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PTC’s Shocking Report on Gender Based TV Violence

If anyone wants to deny that the media plays no role in our lives, read the article below and then say that little girls and adult women being raped and murdered across this nation have no correlation to what boys and men are being fed from porn,  the Internet, TV and other media sources.

I have embedded the video for your viewing. There is a trigger warning. For those that do not know what a trigger is, a trigger is something that causes you to go back and re-experience a very painful and harmful event in your life. I would say that most women have triggers, a lot of men do not.  I have not yet met a woman who has not experienced any combination of violence including rape, the murder of a woman friend, molestation, groping by boys and men, verbal assaults (bitch, C*unt, whore, slut, skank, etc.), and the list goes on. I stand by my belief that says 100% of the persons born female will experience some form of violence doled out by men in their lifetime. No person born female escapes being a target of male violence in some form or another. Only men can stop rape and violence against women and so far they show no interest in making any changes.

Here is the video that should be viewed with caution.

See the article here at The New Agenda.

PTC’s Shocking Report on Gender Based TV Violence

November 2, 2009
by The New Agenda

2 November 2009 One Comment

coverThis past week, a non-partisan organization called Parents Television Council produced a shocking report on violence against women and girls on television.

You can read the entire report here; but a few of the shocking findings include:

  • Incidents of violence against women and teenage girls are increasing on television at rates that far exceed the overall increases in violence on television. Violence, irrespective of gender, on television increased only 2% from 2004 to 2009, while incidents of violence against women increased 120% during that same period.
  • Every network but ABC demonstrated a significant increase in the number of storylines that included violence against women between 2004 and 2009.
  • Although female victims were primarily of adult age, collectively, there was a 400% increase in the depiction of teen girls as victims across all networks from 2004 to 2009.
  • Fox stood out for using violence against women as a punch line in its comedies — in particular Family Guy and American Dad — trivializing the gravity of the issue of violence against women.
  • From 2004 to 2009 there was an 81% increase in incidences of intimate partner violence on television.

There is also a rather disturbing video montage of violence against women on television posted on the PTC website. You can find it here (apologies to our readers but video not currently in format where we could embed it onto our blog).

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