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Climate Change Crisis is a Lie , Cap and Trade is a Scam

Many people acknowledge that Cap & Trade is a scam, a rouse to benefit big business and more importantly serve as a governmental power grab. More and more folks are waking up and realizing that the current administration is all about power over the people, be that a grab for federal control of our health care, a grab for businesses ( taxing businesses out of existence and creating larger unemployment roles), a grab for industry, (US Gov buying auto companies as one example), and a grab for control of our resources via the ‘Climate Change Crisis ‘ which morphs into Cap and Trade legislation. All of this is designed to move the USA closer to a one world order. The Obama Apology Tour was designed to give the impression to the world that Obama thinks America sucks and that we are no different or better than any other country. Therefore, when the boys nominate a World Leader, Obama can be viewed as holding no allegiance to any country especially the United States of America.

These boys do not dream up these plans and actions overnight. It takes years and years of little pieces flowing together to make the big picture, to create the foundation of their new assault on America.

The climate on Earth has been changing since G*d made dirt. That is a fact. But, and this is a big but, the guys in power plotted and  facilitated a way to make our naturally occurring climate a crisis. Do not forget that the Obama administration said, “Never waste a good crisis.”  So, in  creating a climate crisis, this latest crisis became another vehicle for installing greater  federal government control over the people. ‘People’ in this case refers to the great unwashed masses in America and around the world who are too stupid to see past the Obama smoke and mirrors.

The scientists who were in on this climate change ruse dumped the data that was and is the foundation of their claims. This is The Dog Ate My Homework defense on a global scale.

Climate Change Scientists Admit Dumping Data combined with a man who years ago tried to tell the world that this climate change research was skewed but was silenced in the world of science. The emails say that they are going to do just that. They were and did not allow papers to be published that were contrary to the climate crisis they were selling.

Scientists at the University of East
Anglia have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on
which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations
said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.

Then you have Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change saying basically that a few dudes who may have emailed each other, who actively manipulated the data and the peer reviews of dissenting research, disallowed any scientific data that pointed to NO climate change crisis says:

There is “virtually no possibility” of a few scientists biasing the
advice given to governments by the UN’s top global warming body, its
chair said today.

Rajendra Pachauri defended the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
in the wake of apparent suggestions in emails between climate
scientists at the University of East Anglia that they had prevented
work they did not agree with from being included in the panel’s fourth
assessment report, which was published in 2007.

The emails were made public this month after a hacker illegally obtained them from servers at the university.

said the large number of contributors and rigorous peer review
mechanism adopted by the IPCC meant that any bias would be rapidly

“The processes in the IPCC are so robust, so
inclusive, that even if an author or two has a particular bias it is
completely unlikely that bias will find its way into the IPCC report,”
he said.

“Every single comment that an expert reviewer provides
has to be answered either by acceptance of the comment, or if it is not
accepted, the reasons have to be clearly specified. So I think it is a
very transparent, a very comprehensive process which insures that even
if someone wants to leave out a piece of peer reviewed literature there
is virtually no possibility of that happening.”

Obama and the guys around the world who need a climate change crisis, created a climate change crisis are scrambling now to recover from the light being brought to their dark plan. They are rushing now to  pull the curtain over the goings on, the faked crisis.  The emails that were discovered, the emails that showed that this claimate crisis is fabricated are being brushed under the rug.  Obama’s Pravda, NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS are not even covering climategate, just like they barely mentioned Acorngate or any other piece of factual revelations which indicates that Obama is setting the USA up for a major reaming.

Remember when Obama was going to attend,  then was not going,  then IS going to attend Copenhagen for the United Nations climate talk? Well, ahead of the trip and right after this Climategate, Obama announced a major commitment to cutting greenhouse gases. Obama wants to enter the USA into an international treaty over climate concerns which would effectively undermine and fracture our constitution. This meeting in Denmark is one step toward that goal.

You can read more about Copenhagen, Denmark and the climate summit here.

The leaked emails muddy the waters.

President Obama faces no easy task in uniting dozens of bickering nations toward the goal of tackling climate change at an international conference in Copenhagen next week. But as if that weren’t hard enough, a slew of leaked e-mails in the run-up to the conference has only fueled global warming skeptics who say the cause is bunk.

The president announced last week that he would attend the United Nations meeting, in a bid to drive some manner of agreement to set new greenhouse gas emissions targets — though a legally binding deal is unlikely.

But shortly before his announcement, hackers broke into the servers at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Great Britain and posted e-mails in which scientists dismissed climate change skeptics, expressed concern about the lack of evidence to prove the threat of global warming and even made one reference to a plan to “hide the decline” in temperatures.

The president’s climate czar, former EPA administrator Carol Browner, said she’s sticking with scientists who believe in man’s impact on global warming. And the White House is also shrugging off the e-mails.

“I think there’s no real scientific basis for the dispute of this,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Yeah, skew the data and base a global political position on that data, lose and destroy the data but maintain that it is real, cause you say so, prevent the scientific data from all contributors from being published, only present the data you need to back up your claim (lose that data) then still say that you ‘believe in science. The science is settled’.

Something is rotten in Denmark folks.

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