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Congress refuses to allow petitions ignores 1st Amendment


Our congresscritters have blocked petitions from being delivered. This reminds me of the three monkeys, ‘Hear no evil, See no evil, Read  no petitions from the evil citizens’, or something like that.

What this has come to is our representatives are sending a message loud and clear and that message to the people is to STFU. Our non-representatives are making it clear that they do not work for us and that us regular folk are being a pain in that we won’t just shut up and go away.  Those pesky petitions with hundreds of thousands of citizens expressing their views are not important to Congress.

So, the latest ploy from our non-representatives and the current administration is to deny people entrance to deliver the petitions. They claim is is all about protecting the building from Anthrax, but watch this video and you decide.

There is much misinterpretation regarding the 1st Amendment and its meaning, what it is to protect. That is a post for another day. I will say now though that the First Amendment WAS designed to allow us, the common folk, the right to express our views without the Feds banging our heads against rocks for saying whatever it is that we feel like saying to them.

This latest trick pulled by our non-representatives is a direct attempt to erode the 1st Amendment and to silence the people.  Where in the heck are Lugar, Bayh and  Visclosky in this scenario? Why are they not down there at the building entrance telling the watchdogs at the door to back the hell off and let the people have their voices heard? Why are they not demanding to receive their petitions? As our servants, as our employees they should be fighting tooth and nail to get information from their bosses.

Watch this video, hot off the presses and decide for yourself what is going down in DC.

YouTube Preview Image

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