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Rationing, Health Care and Mammograms… Signs or Omens of Health Care “Reform”

From Courage to See:

Rationing, Health Care and Mammograms… Signs or Omens of Health Care “Reform”

If you aren’t paying attention, perhaps now you will.  For decades organizations such as the American Cancer Society have recommended  early baseline mammography for women starting at age 40.  In addition for decades feminists have advocated that women learn more about their bodies; encouraging  women  to learn breast self-exam techniques.

Any woman my age should remember the early book “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” which was the first comprehensive book which advocated women learning about their bodies. These groups (Feminists) and organizations (such as The American Cancer Society) care about the well-being of the woman, unlike the US Preventative Services Task Force.

The focus of this governmental agency centers on using a cost analysis, weighing treatment or procedure cost against benefit and outcome.  Welcome to rationing, the government decides who can get which procedures and whether these procedures and treatments are cost effective.

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