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Same Sex Couples Deserve Special Tax Break – Stop Paying for Hetero Marriage – It is Illegal

Lately there has been a push by anti-marriage persons, well, anti- marriage for every one persons, who demand the right to marry is a privileged reserved for a select few. These same people  claim that if same-sex partners are permitted to have their unions recognized, it will cost all of America in the wallet.

I will say that this latest attack on the right to marry is a clever one.  They say that adding same-sex persons to the marriage rolls will increase the cost to the federal bottom line.

This is a very smart move on their part especially when most Americans say that federal spending is out of control. Who wants to add more money to the bottom line by allowing the partnerships between all people be recognized, as opposed to the partnerships of just some (heterosexuals) be recognized.

Here is the news article I refer to and it is titled:  Extending Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Will Cost $898M, CBP Says.

First off, that $898M is over 9 years.  That equates to about 10 million a year. Do a little Internet search and you will find out that those costs for equal benefits for same-sex partners is less than what any number of pro athletes get paid for playing sports.

Hummm,  sports players are paid more than it would cost the feds to provide equal benefits to same-sex partnerships. What?

I say that all persons who are involved with or want to be in same-sex partnerships should be given a  deduction on their Federal taxes each year. This line item deduction should be allowed for all persons who are gay. It would balance the amount they currently pay to support heterosexual marriages. All homosexuals should be given a tax break due to the fact that their taxes currently pay for heterosexual privileges, privileges that they will never be able to receive in the form of marriage perks. Their tax break should be in direct relation to what we all pay to support hetero marriages. I am sure the CBO can compute what it costs the federal government to carry heterosexuals and their marriage perks, divide the number of homosexuals into the dollar figure provided as perks paid to married folks and then give a direct rebate/ tax break  to all homosexuals.

It is not fair or reasonable to demand under penalty of law that same-sex persons/homosexuals pay to support a marriage lifestyle, one that they are forbidden by law in enjoying.  The federal government is demanding that homosexuals pay for the perks provided only to heterosexuals.  Therefor, it is illegal for the federal government to demand at the risk of jail that homosexuals pay for services they will never receive. It is illegal for the government to demand payment for services (marriage perks) from all citizens when they have made it illegal for certain citizens to receive those perks.

Hey Republicans, stand up for the constitution and figure out a way to actually represent ALL people, not just your hetero pals.

On that note, I would like for any person to show me where the constitution gives the feds the power to determine what marriage is, define marriage, let alone force persons who they deny marriage to,  be forced to pay for other’s enjoyment of the privilege.

Think of the money all Americans would save, how the bottom line would be reduced if we eliminated all perks given to heterosexual marriages.  Do Away with marriage benefits across the board. If we really are worried about money and how it relates to marriage, eliminate the perks given to all marriages.  The federal government has no business regulating marriages, any marriage.

My position is that the government has no business in regulating marriage, that marriage should be a church issue.  All marriages, being a church issue, have no standing with any local, regional , state or federal government. Marriage is a ceremony that has no significance outside of the church and marriage gains no legal benefits. Marriage is a ceremony and like many other religious ceremonies, has no bearing on a persons legal status.  All perks given to ‘marriage’ by any government are denied as marriage is a religious act and has no bearing on any legalities in this world.

Any persons who desire to have a partnership recognized will be provided a certificate of partnership, or a certificate of union.  Said certificates have no relation to any church. This will allow ‘marriage’ to be defined by any church as they see fit, and marriage will mean nothing socially in terms of being provided special perks provided by any government. People have their religious  ‘marriage’ and people have their ‘contracts’, which have legal binds. The two are separate, not equal, one is discriminatory and has no legal standing (marriage) and the other is not discriminatory and has legal standing.

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