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If you haven’t read Diamond over at Logistics Monster, you should go there now and catch up on her writing. She has been a loyal Patriot and has spent countless hours going down the rabbit hole to bring us information on The Pilgrim Society(a must read regarding who really controls the US) and other topics that will make your head explode.

Her main site is linked on this blog over there ~~~~~~~~~~~~~> under Blogroll. Check out The Dame Truth and Dr. Kate while you are at it and throw in some Liberty Chick.

Anyway, the Monster’s faithful PC of 5 years died. We all have been there and it is not pretty.  I am asking that you visit her site and place a donation in the hat. Even if it is two dollars, if enough people chip in a few bucks then we can have Logistics Monster rolling full steam ahead for many years to come.

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Dear Monster Readers,

My wiz of a computer tech Robert called me a few minutes ago to tell me that my computer of 5 years has finally crossed over into the ether as her motherboard is completely blown.  The stress of the election cycle and the continued march toward total government control of our lives was too much for her to bear.

After the generosity of my readers that made the 9.12.09 March trip possible, I am loathe to come hat in hand again to ask for funds but I need your help to keep Logistics Monster going.  I need to purchase a new computer, and there just aren’t enough funds in my scaled back budget.  I know that dollars are in short supply right now, but I am hoping that my readers will reward the research, commentary, and work that is put into this blog by making a small donation to a site that has over 4 Million hits since it’s inception in September, 2008.  Monster readers are very intelligent; they can add, and they can surmise where the Monster is going very soon – and that is going to require the proper equipment.

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Congress refuses to allow petitions ignores 1st Amendment


Our congresscritters have blocked petitions from being delivered. This reminds me of the three monkeys, ‘Hear no evil, See no evil, Read  no petitions from the evil citizens’, or something like that.

What this has come to is our representatives are sending a message loud and clear and that message to the people is to STFU. Our non-representatives are making it clear that they do not work for us and that us regular folk are being a pain in that we won’t just shut up and go away.  Those pesky petitions with hundreds of thousands of citizens expressing their views are not important to Congress.

So, the latest ploy from our non-representatives and the current administration is to deny people entrance to deliver the petitions. They claim is is all about protecting the building from Anthrax, but watch this video and you decide.

There is much misinterpretation regarding the 1st Amendment and its meaning, what it is to protect. That is a post for another day. I will say now though that the First Amendment WAS designed to allow us, the common folk, the right to express our views without the Feds banging our heads against rocks for saying whatever it is that we feel like saying to them.

This latest trick pulled by our non-representatives is a direct attempt to erode the 1st Amendment and to silence the people.  Where in the heck are Lugar, Bayh and  Visclosky in this scenario? Why are they not down there at the building entrance telling the watchdogs at the door to back the hell off and let the people have their voices heard? Why are they not demanding to receive their petitions? As our servants, as our employees they should be fighting tooth and nail to get information from their bosses.

Watch this video, hot off the presses and decide for yourself what is going down in DC.

YouTube Preview Image

Charles Krauthammer on Obama, Healthcare, War, Cap & Trade

From Spiegel:

In a SPIEGEL interview, Charles Krauthammer, the leading voice of America’s conservative intellectuals, discusses Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the president’s failures and the state of the United Nations and the international community.

SPIEGEL: Mr. Krauthammer, did the Nobel Commitee in Oslo honor or doom the Obama presidency by awarding him the Peace Prize?

Charles Krauthammer: It is so comical. Absurd. Any prize that goes to Kellogg and Briand, Le Duc Tho and Arafat, and Rigoberta Menchú, and ends up with Obama, tells you all you need to know. For Obama it’s not very good because it reaffirms the stereotypes about him as the empty celebrity.

SPIEGEL: Why does it?

Krauthammer: He is a man of perpetual promise. There used to be a cruel joke that said Brazil is the country of the future, and always will be; Obama is the Brazil of today’s politicians. He has obviously achieved nothing. And in the American context, to be the hero of five Norwegian leftists, is not exactly politically positive.

