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Anastacia would die of breast cancer if Obama gets his way with the takover of Healthcare.

Listen to Anastacia, a USA gal, a woman, a singer who got breast cancer at age 29.

If Obama had his way with his proposed Healthcare reform, she would be dead by now. Pay attention to the details folks. Obama is going to tax you, tell you when you can get treatment and the bottom line is that he will control your life via governmental bureaucracy. If you think that people on welfare are trash and are stoopid for filling out all those papers and standing in line then wait until it is your turn to stand in line for healthcare.  Do NOT be fooled, this stuff is bad news.

Look it up, take a break from watching CNN, ABC, NBS, CBS, MSNBC and the programs that tell you lies through omission. Have they told you yet that the Climate Change scare is a hoax? If you do not know that fact by now then you should start watching news agencies that actually deliver the news ( Fox anyone?).

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in January, 2003, singer/songwriter Anastacia has become resolved to channel her energies into raising funds and awareness that will specifically target younger women who are stricken, and who have no family history of the disease.

For this purpose, the Anastacia Fund has been established through The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Anastacia is concerned that women under the age of 40 are not generally targeted for breast cancer screening, self-examination and mammograms, except in situations where there is a family history of breast cancer. She is determined to change these statistics.

‘Freak of Nature’  happens to be my current theme song. You want to lose that voice? Silence her because you think that it is not cost effective to screen for breast cancer before 50? She was 29 for crap’s sake when she got breast cancer.

Anastacia – Freak of Nature

Anastacia – “I ask of You (With Pavarotti)” – Neither one sings with other people on the fly, so for them to sing together is a big deal.  And you want her to be dead already with Obama’s healthcare plan?

Anastacia – I Ask Of You (With Pavarotti)

Yeah, sleep on that and then wake up and call all of your state representatives and tell them to vote NO on this healthcare reform legislation.

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