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Lou Dobbs Quits CNN -

I picked this up over at Logistics Monster. Lou Dobbs announced last night that he was leaving CNN effective immediately.

I am glad he quit, a little surprised that he quit (contracts that don’t end until the end of 2011 are not trashed that easily nor seemingly overnight.) He had been with CNN since 1980 and was actually the only person I might watch if I decided to give CNN any time at all. He seemed to say what was on his mind and follow his convictions and although CNN likely tried to muffle him and have him goose-step the Obama rhetoric, Lou still reported news as it came. He at least attempted to use his position to actually convey world events to the viewers, at times touching on events that the Lame Stream Media (CBS, NBC, ABC) either skewed so far to the left that it fell off the map or they didn’t bother to mention it at all.

My guess is that Lou will do one of two things. We know he met with Fox News back in September of this year. He had a conversation with the big dog over at Fox. Right there says that Fox was interested in him. Fox News seems to be acquiring talent from the other networks, such as such as Glenn Beck, John Stossel and now possibly Lou Dobbs, leaving  the Lame Stream Media with lightweights and ratings that have a death spiral. Not to worry though that the other networks will actually die, they are already being groomed Pravda style to be Obama propaganda agencies.

So now what for Lou?  Watch the video below and see if you can figure out what his next move will be. Will he run for office? Will he take a long vacation? Will he move to another network (Fox News)?

Lou Dobbs Says He’s Leaving CNN

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