor when a person runs for office upon the principle of honesty and a commitment to honor the people’s wishes and then that same person says, “Fooled Ya!”, I am voting according to how Pelosi tells me to vote, the people of Indiana be damned?

I thought that the constitution allowed for the people to vote for representatives that would defend the people against a singular political party ruling the entire United States of America.  WE vote for representatives (Bayh) who we thought would stand up for us and defend us against a monocular political party. When we elected Bayh he was to deliver the demands and wishes of the people of Indiana to the highest office granted by the constitution.

Bayh abandoned us in favor of his Democratic Party.  He maybe never actually served us, but merely placated certain concerns so as to build a resume for reelection. We see now what his real  alliances lay with his Democratic Party and that the people of Indiana have no real say in his actions. He believes that in a few short months, in Nov. of 2010, most of Indiana will have forgotten his betrayal.

Now we learn that our elected officials are NOT governing for the people, they are making decisions based upon some political party.

This just sucks and we need to get Bayh out of office and make sure that we ask the questions of any potential elected official that makes us know that she or he will actually work on behalf of the people of the state of Indiana. Bayh lied to us and is now showing us he doesn’t give a flip what we think.  He thinks that come late 2010 we will have forgotten what he did to us today.
Principle over party is my mantra. I refuse to vote for a person just because of their political party. I will vote for principles.

Party over principle means that a dude like Bayh says whatever he needs to say to get elected, but that he is already in the mainline of party politics. The political party gives him money to fund a campaign, he in turn has to vote as they need him to vote, or else they withhold his reelection support.

My principles, knowing that Evan Bayh is a snake of a politician, will say whatever he thinks he needs to say, says to me ,that Bayh is NOT a good representative of Indiana come 2010.

So, when it comes to his voting for socialism, voting YES on socialistic health care, he does not care that people call him , ask him to consider that Indiana does NOT want this health care bill, he only cares about gaining favor with his POLITICAL PARTY. So he votes according to what the democrats want him to vote and he IGNORES what the people of Indiana are saying.

You want Evan Bayh Again?  Or do you want a person who will do what they were elected to do and that is to follow the will of the people? Evan Bayh no longer follows the will of the people.

Did you vote for a Political Party, or did you vote for a person that would represent you?

Well, in regards to Evan Bayh, with his socialist views, he does not care what you think, what the people of Indiana think, he is going to vote for the socialists democratic bills such as Healthcare Reform and he does not care what you think.

The people of Indiana do not float his boat. He is in congress now and his political Party floats his boat.

Time to vote his boat OUT.

Time to find a honest politician.

Call Bayh now, tell him what you think. Leave a message on his answering machine at:

Tell him NO on this Healthcare Reform bill.

We deserve better.

His numbers to call are:

DC: 202- 224-5623

or his Indiana office : 219-852-2763

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