SPIEGEL: It hardly makes sense to blame him for losing the Olympic bid in one week, and then for winning the Nobel Prize the next.

Krauthammer: He should have simply said: “This is very nice, I appreciate the gesture, but I haven’t achieved what I want to achieve.” But he is not the kind of man that does that.

SPIEGEL: Should he have turned down the prize?

Krauthammer: He would never turn that down. The presidency is all about him. Just think about the speech he gave in Berlin. There is something so preposterous about a presidential candidate speaking in Berlin. And it was replete with all these universalist clichés, which is basically what he’s been giving us for nine months.

SPIEGEL: Why do Europeans react so positively to him?

Krauthammer: Because Europe, for very understandable reasons, has been chaffing for 60 years under the protection, but also the subtle or not so subtle domination of America. Europeans like to see the big guy cut down to size, it’s a natural reaction. You know, Europe ran the world for 400 or 500 years until the civilizational suicide of the two World Wars. And then America emerged as the world hegemon, with no competition and unchallenged. The irony is America is the only hegemonic power that never sought hegemony, unlike, for example, Napoleonic France. Americans are not intrinsically imperial, but we ended up dominant by default: Europe disappeared after the Second World War, the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991, so here we are. Of course Europeans like to see the hegemon diminished, and Obama is the perfect man to do that.

(click below to continue reading)

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Update: Victory against Big Labor: Home health providers reject SEIU, AFSCME power grab

Michelle Malkin provides an update covering SEIU’s power-grab for Unionized control of the persons who provide home health care for disabled persons.

The health care providers flushed SEIU and AFSCME down the tubes with the following breakdown of votes:

SEIU – 293 votes
AFSCME – 220 votes
NO UNION – 1018 votes

Folks, we must stay on top of ACORN/SEIU/AFL-CIO in Indiana and nationally.  Please help research where our State funds are going.  Every time you read an article regarding a ‘community’ program, be that for loan applications, housing, voter registration, child care, health care, employment training, school coalitions, home weatherization, teacher associations, labor, political action committees (PACS) and the list goes on, look into the associations of the organizations behind those programs. If you dig just a little you will find that the majority of those organizations have association with ACORN/SEIU and it’s money handler Citizens Services Inc.

Mitch Daniels says and seems to think that he is not doing business with ACORN and that they are top of the voter registration fraud perpetrated in Indiana via ACORN. I find it hard to believe that Indiana is not funding ACORN. Remember, ACORN has over 300 shadow corporations & organizations. That is why you have to do the research on the name of the community service and track it back to ACORN.

ACORN comes into an area with such righteous sounding names which serve to cover up the ACORN/SEIU organization. These groups then proceed to get grants and funding, using these benign names and continue to rip off the State of Indiana and the Feds for billions of dollars.

Look under the cap of the acorn and dig into the nut and you will find a rotten core.

If Mitch Daniels and his hired crew cannot see how they are funding ACORN then it is up to us to bring this to their attention and to demand that they stop handing our Indiana tax dollars, OUR money over to any group that is associated with ACORN/SEIU.

You can read the full article here: http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/19/victory-against-big-labor-home-health-providers-reject-seiu-afscme-power-grab/

The Dame Truth – Temporary Reroute

Visit her here while the glitches get worked out:  http://thedametruth.wordpress.com/

Message from Dame:

Well, we have another glitch in the works and my regular site at http://thedametruth.net is down.  While technicians are working on it, I’ll be using this original site.  So hold on, don’t give up and we’ll be back to normal as soon as we can.  In the meantime, let everyone know that this is a back up site, AND that tomorrow’s Kicking Back will feature the incredible David Gaubatz, talking about the Jihadist threat he has helped to expose, the new book, “Muslim Mafia” and other things we had only suspected before now.

More later on AP’s overlooked, unscrubbed pieces from 2004…among others…!

Coming to a Home near you, SEIU unionizing parents of disabled persons.

