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Muslim attacks, Obama

Dr. Dave over at  Feed Your ADHD has a great post up regarding this latest insanity at Ft. Hood. His link is at the bottom of this post.  We have a dude, (the Ft. Hood shooter), who happens to be a Muslim, who happened to have that little factoid enjoy a late press release, as if the press didn’t want Americans connecting another dot in acknowledging that Muslims hate Americans and want to kill us. The qur’an (we say it as kor-an) says that we, all westerners, are to be killed unless we become Muslim and that they, the Muslims, simply have to lay in wait for the signal to pull the trigger. It could be ten years, twenty, but they lay in wait for the signal to strike. They wait with a loaded trigger aimed at  my head,  your head and the heads of our children.  Meanwhile, the Muslims walk amongst  us, viewing us as beings lower than pigs or cows and they revel in their firm desire to cleanse the earth of our scourge.

Wait!  Obama says that we MUST respect Muslims. We MUST respect how Muslims murder women for ‘dishonor’. Could he have a preference considering that he was raised Muslim? Only Barry Dunham Barack Soertento Obama can say, but he refuses to tell us those details. (this dude has quite a few names, some of which he invented for himself. What other President has so many aliases, so many made up names?)

So, as goes Obama, so goes Muslims. It’s all good these days for those that desire to destroy America. As Obama has demanded of Americans, “We must RESPECT Muslims”.  So what part am I to embrace and RESPECT, the killing of women or the killing of generic Americans?  Explain what I am demanded to respect when Muslims hate me and want to kill me. This is no joke folks. Leave this site immediately and do your own research if you do not think that I am even halfway correct in what I am saying.

As of today we have more people murdered by a Muslim.  Funny how the news media is not connecting all of the women murdered by Muslims here in the USA . Now the press pretends to be suddenly affected and interested by the crime committed by a Muslim male against American soldiers, mostly military males. I guess now it matters.

Forget that hundreds of women in the USA are murdered by Muslims every year.  Yeah, let Ft. Hood be the focus.  I guess the number and frequency of murders by Muslims doesn’t count unless the dude takes out other dudes. If the Muslims are slaughtering women, the press is not interested.

We can only hope that more people in the USA begin to realize what Muslim means, what ‘international law’ means as professed by Obama associate Koh. Look at the proposed ‘International Treaties’ being pushed by Obama and read the words carefully. He is moving our Constitution to the outhouse and replacing it with Muslim law via ‘world treaties’. We must speak up and resist.

Watch your backs folks and stand firm in protecting America. Look behind the bling called Obama, look at what is really going on and then work to stop the destruction of  America.

Feed you ADHD has a great post up.  Go over there to read it in it’s entirety. I have posted a clip from his article, a piece from the middle. Go over there and read the rest.

P.S. …

Just because I’m holding my tongue about this event, doesn’t mean others should … like what the moonbat goons over at Daily Kossacks had to say.

Or how Muslims are spinning the story as a “backlash against their community.”

It’s all about the admiration of suicide bombers.

Neshobanakni is surprised.But the cousin of the murderer, who’s always been Muslim, was shocked, since the murderer apparently had always felt “harassed.”
Though his wife didn’t have much good to say about him.
Naturally, such incidents should cause Americans to conduct some reflection, and wake up.
Because, apparently, Muslims should “stand up and fight against” us.
And authorities knew about it 6 months ago.
Read the rest of Dr. Dave’s post HERE

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One Response to “Muslim attacks, Obama”

  1. Courage says:

    “Forget that hundreds of women in the USA are murdered by Muslims every year. Yeah, let Ft. Hood be the focus. I guess the number and frequency of murders by Muslims doesn’t count unless the dude takes out other dudes. If the Muslims are slaughtering women, the press is not interested.”

    One Nerve.. I’m hoping that Fort Hood becomes to the beacon which finally opens the eyes of Americans to the danger that Islam presents here in the United States.

    No doubt it is a statement to our society that the abusive nature of Islam toward women is often ignored.

    Sharia law is slowly creeping in to society; the media is more than complacent in their silence, by wrapping themselves in the soiled blanket of political correctness.