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Please help Logistics Monster- Her PC crossed over

If you haven’t read Diamond over at Logistics Monster, you should go there now and catch up on her writing. She has been a loyal Patriot and has spent countless hours going down the rabbit hole to bring us information on The Pilgrim Society(a must read regarding who really controls the US) and other topics that will make your head explode.

Her main site is linked on this blog over there ~~~~~~~~~~~~~> under Blogroll. Check out The Dame Truth and Dr. Kate while you are at it and throw in some Liberty Chick.

Anyway, the Monster’s faithful PC of 5 years died. We all have been there and it is not pretty.  I am asking that you visit her site and place a donation in the hat. Even if it is two dollars, if enough people chip in a few bucks then we can have Logistics Monster rolling full steam ahead for many years to come.

Folks, this is what we do. We help each other.

So, here is her link and you can read her post below. Visit the link to reach her handy ‘Donate’ button. I know we can do this. We can make a difference one dollar at a time.

Help Logistics Monster

Dear Monster Readers,

My wiz of a computer tech Robert called me a few minutes ago to tell me that my computer of 5 years has finally crossed over into the ether as her motherboard is completely blown.  The stress of the election cycle and the continued march toward total government control of our lives was too much for her to bear.

After the generosity of my readers that made the 9.12.09 March trip possible, I am loathe to come hat in hand again to ask for funds but I need your help to keep Logistics Monster going.  I need to purchase a new computer, and there just aren’t enough funds in my scaled back budget.  I know that dollars are in short supply right now, but I am hoping that my readers will reward the research, commentary, and work that is put into this blog by making a small donation to a site that has over 4 Million hits since it’s inception in September, 2008.  Monster readers are very intelligent; they can add, and they can surmise where the Monster is going very soon – and that is going to require the proper equipment.

Many mahalos for any kibbies you can throw at the Monster!

Diamond Tiger

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