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Disappointed, Van Jones is mourned (not by me)

I just want to say that I am disappointed to read that some feminist bloggers, some women that I have been reading for years, back in the day over at Heart’s place and in other venues, who were always offering comments that made me think, I am disappointed to read them say that Van Jones is one gorgeous man and that he was a spot on guy, full of good ideas and that he could have been the one to help get this country on the correct path. (coughbullshitcough) They are blaming Beck for all of this, as if one dood has the power to pick who is employed by Obambam and who isn’t.

Ugh, now I can never read those women again without thinking that they are leftist socialists who are diametrically opposite of my views which are that the Feds need to step off and get the hell out of our lives.

I dunno, I haven’t removed them from my bookmark list and I have to just accept that I didn’t know as much about them as I thought I did. It is just disappointing. After all these YEARS, I wake up and smell their brand of coffee, and I don’t like it.

The women’s groups have been used so for long, by each party, we have not had a leader who recognizes that they are being played, the feminist organizations thought the Democratic party was the cat’s meow, never performing critical analysis of the system and how democrats were good at one thing and that was finding the right set of empty words and packaging them as promises, hopes and change. We have not had a women’s group stand up and realize that women are not getting squat from this administration, or the last one, or the next one and that women are used as a booty call on election day. That closet space in Valerie Jarrett’s office named the ‘Council on Women, or some other BS moniker, outfitted with two tin cans and string, is just another way that Obama has this thumb on women.  That just pisses me right off, but that is another post.

Well, I am mourning also. I am mourning my lose of innocence regarding certain bloggers who, although having some great posts regarding women and the patriarchy, are working against the people of women in their support of a political system and party that has no intentions of changing anything regarding the status of females, supports the social dependence of women and children and basically has blown smoke up our collective asses since grass was something dinosaurs ate.

See you in DC !  9-12 Project, March on Washington

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One Response to “Disappointed, Van Jones is mourned (not by me)”

  1. I have also ran smack dab in to this same Earth shattering experience. Womyn I have read, enjoyed and learned from have aligned with patriarchal BS, with the most recent example being Van Jones.

    How any person of conscious can advocate for, champion the cause of, an individual who through he actual words (via you tube) degrades segments of society.. spits the word “whitey” out of his mouth much like racists use of the “n” word, is beyond my comprehension.

    As for Beck being the catalysis for Van Jones resignation, if the entire mainstream media put as much effort in to looking at the associations of Obama as they do in anointing him the “second coming,” the information that Beck supplied (all of which was true) would have been just another bleep on the screen.

    Yet this wasn’t the case, Beck was the lone “talking head” with the courage to delve in to the past of Van Jones. Beck shed light on the dark, insidious potential of having a self-avowed communist in the White House. For me that makes him a patriot, and upholder of what the fundamental core beliefs of this country are.. Freedom and Liberty, which are totally opposite of Jones communist/marxist ideology.