Guess what, the State of Illinois is acting and then reacting to SEIU’s (read ACORN’s) push to come into the living rooms of people who provide home health care to disabled loved ones.

Don’t think this is just an Illinois problem. Northwest Indiana suffers from chronic Illinois/Chicago corruption especially in Lake County. (Yeah, Pete Visclosky is deep into northwest Indiana as his dad started his political career here and handed it down to Petey.) Whatever ACORN/SEIU and the union thugs get away with from political corruption in Illinois is not far behind from effecting District 1 of Indiana. The NWI area is just a stone’s throw away from Chicago. In fact, northwest Indiana has a large population that rivals Indianapolis in numbers yet is treated like a red-headed stepchild of Indy. Unfortunately, that means that our capitol, Indianapolis, often sees NWI as not having any real issues because all things germane to the state of Indiana naturally emanate from Indy.

Michelle Malkin details the takeover by SEIU, how the home care providers were steamrolled by the union and by their own State government who were working with SEIU, ( The Illinois government stepped in and tried to distance their ties to SEIU when exposed for being in collusion, but the facts remain steady and unchangeable.) Instead of fighting for the freedoms of the Illinois people, the freedoms of the home care providers, the State of Illinois played a dirty game and allowed SEIU to deceive the public and in the end, capture union members who never, ever thought they were being herded into the railroad car for the SEIU/Illinois State Government trip to unionization.

THE STATE of ILLINOIS GAVE SEIU the names and contact info for the home health care workers. Then the State claims to have no dog in this fight? Oh for friggin sake.  The State thinks it can lie and get away with it?  Of course they do, no one is reporting to the entire population. No one seems to get a whiff of the stink, so they think everything is just A-Okay.

And then there is this:

Special report: A parental revolt against the SEIU’s home invasion robbery.

Read her article here: http://michellemalkin.com/2009/10/05/special-report-a-parental-revolt-against-the-seius-home-invasion-robbery/

Last month, I noted the appalling story about the SEIU’s power grab in Illinois to unionize home health care workers.

Roughly 3,500 people in Illinois receive state funding to assist someone, usually a family member, at home with a developmental disability. In June, Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn signed an executive order approving collective bargaining by “individual providers of home-based support services” — effectively busting open the doors of private homes for the Purple Shirts of the SEIU and other union competitors hungry for new dues-paying members.

The home-based workers weren’t seeking a collective bargaining agent.

But unions were targeting them.

Yes, Illinois provided both the SEIU and AFSCME with the names and home addresses of all 3,500 in-home care providers for the purposes of increasing their membership rolls and political clout. [The State provided union thugs with homes addresses and names!  There goes your privacy when any government, be it State or Federal has the info.]

Indiana has it’s version of Acorn via SEIU extending it’s criminal tangs into Home health care via unionizing and then making claims of benefits via http://www.seiuhealthcareilin.org/SEIU__Addus_renew_national_home_care_agreement.aspx

Home care aides from across Illinois & Indiana gathered in Chicago on Tues., Feb. 10th to celebrate the renewed national agreement between SEIU and Addus HealthCare, Inc. The agreement covers 10,000 home care workers in 11 states, protects workers and will raise standards for quality care for seniors and people with disabilities.

I have worked with several organizations serving the disabled with many of the participants coming from a family where a mother (typically) or a father (seldom) serves as the person who stays at the house with the disabled child/adult. I can bet you a dime to a dollar, from personally experiencing how overwhelmed these parents are, that they never saw ACORN/SEIU coming.  These folks don’t have a solid information network, as home health providers, they do not have as much as a simple phone tree in most situations, let alone, an organization that allows them the information and understanding of what was being done TO them via SEIU/Obama.

Understand, this is not something that the parents and providers for disabled persons sought out, this was something that was injected into their lives. As if their loads are not enough, they now have to deal with the likes of ACORN/SEIU coming into their homes and demanding actions or performances because the are now SEIU UNION employees.

