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March on Washington, DC, 9-12 Project

We the People

We the People

We the People are coming, are here and are ready to have our voices heard.

Northwest Indiana has a showing in DC with some of us arriving Thursday. We drove in and had the words ‘9-12 Project Washington DC’ painted on the back window. During our drive people in cars, semi-trucks, work vans and pickups slowing down so that we would look over.  Any other time this has happened, on a normal day I would expect to see a finger and the words FU mouthed in my direction.  Instead, what we got where yells of ‘Right On!’, people shaking their hands with a big thumbs up. It was uplifting and somehow comforting that we were not alone in our mission.

Friday we took the Metro into DC with our maps handy, looking for the blue line, armed with sticky notes on which stop to look for, not risking a transfer to the yellow line and opting to ride the blue, although a longer ride, safer for the Indiana noobs.

At the hotel, on the train, in DC we saw people with Gadsden flags, American flags, patriotic gear be it a button, t-shirt or some other signal that they were one of us. NRA hats seemed popular also. I made it a point to talk to the strangers who gave hints that they were in DC for the march. Everywhere I turned was another person, another group, all smiling, all fresh with an energy of anticipation.  The usual farewell was ‘See you tomorrow!’.  We had spare maps of the parade route and handed those to people who seemed especially confused. We talked about the time of the event, start here, end there, the weather and how it was just friggin amazing that We the People are every where. And that was Friday.

Reading online I saw that 4500 motorcoach buses have pulled permits to be in DC today, Saturday.  That figures out to be roughly a quarter of a million people coming in via bus. One guy said his small Florida town had 67 people on the plane. That is just one small town. Many more never registered anywhere online, they drove in from Iowa, Texas, Missouri and you name it.

One man was a walking picture of America. I couldn’t help but stare at his hands as he sat on the Metro with us. They were huge, thick, solid, weathered with short nails embedded with grease. His face was chiseled, his body, although seasoned from what looked like a lifetime of working outside with his hands, was solid. He came to DC from Missouri with a friend. He wore faded overalls with a Henley shirt. A simple man with a mission, here in DC to tell Washington to knock it off.

THAT is what is happening today. People from all walks of America have arrived to send a message to the government that we are awake now and that things will never be the same for them. We have expectations of integrity and we have expectations of having accountable representation.

I’m off for coffee now, will try to write later.

The photo in this post is one that I took Friday and best represented my feelings regarding this moment in history.

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