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Pete Visclosky – Office visit puts a lowly citizen in her place (not)

Courage to See went to Visclosky’s office in Indiana and wrote about the experience here.

Visit the site to read the full experience.

In a nutshell, Petey’s bag boy basically told her that she doesn’t know what she is talking about regarding the Healthcare Reform legislation ,(she read the bill in it’s entirety’) and that although Pete Visclosky is NOT going to read the Healthcare Reform bill, he (Pete) thinks that he knows how to vote. HE IS NOT GOING TO READ IT. Get that? Pete Visclosky has no idea as to how this bill will affect the lives of every American. He is going to vote based on political party affiliations and what is best for his career. He is NOT going to vote on the basis of how all of our lives will be forever changed. After-all, Pete never has to worry about what will happen to him and his family, he is immune to the aftermath of his decisions which basically change the lives of Americans.

Mind you that there is NO mention of what the people in Pete Visclosky’s District 1 have submitted as their opinions on this matter. Pete has not referenced what the people want unless he is referencing what the local Unions, Acorn and MoveOn people want. I guess that Visclosky thinks that those three groups represent all of northwest Indiana District 1 voters.

The arrogance of the bag boy in Visclosky’s office is representative of Pete Visclosky. No person working in any office escapes being guided by the boss. The workers express the attitudes of the person they work for and in this case, the arrogance and dismissive postures of the workers in Pete Visclosky’s office definitely represent what we have experienced in person at local events where Pete graced the lowly constituents with his presence.

Pete Visclosky, even with his current legal case load centering on his resisting the evidence that exposes corrupt bribe taking, thinks he has no reason to worry about being re-elected in 2010. The Republican party has presented collusion when it comes to opposing Pete. They run ineffective, weak candidates the ensure another Democratic Visclosky win. It is a very troubling situation in Northwest Indiana and one that deserves national attention.

Below is an excerpt from Courage to See’s experience. Let this be a wake up call to all persons that just vote ‘D’ for Democrat . The person behind the ‘D’ in the ballot booth does NOT always represent your best interest. You must vote for the person, NOT the political party.

I inform her I wanted to drop off a letter for the Congressman regarding the Health Care bill and wanted to hand deliver the letter to see an actual person.

“Has the Congressman decided yet how he will vote on the bill,” I ask.  She ignores the question and tells me that she will make sure the Congressman receives my letter.  She stands and walks across the room to another desk.  Another Visclosky aide emerges from the mysterious back room; I ask him if the Congressman has made a decision on how he will vote on the Health Care bill.  He tells me, “No, not yet.”

“Has the Congressman read the bill?”

“No, he hasn’t,” he replies.

“How can he make a decision…”  I am cut-off  with..

“The bill is complex, only special people can understand what is says,” he says.

“I’ve read the bill,”  I inform him.

“You read the entire bill, the one out on Thursday?”  he asks.

“I read the entire bill back in July and since have read through various sections of the amendments,”  I reply.

Again he stresses this time with aggression, “only special people can understand the bill, it references numerous codes which you must know to understand. You have to be a lawyer and have special training to understand…”

Admittedly I’m now feeling frustrated; this  individual is either calling me a liar in stating that I have not only read the bill and understand it or that I’m just too stupid and not one of the “special” people.

“I’m not looking to argue the bill with you,” I tell him calmly.

“I’m not looking to argue either.”

“..the codes are used so that the bill is shorter.” He adds.

Yea dope, it’s called being parsimonious.

“Well they haven’t accomplished that, the bill has exploded to twice its original size,” I pointed out.

As he turned to walk back down the mysterious corridor and chuckled with an audible “ha.”

And what happened?  Pete voted FOR the Healthcare Reform bill in the House.

Folks, Pete Visclosky needs to be voted OUT. He does not represent the Constitution of the United States nor does he represent the people.

Read the entire post from Courage to See here:

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