What a shame. You have to read the entire article. I only provided a few snippets.  Basically, the State of Illinois is working with the Marxist ACORN/SEIU and brownshirting the home health care providers with underlying threats if they do not comply. Yep, that’s a Union for ya.

What a shame that Obama is directly connected with this takeover although he shields his intentions through third parties such as acorn and seiu. What a shame that he has facilitated a takeover of a group of Americans who never saw this coming.

How did this happen?


Votes and power.  SEIU wants to claim to be the largest union organization in the USA and they work underhandedly to acquire as many faceless bodies as possible. We see that the Illinois Government facilitated the SEIU takeover of the disabled and their home care, although doing a dance later to try and deny their actions. What a fine piece of work that crew is. (not)

Stopping SEIU is important, exposing them is paramount to ending this rush to harm the defenseless. Look at the ranks of SEIU. See the ranks of hotel workers who cannot speak English let alone know what a union is, yet they are now required to sign up to and PAY a union/SEIU to ‘protect’ them.

Top this off with SEIU taking over the care providers of Indiana’s most vulnerable and no one was there to help these families withstand SEIU’s jaws of assimilation into Obama’s army of voiceless Americans.

Where is Mitch Daniels and his crew in protecting the disabled and their care providers from a Union takeover by SEIU?

Listen, SEIU uses union dues to promote Marxism and socialism. The people they use, the union members, have no say in any of this.  SEIU is one of the 300+ arms of ACORN. They give Obama money as if it is going out of style.

To put it simply, the home care providers now ‘unionized’ in the dark of night by SEIU will have their money paid as ‘dues’ given to an administration that will in turn facilitate rules and regulations that work AGAINST home care providers. The SEIU union is now in your home and will make demands of you and SEIU does not do much of anything that isn’t in Obama’s big plan book  that outlines the control and takeover of the American citizen.

It is the same as being demanded to dig your own grave. That is SEIU.

Here in America, In God We Still Trust

Hat Tip to Diamond over at Logistics Monster

Diamond Rio – In God We Still Trust

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Pete Visclosky funded by big business and special interest, but Indiana shouldn’t give that no mind. (head pat)

Anyone notice this little gem in the Times? Read it here “Indiana District 1 does not support Visclosky, but he keeps getting wagon loads of cash from out of state. The people of Indiana won’t throw a penny in his pot, but Visclosky could care less, big business and special interest groups grease his wheels.”

Okay, so I took liberty with the title in the link to the news article. The actual title of the article is “Hoosiers not filling Visclosky, Bayh campaign coffers”.

Read the article and hear gems from Visclosky’s bag boy, Mr. St. John, (and I use the term bag boy in so many ways that you would be totally distracted if I explained them to you.) such as:

Having served 25 years in Congress,

“It is not surprising that he would attract campaign donations from people here in the district and elsewhere who like the job he is doing and want to see him continue his leadership,” St. John said of Visclosky.

Psst, it gets better.

* A little more than 2 percent of Visclosky’s contributions came from within his constituency, Indiana’s 1st Congressional District.

* 96 percent of Visclosky’s donations came from donors in other states.

Visclosky is a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, serves on the defense subcommittee and is chairman of the energy and water subcommittee.

According to FEC records, the same industries regulated by those committees help fuel Visclosky’s campaign, with at least $192,575 coming from the energy industry and $278,700 coming from labor and defense combined from January 2008 through June 30.

Okay, so is it any wonder, for those of you who missed the Visclosky Town Hall in Chesterton where he and his office collaborated with the local Democratic Party to publicly call the people of northwest Indiana ‘Tea Baggers’, that he really could care less about what you and I think.  Politics is about money, it is all about getting the fringe vote. He doesn’t care about the 40% that will vote for him out of what is normally named blissful ignorance, blind party loyalty or just plain low-information stupidity. He cares about the 10% fringe vote, the ‘poor’, the labor unions, the special interest groups. He wants those 10 percenters to push him over the 50% mark and into another term in office.

