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Coming to a Home near you, SEIU unionizing parents of disabled persons.

Guess what, the State of Illinois is acting and then reacting to SEIU’s (read ACORN’s) push to come into the living rooms of people who provide home health care to disabled loved ones.

Don’t think this is just an Illinois problem. Northwest Indiana suffers from chronic Illinois/Chicago corruption especially in Lake County. (Yeah, Pete Visclosky is deep into northwest Indiana as his dad started his political career here and handed it down to Petey.) Whatever ACORN/SEIU and the union thugs get away with from political corruption in Illinois is not far behind from effecting District 1 of Indiana. The NWI area is just a stone’s throw away from Chicago. In fact, northwest Indiana has a large population that rivals Indianapolis in numbers yet is treated like a red-headed stepchild of Indy. Unfortunately, that means that our capitol, Indianapolis, often sees NWI as not having any real issues because all things germane to the state of Indiana naturally emanate from Indy.

Michelle Malkin details the takeover by SEIU, how the home care providers were steamrolled by the union and by their own State government who were working with SEIU, ( The Illinois government stepped in and tried to distance their ties to SEIU when exposed for being in collusion, but the facts remain steady and unchangeable.) Instead of fighting for the freedoms of the Illinois people, the freedoms of the home care providers, the State of Illinois played a dirty game and allowed SEIU to deceive the public and in the end, capture union members who never, ever thought they were being herded into the railroad car for the SEIU/Illinois State Government trip to unionization.

THE STATE of ILLINOIS GAVE SEIU the names and contact info for the home health care workers. Then the State claims to have no dog in this fight? Oh for friggin sake.  The State thinks it can lie and get away with it?  Of course they do, no one is reporting to the entire population. No one seems to get a whiff of the stink, so they think everything is just A-Okay.

And then there is this:

Special report: A parental revolt against the SEIU’s home invasion robbery.

Read her article here:

Last month, I noted the appalling story about the SEIU’s power grab in Illinois to unionize home health care workers.

Roughly 3,500 people in Illinois receive state funding to assist someone, usually a family member, at home with a developmental disability. In June, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn signed an executive order approving collective bargaining by “individual providers of home-based support services” — effectively busting open the doors of private homes for the Purple Shirts of the SEIU and other union competitors hungry for new dues-paying members.

The home-based workers weren’t seeking a collective bargaining agent.

But unions were targeting them.

Yes, Illinois provided both the SEIU and AFSCME with the names and home addresses of all 3,500 in-home care providers for the purposes of increasing their membership rolls and political clout. [The State provided union thugs with homes addresses and names!  There goes your privacy when any government, be it State or Federal has the info.]

Indiana has it’s version of Acorn via SEIU extending it’s criminal tangs into Home health care via unionizing and then making claims of benefits via

Home care aides from across Illinois & Indiana gathered in Chicago on Tues., Feb. 10th to celebrate the renewed national agreement between SEIU and Addus HealthCare, Inc. The agreement covers 10,000 home care workers in 11 states, protects workers and will raise standards for quality care for seniors and people with disabilities.

I have worked with several organizations serving the disabled with many of the participants coming from a family where a mother (typically) or a father (seldom) serves as the person who stays at the house with the disabled child/adult. I can bet you a dime to a dollar, from personally experiencing how overwhelmed these parents are, that they never saw ACORN/SEIU coming.  These folks don’t have a solid information network, as home health providers, they do not have as much as a simple phone tree in most situations, let alone, an organization that allows them the information and understanding of what was being done TO them via SEIU/Obama.

Understand, this is not something that the parents and providers for disabled persons sought out, this was something that was injected into their lives. As if their loads are not enough, they now have to deal with the likes of ACORN/SEIU coming into their homes and demanding actions or performances because the are now SEIU UNION employees.

What a shame. You have to read the entire article. I only provided a few snippets.  Basically, the State of Illinois is working with the Marxist ACORN/SEIU and brownshirting the home health care providers with underlying threats if they do not comply. Yep, that’s a Union for ya.

What a shame that Obama is directly connected with this takeover although he shields his intentions through third parties such as acorn and seiu. What a shame that he has facilitated a takeover of a group of Americans who never saw this coming.

How did this happen?


Votes and power.  SEIU wants to claim to be the largest union organization in the USA and they work underhandedly to acquire as many faceless bodies as possible. We see that the Illinois Government facilitated the SEIU takeover of the disabled and their home care, although doing a dance later to try and deny their actions. What a fine piece of work that crew is. (not)

Stopping SEIU is important, exposing them is paramount to ending this rush to harm the defenseless. Look at the ranks of SEIU. See the ranks of hotel workers who cannot speak English let alone know what a union is, yet they are now required to sign up to and PAY a union/SEIU to ‘protect’ them.

Top this off with SEIU taking over the care providers of Indiana’s most vulnerable and no one was there to help these families withstand SEIU’s jaws of assimilation into Obama’s army of voiceless Americans.

Where is Mitch Daniels and his crew in protecting the disabled and their care providers from a Union takeover by SEIU?

Listen, SEIU uses union dues to promote Marxism and socialism. The people they use, the union members, have no say in any of this.  SEIU is one of the 300+ arms of ACORN. They give Obama money as if it is going out of style.

To put it simply, the home care providers now ‘unionized’ in the dark of night by SEIU will have their money paid as ‘dues’ given to an administration that will in turn facilitate rules and regulations that work AGAINST home care providers. The SEIU union is now in your home and will make demands of you and SEIU does not do much of anything that isn’t in Obama’s big plan book  that outlines the control and takeover of the American citizen.

It is the same as being demanded to dig your own grave. That is SEIU.

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