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1,982,760 – Can you say Two Million? Can you hear us Now? 912dc March on Washington.

Cspan has a tape of the event. It is almost 3 hours of live coverage.  I have included a link at the end of this post. Take a look at The MOB, the angry, irrational, scary protesters who gathered. Can we just say that 2 million people who knocked on Congresses’ door on Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2009 can’t all be confused, uninformed, right wing, paid protesters, racists, bigoted, ignorant fringes of the population? From my personal experiences, for every one person who was able to make the trip, one hundred others wanted to be there.

This event is a piece of the United States history.  The current administration has control of most media outlets. We are able to view the lack of coverage from, for example, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN as indicators that we can no longer see the truth or hear the news from those agencies. The current administration has swallowed them up and they are now the mouthpiece for government controlled information. Can anyone say North Korea, Venezuela? State controlled media is here in the USA. Obama recently added a FCC czar. Do the math folks. The intent and purpose of this FCC czar is to control the information given to the American People and ‘redistribute’ the media airwaves to state controlled left wing organizations. They have already begun the process and that is another post to be aired down the road.

So much BS, so little time.

Here is another video I took of the march. There were waves and waves of people.  During the march, as we walked down Pennsylvania Avenue, we heard a rumble, sounding like a low roar, with the sound getting louder as it neared. We couldn’t make out what was being said until the wave of the chant neared us. It became clear that the crowd was saying, “You Lie. You Lie.” and we joined in as the wave became us and those in front of us caught the wave and picked it up. It was a very surreal experience, very moving and powerful.

YouTube Preview Image

We can easily say that 2 million patriots attend this historic event. Zac Moilanen calculates the number to be

Zac Moilanen – Indiana University (Leave it up to a Hoosierite) has a PDF HERE outlining the calculations for The Real Number of Protesters at the 9/12 Washington, D.C. March. Considering that the government and the State run media refuse to report accurately, Zac took up the project.


That is the number from Zac’s analysis.

Click here for Cspan’s live coverage of 912dc March on Washington.

“I got One Nerve Left and you’re on it.”

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2 Responses to “1,982,760 – Can you say Two Million? Can you hear us Now? 912dc March on Washington.”

  1. Kimbal says:

    Met you this morning at the Conservative Cafe, want to share some of your story and blog content (linked and attributed of course) with my readers. I really like your first person description of your experiences in DC.

    BTW when you walked down Pennsylvania Avenue, as you passed one of the executive offices a few blocks south of the White House you would have seen lots of building with second story balconies on the West side. I used to live in one of those second story apartments when I was writing for ANF years ago, just a block North of Machievelli’s Restaurant.

  2. One Nerve Left says:

    Hi Kimbal, Thanks for dropping in. Yes, of course share and link at will. DC is an amazing place and it must have been an experience living there and working there. I will have to go back and spend more time to take in the history of DC.

    I’s love to get some conversations going here and anywhere, your blog, other blogs regarding local politics. I have no claim to have an inside track on anything, but I do research and my research comes up empty regarding who is who and what is really going down in District 1.

    I know there are players and have met a few, but I think the people are not really mainlined regarding what the Dem and Repub party are up to. We will have to use whatever means available to us to ferret out info and get that to the people.

    The March on Washington was something that we felt we just HAD to do. There wasn’t any quibbling as to whether we were going. Of course there is much more to say about what happened, 99% of it good. It speaks volumes that 2 million patriots gathered and there was NOT ONE ARREST.

    And then Nancy Pelosi goes on National TV and feigns concern over violence. The only aggression and violence I have ever seen in any local protest or national protest has come from her side of the room, street or courtyard. Funny that, the liberal progressive fascist democratic bullies feigning fear of ’something happening’. Pfft.

    Anyway, thank you for your comment. Feel free to jump in anywhere, anytime and share what you think. I’m not a fancy blog so just say what you mean and don’t worry about offending anyone. I like to just lay it out there and let it fly.

    I am not associated with nor a member of any club, organization, tea party or any other group.

    People need outlets for venting, discussion, sharing of ideas and people need information. We all do our part in helping to do all of that via meetings, handouts, blogs, you name it.