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Obama’s Epic Fail – Chicago Cronie Payoff via Olympics


Obama and Michelle graced the world stage in front of the International Olympic Committee and pleaded their personal case, stating how Michelle’s dead father would love to have the Olympics in Chicago. ‘Scuse me, but who cares what her father would have wanted? Who cares what she wants, who cares what Obambi wants? The Olympics are not about ,”It would be so cool for me to have the Olympics in my backyard and I could walk there with my two daughters” type of plea, the plea that Mr. Oboe placed in front of the IOC.

Once again, for those that missed it, the Obama Family made this trip to Denmark all about THEM. And we paid for it to the tune of about 1.5 million dollars. Yep a buttload of jets, cars flown over, people, makeup artists, special food, you name it. All on the taxpayer’s dime so that Bambi and Bambette could stand there, being the ego maniacs that they are and tell the IOC just how good it would make them feel if they had the Olympics in their neighborhood, just how great it would be for Bambette’s dead father (like he cares) to see the IOC give this special gift to the Obama’s ‘hometown’. The Obama crew made the IOC bid all about THEM, not about gracing America with the games, but gracing Obama with the games.

Epic Fail.

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