Northwest Indiana Patriots, i got One Nerve Left
i  got  ONE NERVE LEFT  and  you're  on  it .

9-12 March on Washington, DC – Northwest Indiana

People, America is under attack like nothing we have ever experienced in our lifetimes.  We must take our concerns to Washington, as did our ancestors and try to right what is happening to the United States of America.

People from Northwest Indiana, patriots, concerned citizens from all over Indiana and the nation are gathering in Washington on Sept. 12th, 2009.  Please try to be there.  People are driving, chartering buses, flying.  Check around and you can hitch a ride and share a room.  You will not want to miss this historic event and the chance to have your voice be one with millions.

Check out info here:

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  1. DiamondTiger says:

    I respectfully request that you put the monster on your blogroll as I am currently adding you to mine.

    Thanks for leaving the great comment on my site and I will see you in DC. I will email you.