So, at the Chesterton Town Hall, Petey exited the rally, cruising through the hall’s doors at what I would call a brisk clip. He did NOT express any interest in addressing the over 100 people standing just to his right.

Now, call me silly, but if I am a politician and I had over 100 people (actually 250 people at its height) come out to a meeting, I would stop, glad-hand the crowd, kiss babies, pet dogs and otherwise do what politicians do which is smile at you and laugh at your jokes even if they don’t understand that the joke is on them.

Not Petey. Maybe it was the shouts of ‘Vote Him Out’ that set him on edge, but he showed no interest in the people that are fondly called his ‘constituents’.  Instead, he focused on maybe 10 people standing to his left.

Hmm, 10 people vs. 100? Yep and Petey shook THEIR 10 hands, smiled at THEM and if there had been a baby or dog in the crowd he would have kissed it.  Guess who those 10 people were?  They were the paid protesters who came out to support him from Acorn, SEIU, AFL-CIO and MoveOn. We have the photos to back this up.

Get it?  This is why Pete Visclosky could care less about what you think or want. He does not vote or perform his job with Indiana in mind.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, he throws a bone to Indiana making a big deal that he porked the government and got Indiana some grant money. Never mind that that WAS OUR MONEY to begin with and the programs he gives it to are frigging union, Acorn and special interest projects.

But hey, all Hail Petey and his pork.

So, what are you going to do about changing the line-up come November of 2010?  Pete Visclosky will not be hurt if you withhold funds. He gets his money from special interest and big business from around the USA. He doesn’t need your money and he doesn’t have your interests in mind when he votes.

If you think otherwise consider this.  You get a paycheck for doing a job. Now, your responsibility is to build a job performance that you can drag out come review time where you can wag on about what you did for the community.  But, the money you really need in order to keep your job comes from a group of dudes who need you to vote a certain way so that their corporations can profit. Those dudes give you millions of dollars so that you can convince the community that you are doing a good job for them and for them only.

When it comes time to vote on issues, do you vote in favor of what is in the best interest of the constitution and the citizens or do you vote to make sure you keep getting those millions that grease the election wheel?

You and I know what you would do, if you were Petey and we all know what Pete does.

Enough. It is just time to say ‘Knock it OFF’ Pete. We are not stupid and, guess what, “WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT”

No more lies.

Take that and the big business grease and shove it.

Obama’s Epic Fail – Chicago Cronie Payoff via Olympics


Obama and Michelle graced the world stage in front of the International Olympic Committee and pleaded their personal case, stating how Michelle’s dead father would love to have the Olympics in Chicago. ‘Scuse me, but who cares what her father would have wanted? Who cares what she wants, who cares what Obambi wants? The Olympics are not about ,”It would be so cool for me to have the Olympics in my backyard and I could walk there with my two daughters” type of plea, the plea that Mr. Oboe placed in front of the IOC.

Once again, for those that missed it, the Obama Family made this trip to Denmark all about THEM. And we paid for it to the tune of about 1.5 million dollars. Yep a buttload of jets, cars flown over, people, makeup artists, special food, you name it. All on the taxpayer’s dime so that Bambi and Bambette could stand there, being the ego maniacs that they are and tell the IOC just how good it would make them feel if they had the Olympics in their neighborhood, just how great it would be for Bambette’s dead father (like he cares) to see the IOC give this special gift to the Obama’s ‘hometown’. The Obama crew made the IOC bid all about THEM, not about gracing America with the games, but gracing Obama with the games.

Epic Fail.

YouTube Preview Image

Rio Hoses Chicago, Wins Bid for 2016 Olympics.

Yeah !  Chicago gets the FIRST cut in the first round, is sliced out of the running, right out of the gate and the Olympic Committee chooses Rio de Janeiro.

Rio gets the 2016 Olympics

Anyone who knows Chicago knows that inviting something like the Olympics, with all of the associated building and preparation for the games would have shifted the Daley Chi-Town corruption machine into overdrive.

Now Obama will have to figure out another way to grease the palms of the Chi-Town thugs who helped elect him.